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What is Membership Platform? How To Choose The Right One?

Every individual creator is always passionate about their piece of artwork and keeps innovating in the process of shaping content that audiences might love. But things change when you want to convert your hobby into full-time earning money stock.

In short, if you are persuasive about chasing your dreams of being a content creator, you have got to devote resources to make money and work it out. 

There are multiple ways to capitalize on revenue in the world of the creator economy like – adding advertorials and sponsorships, asking for a token of appreciation, selling courses and informative products online, affiliate sales, and more. 

Many content creators utilize a mixture of these options with their revenue model. 

One main option which grows in popularity is to launch a successful membership or subscriber-based program. Creators of varied kinds – right from podcasters, video influencers, newsletter authors, or online publishers are implementing subscription programs to establish a constant revenue stream. We can now unveil more of this strategy in detail.

Let’s say as a creator of your streams, you are dedicatedly spending precious time of yours to stay connected with your fan following base and build a close-knit community. 

But what if there’s a scenario that lets you know that having a vod platform can manage you to efficiently interact with your fans all in one place and let you access exclusive content pieces?

After all, having your own membership community can mean optimum freedom regarding what you want to create. This also provides a safe haven for your subscribers.  And to ensure this is turned into reality, you’ll need an apt tailormade membership site platform. 

What is Membership Platform?

Video Membership Platform

A membership platform is a customized website or app that shields content with an encrypted paywall and it is accessible to only those who sign up & become paid members. In other words, a membership website gives its members access to exclusive content resources or other opportunities, in exchange for a monthly or annual subscription fee. 

Membership-based sites can operate in a few ways: Some can: 

👉 Users can join for free 
👉 Requires a monthly/ annual subscription
👉 Cost demanded with a one-time fee for a certain time of access

All of these methodologies are specifically designed to compel users to join a particular group to leverage exclusive content. 

It provides an exciting opportunity for businesses to build their business around an idea or a vision. Membership website ideas entirely run the gamut right from retail memberships platforms offering access to special sales.

Even for that matter community membership websites and homes for online communities are taken into consideration where the value is driven by various online members connecting with each other. 

Best membership platforms are quite different than subscription-based websites. By definition, a subscription website requires users to pay in order to use the product or subscribe to a service. Whereas membership websites may require consumers to pay a particular fee, they can also stay free to join. 

Benefits of Membership Platform

benefits of membership platform

The subscription model has been evolving into an online membership site nearly across every niche that you can imagine. By all means, one can validate the fact that memberships bring a lot of immediate and ongoing value. But let me tell you, membership benefits don’t end with catering needs to customers. There are some other benefits of the membership model which can be viewed from the perspective of the membership website owner. 

Stream of income is reliant-worthy 

A dependable means of income is crucial for small or mid-sized businesses. When your platform members tend to pay a yearly or monthly membership fee they get an exchange for direct access to your premium video content. This translates into revenue in your backpack every time when someone signs up. The best part is highlighted when a membership site is found to be easily scalable. The hard work that you tend to put in is focused on members-only based content. It really doesn’t matter whether you have put for 100 or 10,000 platform subscribers.  

Also, you tend to save more time on efforts that you put across to market to your users or customers. Here the key highlight that is emphasized is their memberships and your constant revenue profits will be ongoing until and unless users don’t decide to cancel it.

Delivers a tight-knight community with virtual foothold 

When you plan to build a well-versed membership channel on a website, you’re also building the foundation of a digital-based community. Typically, members will be interested to pay and join because they are willing to collaborate or remain committed to the niche your channel or platform serves. It can pertain to anything. The website may be for business owners or anybody else. Members who provide their time investment in your niche will surely look for a premium-based community that is subject to that topic. 

A well-managed membership platform necessitates the opportunity to nurture a strong online network where your members can have the liberty to participate amongst themselves in forums, activity walls, or via direct one-to-one messaging. All in all, it gives you a golden chance to use your community and bread over other content ideas, test out new content styles, get responsive feedback, and more.

Some of the ways that you can utilize to upsell varied offerings to community members are:

👉 Facilitate with 1to1 training videos
👉 Prepared to stream numerous webinars
👉 Deliver accessibility to downloadable products for constant knowledge-gain
👉 Access extended to subscribers with the latest product versions

An audience for online marketing and upselling trend

By now it is quite evident to your site members who are much keen enough on what you tend to offer. Certainly, they’ve made up their mind to pay a membership fee. This can include paying customers who can be well segmented according to their likes and dislikes and get on with retargeting campaigns. 

An optimistic chance to refine your content 

If you are planning to bring in new users and retain the existing ones once they renew year after year, so you’ll need to make sure to produce qualitative content. It also means there needs to be constant updating of your content and replenish what you have in hand to offer. 

When you operate a fortunate membership site, your subscribers will encourage you to go forward in growth and adopting new ideas as a content creator. This can be the greatest perk which you can own up within the membership channel.  

Use the inspiration and constant motivation you get from platform members for you to further redefine your content and upscale the way you heighten your business.

Trustworthiness and Industry Authority

When you launch a customized membership channel, you’re announcing to the world that you’re a pro expert within your related field. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily imply that you will need to have a pile of tangible resources. Rather, it is a bit different when you know that as an industry expert having authority over reproducing valuable content.  

A key thing to remember here is, the impression you make on your membership channel and related content can help you to establish your high means of industry authority and expertise. This will continue to evolve stronger over a period of time, as when you publish more content to your channel or site. 

Now let’s see.

Why should you monetize your online community? 

how to monetize online community

You should monetize your membership community platform because you’re building a network for your subscribers who are waiting to meet other passionate people, as they share a common interest. And that’s pretty much worth your time. 

We cannot overstate when there’s a question of what it takes to create a community surrounded by your brand. If you’re unsure about the reason, consider the following: Every newcomer to your community has their own set of abilities, knowledge, and viewpoints. This implies that each new member adds value. 

To top it all, at the most basic level, you should monetize your community because bringing people together around a common or shared interest is not an easy thing to do. Therefore it necessitates all the more to get compensation accordingly. Typically brands approach communities online as a medium for strategizing marketing efforts or facilitate with key products – but interestingly it’s more than you presume.  

In fact, your part could become a major contributor to the nurturing of the brand. All the more, by monetizing your online community, you’re converting the revenue means into an additional source of revenue stream rather than utilizing as for marketing expenses. 

When we get an aerial view of video monetization, we understand that it takes painstaking efforts to figure out what actually works best for the community. The second question is derived from whether all of it is worth doing, once your brand is well-positioned for it. Over time, the money that’s earned can directly make the campaign self-sustaining and much more profitable. 

Next, we’ll be looking more closely at.

Looking to Sell your videos online? Reach a global audience, and maximize your revenue potential

How to Choose the Best Membership Site Platform For Your Business

choose the right membership platform

Selecting a suitable membership platform is a thing of serious business, since you may not preferably be changing it time and again.

Here are essential steps that can help you to make the right choice:

Content support

The primary membership platforms, such as online forums tend to support text-based content. While you look into premium-class solutions they are found to much supportive of other file formats which include images and on another side, the best ones deliver the potential to stream in real-time. It’s often pivotal if you want to conduct online courses

Technical Competence

Creating your own streaming space from the ground up might require a highly oriented set of skills, but having said that some pre-built solutions aren’t easy to integrate either.  Therefore depending on the extent of support you need, it is better to choose tech expertise that is accommodative. 

Customer handholding support 

Chances are greater as your membership-based platform will become one of the most essential brand assets. So the last resort that you may want is to get derailed by technical faults including trust issues. And for that, it is necessary to get the support that you may look for if there are some challenges being faced. 

Hosting as a solution

What if you know that while putting your content across the globe, you needn’t invest a penny from your pocket while streaming? In other words, hosting is never an issue at video membership platforms like GUDSHO which premium delivers the freedom to host any sort of content across channels.

How to Scaling up Membership Platform

While it’s often next to impossible to predict future trends, you’ll surely be in need to plan for upcoming growth. There isn’t any doubt that you won’t need your audience groups to surpass the potentialities of your scalable membership website. 

Otherwise, it may fall apart after some time rapidly.

Enabling App integrations

There is no such uncertainty about using several tools for you to run your business. A major idea that would support to maximize productivity and smoothen management depends on the ideal platform that you would likely choose. Make sure it is paired with other apps that help you reach a wider audience base to run your business.  It’s a great strategy of selecting one with public API integrated into your other software. 

Subscribers can avail of digital payments

If you are interested to sell courses digitally, downloading online or physical products to your community you will want a platform that is supportive of payments online at all times. It may be much better to choose to add your own payment buttons across many website pages.  

Functionality in mobile

Most likely people today are found with their smart gadgets accessing the internet, and there are no exceptions when it comes to online communities and membership sites. It becomes imperative for users to choose a platform that is mobile friendly, at the very least, found with a responsive small-screen user experience. 

Consumer-based analytics

It doesn’t stop with having a convenient hub to publish content to your community – but you’ll surely want a place to track its due growth and performance. So you need to make sure to provide data analytics with a detailed structure for you to understand your community likings better. 


Building your streaming service in a well-structured membership platform is of utmost essential for business owners. How GUDSHO can be helpful for creators to reap the best profitability. 

At last, whether you’re in search of monetization of your video content or simply certify yourself as an expert in your field, creating a membership site can add potential value to your brand. However, with a branded membership site, you may get clarity of defining your audiences well. 

By establishing who you’re trying to reach, you can identify focussedly on what they’re looking for by subscribing to your membership site. From there, you can easily build a reserve of content that you can serve up to any number of users and get ensured that your offerings live up to their desired expectations. Then, you can establish a reliant exchange & build trust in your site to increase your growing base. 

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