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Explode Your Content Reach by 200%: The Ultimate Guide to Video Repurposing

Do you spend a lot of time and effort making a great video? Don’t let it gather dust online! Video repurposing is a smart way to get more out of it.

Imagine turning your video into bite-sized clips for social media, informative blog posts, or even a podcast episode. This way, you reach new viewers on different platforms without making entirely new content. It saves you time and money and keeps your audience engaged for longer with video repurposing.

Think of it as stretching your video investment further and creating a content library that keeps working for you as the video streaming trends are poised for growth.

In this article, we will see the tried and tested methods on how to repurpose a video will help big time for brands worldwide, and how creators can also leverage this to increase their brand reach.

What Is Video Repurposing?

Have you ever made an enticing video but worried it’s not reaching its full potential? Video repurposing is your secret weapon! You take that video and transform it into more exciting and new formats, like:

– short videos for Instagram
– or a helpful blog post.

It’s like giving your video a makeover, reaching fresh audiences on different platforms without starting from scratch. This saves you time and money, all while keeping your viewers engaged with fresh content! It’s a fantastic way to breathe new life into your videos and get even more value out of them.

Benefits Of Video Repurposing For Brands & Creators

Video repurposing is a fantastic strategy to squeeze every drop of value out of your hard work. Here are some of the tested benefits to repurpose videos that will have you thanking your lucky stars for repurposing videos:

  1. Explode Your Audience: You don’t reach everyone with just one video. Repurposing lets you slice your video for different platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn), instantly expanding who sees your content. This way, you can get more views for your videos.
  2. Keep Viewers Hooked: People get bored seeing the same thing. Repurposing your video as a blog post with key points or an infographic keeps things fresh, grabbing attention and encouraging viewers to return for more.
  3. Maximize Video Lifespan: Imagine creating one video and getting months of content! Repurposing lets you reuse existing content, saving you tons of time and resources creating new content. Don’t forget to try different formats.
  4. Repurpose for Maximum ROI: Creating videos can be expensive. Repurposing stretches your videos further. You get more content out there without spending extra on production, maximizing the value you get from your content.
  5. Platform-Wise Optimization: Every platform has its own format. Repurposing lets you tailor videos to each platform’s strengths. Short clips for TikTok, detailed explanations in a blog post – it ensures your message resonates best on each channel.
  6. Drive More Traffic: Search engines love fresh, relevant content. Repurpose videos into different formats (articles, transcripts, etc.) with possible viral video tips creates more content for search engines to find, potentially driving more traffic back to your website.

Video Repurposing isn’t about reinventing the wheel. It’s about transforming your existing content into fresh formats that resonate with different audiences and platforms. So go forth, repurpose with passion, and watch your content flourish!

How To Repurpose Video Content [20 Ways]

Repurposing your video content is a smart strategy to maximize reach, boost engagement, and get more mileage out of your hard work. Here are 20 powerful ways to repurposing long-form to short-form video and transform into fresh content across various platforms:

1. Post Video Snippets

Remember that epic video you created? Let it live in more than one place! Repurpose it by chopping it into shorter, attention-grabbing clips perfect for platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Think of it as giving viewers a taste of your amazing repurposing video content, leaving them wanting more and driving them to your main video.

2. Livestream Q&A

Do your viewers have questions about your video content? Take the guesswork out and host a live Q&A session! Based on the topics you covered in your video, create a live session where you answer questions in real time. This is a fantastic way to boost engagement, build a stronger connection with your audience, and show that you care about them.

3. Convert to Blog Posts

Take your video script or transcript and use it as a foundation for a blog post. Expand on the information you covered in the video, adding details, images, and links to further resources. This not only gives viewers another way to access your content but also creates SEO-friendly text that search engines love, potentially driving more traffic to your website.

4. Create Social Media Captions

Don’t let your social media posts be an afterthought! When you share your video, craft engaging captions that summarize the key points. Assume them as mini-trailers for your content. Use compelling language and a call to action to pique viewers’ curiosity and encourage them to watch your entire video.

5. Write Guest Posts (Articles, Blogs, etc.)

Expand your reach further by offering to write guest posts on blogs relevant to your video’s topic. Weave insights and key points from your video into the guest post, offering even more value to the readers. This is a fantastic way to build relationships with other brands, establish yourself as an expert, and drive traffic back to your original video.

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6. Convert Videos Into Podcasts

Does your video focus on informative or educational content? Consider transforming it into a podcast episode! You can also explore AI powered video repurposing. This allows viewers who prefer audio to still engage with your content. Extract the key points from your video, record yourself talking them out, and you’ve got a brand new format to reach listeners and podcast lovers.

7. Make Infographics

Transform key points from your video into a visually stunning infographic. Infographics use charts, icons, and clear text to make information accessible to understand and remember. Sharing this infographic on social media or your website is a fantastic way to grab attention and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

8. Post Quotes From Videos

Did your video spark inspiration or offer powerful takeaways? Share those gems with the world using quote graphics! These posts feature an inspiring quote or key message from your video, often overlaid on a visually appealing background. It’s a quick and easy way to spread your message and leave viewers feeling empowered.

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9. Design Slides For PPTs

Repurpose your video into an engaging deck for presentations or webinars. Extract the key important points, visuals, and even quotes from your video and organize them into clear and engaging slides. This allows you to share your knowledge in a different setting and reach a new audience, and you can even present it to people during webinars, workshops, etc.

10. Develop Online Courses

Consider transforming videos into modules for an online course! This is a fantastic way to offer viewers a more structured learning experience. Break down your video content into digestible chunks, add quizzes or assignments, and create a valuable resource for learners wanting to explore the subject matter. And also allows you to monetize your video courses and reach dedicated learners.

11. Email Marketing Campaigns

Spice things up by including glimpses from your videos. This could be a teaser to grab attention. Using video in your emails can boost engagement and encourage you to click through to watch the full video. But make sure the videos are embedded or short in size to refrain from loading issues.

12. Bundle Multiple Videos

Combine videos into a comprehensive compilation video, like a video series. This is a fantastic way to offer viewers a deep exploration of the topic while keeping them engaged with a variety of content styles. Think of it as a one-stop shop for all their learning needs, presented engagingly.

13. Translate Your Videos

Don’t limit your video’s reach by language. Consider translating your videos into different languages. This opens your videos to a whole new world of viewers, allowing you to share your content and craft with a broader audience. Subtitles and captions can also be a significant step in catering to viewers who speak different languages.

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14. Collab With Creators

Ever heard two minds are better than one? The same goes for videos too. Partner with other creators in your niche for cross-promotion. This could involve featuring each other in videos, co-hosting a live stream, or simply promoting each other’s content to your audiences. Collab allows you to reach new audiences and create exciting content that appeals to all.

15. Run Paid Advertising Campaigns

You can execute paid advertising campaigns on social media or other platforms. These platforms allow you to target specific demographics, interests, and locations. You can put your content directly in front of viewers most likely to find it valuable. By strategically using paid ads, you can increase the reach and impact of your repurposed content.

16. Community Challenges

Based on your video’s theme, launch a community challenge encouraging viewers to participate and share their creations. This builds interaction, expands your reach, and generates user-generated content. And also a chance to let people be together and bring them a sense of camaraderie.

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17. AR/VR Enhancements

If your video content lends itself well to augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR), explore these innovative ways to add an immersive layer to your repurposed content. The future could largely be dependent on AR & VR considering the speed at which its progressing. So make sure to capitalize on that.

18. Conduct Screenings

Organize online watch parties for your video, encouraging viewers to interact and discuss the content in real time. Doing so gives a sense of community and builds a stronger connection with your audience. Conducting movie screenings followed by discussions with the cast and crew works well in the mainstream circuit.

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19. AI-Powered Video Summarization

Utilize AI tools to generate concise video summaries. Capture key takeaways from your long-form video and present them in a shorter, fast-paced format. This caters to viewers with limited attention spans and drives traffic back to the full video.

20. Video Customer Support

Repurpose video content into small-sized FAQ tutorials addressing common customer issues. Integrate these videos into your customer support platform or website. This empowers customers with self-service options and reduces the burden on your support team.

Video Repurposing Tools [Top 10 Free & Paid]

For sure, repurposing your videos is a fantastic way to extend your reach and engage new audiences. But where do you start? With the advent of AI powered video repurposing, there are more apps and video repurposing platforms available for all. Here’s a look at 10 incredible tools that can help brands and creators like you transform your videos into fresh, shareable content:

  1. Movavi: Breathe new life into your videos with Movavi! This user-friendly editor lets you trim, cut, and add effects to create captivating snippets perfect for social media. It’s your one-stop shop for making quick and impactful video bites.
  2. InVideo: Bring out your inner video geek with InVideo! This online platform has a library of templates and editing features that make transforming your videos into eye-catching social media posts, engaging infographics, and informative blog content a breeze.
  3. Lumen5: Turn those scripts and transcripts into stunning videos! Lumen5 helps you transform written content into engaging video explainers with its vast templates, images, and music library. It’s perfect for creating quick explainers or educational content from your existing videos.
  4. Kapwing: Looking for an all-in-one solution for repurposing your videos? Look no further than Kapwing! This online editor allows you to trim, add captions and subtitles, and even convert your videos into GIFs and memes – all within a user-friendly interface.
  5. Opus Clip: Don’t let those golden soundbites go to waste! Opus Clip helps you extract audio clips from your videos with ease. Perfect for creating audiograms, podcasts, or adding voice overs to other content, Opus Clip ensures you get the most out of your video’s audio.
  6. Let be your video repurposing superpower! This innovative platform uses AI to automatically transform your videos into bite-sized content specifically tailored for platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Save time and effort while maximizing your reach!
  7. Munch: Take your video content global with Munch! This platform simplifies adding captions and subtitles in multiple languages to your videos. Reach new audiences and break down language barriers with Munch’s user-friendly tools.
  8. Short and sweet is the name of the game with! This AI-powered tool helps you extract the most engaging moments from your videos and transforms them into short, attention-grabbing clips perfect for capturing viewers’ interest.
  9. Wavve: Transform your content into interactive experiences with Wavve! This platform allows you to add quizzes, polls, and CTAs to your repurposed content, boosting engagement and making your content interactive.
  10. Canva: You know Canva for stunning graphics, but did you know it’s a video repurposing tool, too? Use Canva’s library of templates and design tools to transform videos into social media graphics, infographics, and presentations!

Remember, repurposing your videos isn’t just about saving time – It’s about maximizing the value of your content. With these fantastic tools at your fingertips, you can convert your content and keep your audience engaged for longer!

Checklist For Video Repurposing

Ready to give your video a second life? Save this list so it can be handy when you need it during the process of repurpose. This checklist will guide you through the process of transforming your video into fresh, shareable content across various platforms:

  1. Choose Your Repurposing Goals:
  • Boost Engagement: Spark interaction with your audience.
  • Expand Reach: Reach new viewers on different platforms.
  • Drive Traffic: Attract viewers to your website or landing page.
  • Increase Brand Awareness: Make your brand more visible online.
  1. Analyze Your Video Content:
  • Identify Key Points: What are the valuable takeaways from your video?
  • Highlight Engaging Moments: Which parts of your video are most interesting?
  • Consider Length: Does your video content lend itself to shorter videos?
  1. Pick Your Repurposing Channels:
  • Social Media: Ideal for small video glimpses, infographics, or quotes.
  • Blog Posts: Expand on videos with written explanations, images, and links.
  • Email Marketing: Add video teasers or trailers to boost email engagement.
  • PPTs: Turn your video into informative slides for webinars or workshops.
  1. Select Your Repurposing Tools:
  • Editing Software: Trim, cut, and add effects to create snippets.
  • Text Overlay Tools: Add captions, subtitles, or CTAs to your videos.
  • AI-Powered Tools: Leverage AI to generate short clips or transcripts.
  1. Repurpose and Optimize:
  • Titles and Descriptions: Grab attention and clearly communicate.
  • Craft Content to Each Platform: Follow platform-specific best practices.
  • Maintain Brand Consistency: Ensure content reflects your brand voice.
  1. Promote and Track:
  • Share Your Repurposed Content: Utilize your social media channels.
  • Track Performance: Monitor metrics to see what resonates.
  • Refine Your Strategy: Use data insights to optimize your repurposing.

Wrapping Up

Don’t let your videos gather dust online! Repurposing your videos into small clips, blog posts, or even podcasts is a goldmine. It increases your video’s reach, keeps your audience engaged, and saves time and money.

Think of it as multiplying the value of your content.

Imagine creating one video and getting months of content out of it. With video repurposing, you can reach new audiences on different platforms without starting from scratch. It’s a win-win for creators and brands alike. Grab your favorite video and breathe new life into it. You’ll be amazed at how far it can go!

P. S. If you are looking for an enterprise-grade video platform to host, stream, and even sell your content online before repurposing – You are actually at the right place to start now! Go ahead and explore the 100s of video streaming features and possibilities that GUDSHO gives to creators and brands like you!

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