Video Monetization Blunders

Video Monetization Blunders: What’s your Go-To Rescue plan for 2023

Video monetization is reaching new heights and seems to be more promising in the upcoming year as we approach the fag end of 2022. The fact comes into major play when it is proved with how audiences respond well to online video streaming or video monetization solutions. 

Many video creators are in search of numerous opportunities to monetize their long-engaging content. YouTube is now history while we talk about monetizing content in one mode. There are a lot of other platforms available across the internet, regardless of any niche you choose for you to inculcate multiple revenue streams

After all, you have worked extremely hard to create your curative pieces of content, so surely you should search for exponential ways of reaping profits from it! 

Whether it’s with mastering the basics of content creation along with monetization or unleashing the ability to broadcast, today’s content creators have a diverse set platform and software at their disposal. Certainly, they can magnetize as many views as they can to earn a living via the art of video revenue-making. All that is required is to have a unique perception of the work that they do and to share it with the world.  

Popular Video Monetization Figures & Predictions for 2023 & beyond 

Are you still unclear on whether or not your brand will benefit from video monetization? Viewing the statistics is the most effective approach to comprehending the actual potential that video monetization unlocks.

  • According to experts, the total value of video subscriptions worldwide is expected to reach around $338 Million this year
  • Many studies have forecasted that the online video industry is expected to have a sharp rise & be worth $124.6 Billion by 2025.
  • A fact that comes as a surprise indicates that video raises the bar while owned, and earned along with paid channels which continues to dominate the field of marketing in 2023.
  • Did you know that video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year because it is dependent on the quality of educative content that is brought by a video? 
  • Another enriching fact is an eye-opener for content creators as Ad revenue from online video streaming is anticipated to hike revenue and range to $129 Billion by 2023.

How is Video Monetization changing its face?

Media platforms, video creation tools, or distribution platforms with payment integration have provided opportunities for individuals to shape a digital identity. This is done by building social communities and monetizing them. As we look ahead the new economy is coming into the picture where individual creators will potentially gain prominence in the marketplace. 

They will likely be indispensable within platforms to retain viewers. Here the advent of tools and sophisticated infrastructure is focused on creators. Professional streamers will have to just focus entirely on their business uptake.  

Gone are the days when TV networks, brands of any kind, or film studios will depend on two or three resourceful means to earn plenty of paybacks.  Today, surplus growth is increasingly molding its way by having 5 to 6 revenue streams or even more to reach greater heights of success. They extend their profitability beyond the traditional sources of monetization.

With every new generation of platforms, there has been a gradual evolution when it comes to content format, the mode of creation, creators aiming for specific demographics, engaging creator tools, etc. All lead to the creativity & potentiality of the deeper streaming market that is vastly open for creators to tap into.   

When speaking about creativity, naturally as creators you get to produce your own content which is unique and out-of-the-box! This takes a lot of your time to deliver an engaging experience to your targeted audience… 

Once you’ve put in the hard work of creating a dedicated video channel online, delivering valuable content, and building your audience, takes a lot of effort… During this hour, you might face circumstances where you tend to make mistakes unintentionally… 

Today, we’ll cover what kind of blunders that creators are likely to make and how these can be solved to stay ahead of your competition in the future. 

Okay… Let’s take a glimpse through some of them below… 

Known & Unknown blunders in Video Monetization

Start somewhere down by looking back on the process that you have taken on the road to monetize your content.. Being analytical while addressing pain points , blockers or bottlenecks is the first step towards progression. 

This can help you to rectify some of the goof ups that you made earlier or wave off any misconceptual ideas which you were unaware of..

Let’s see some of these here..

People still rely on YouTube for Monetization

The popular revenue-sharing model of YouTube may be a great model but studies estimate that YouTubers get only 55% of their revenue from ad publishing. However, even if you switch the monetization model, it becomes a little complex to generate greater income.

Moreover, most YouTubers speculate that you will surely need a million views to generate a minimum of $2000. The harsh reality with which we can’t get away from YouTube’s revenue-sharing model is with is income disparity. Mighty changes in the platform have affected new creators to generate substantial revenue that reflects their core hard work.

Obsession with the latest tech

On YouTube, there is a side of perfectionism where you may find people making incredible videos. You might infer from that, what kind of technology tools have creators been using! There is this kind of comparative study which mention – “ you see their crystal clear footage” and wonder how could you measure yourself up to that. 

The solution is quite simple… Do not indulge yourself in such a thing! You’re starting YouTube on day 1 while watching someone thrive with their content at day 500. There’s no comparison to make since the playing field with exposure isn’t even right now…  

Instead of feeling intimidated and decide not to post, it’s better to upload what you have and platforms are there to help you brand them with equity. All you need to do is give yourself time to figure out and develop video skills.  

Expecting Monetization Too Early

Many newcomers to YouTube fail to have a long-term vision at the initial stage of their careers. Without it, creators get more difficulty branding their channels. In a case when you are in your busiest time or planning to change the type of channel content, you may decrease the channel activity! 

But let me tell you, these steps may not ensure to make your channel stay or last for a longer period of time! If you create a long-term plan of making a deep connection with your audience, surely you’ll succeed in shaping content that you’d love to create and share! And you will never run out of good ideas of content that allows you to repeatedly monetize. 

Not branding properly

Generally, channel promotion is the key element provided when you tend to create a new channel. Basically, it needs to be known to visitors who are interested to glimpse through your content packed in a professional-grade channel. Remember, it should be aligned with the name you use across social media platforms and the website. 

This can guide your customers so they recognize you, and build familiarity with your brand. And it doesn’t stop there! It also encourages them to click the ‘subscribe’ button as they are looking out for more content from you. Right from channel banner, channel links, description, and all kinds of other details are well optimized periodically which helps you to brand your videos. 

No awareness to get Transparent Revenue Stats

Usually, YouTube creators get information on the number of views along with earned revenue. But there are a lot of other metrics which can help creators gauge their video performances. Some of them include estimated global revenue, earnings per video, monthly-wise recurring income, subscriber lifetime value, and more. 

Moreover, the key drawback that we find on YouTube is they don’t get statistical data on actual pay cut differences after levying taxes and other denominations. These kinds of insights are of utmost necessity for creators to understand their financial position as it helps them to internalize what went wrong, and how can they rectify it. 

Less confidence about climbing the success ladder

Any business tycoon that you subscribe to will let you know to diversify your income streams. Relying solely on YouTube as your main revenue stream isn’t the best business decision that you can take, since things can quickly change. It is also safer to support your streams with an independent monetization platform that lets you upscale your art without any interruptions. 

Also, there’s always the possibility that your YouTube account may get demonetized because of unfavorable algorithm changes or falling into the pit of fouls of rules.  There is a time of variability as laws can change, and advertisers may call a boycott. Due to this your account may have trouble with those changing rules which lead to account suspension.  

So far, we saw some of the major mishaps that a content creator or a YouTuber usually makes… 

Now let’s understand in what way we can rectify these… 

Let’s delve into…

Knowing the Quick Fixes for these blunders

Here are some of the best solutions that can be leveraged by content creators helping them to determine the validity of their channel. This in turn will help them to gain prime-time of their viewers with a constant stream of revenue returns. Capture some of the best-selling factors outlined below: 

Choose Youtube’s alternate monetization platforms

Finding the best YouTube alternatives can help you to remunerate your existing audience as they can have greater access while choosing you. This can strengthen your relationship with users & at the same time get assured with financial control back in hand. 

Adapt to technological changes

The streaming business is quite capital-intensive and requires long-term planning for gaining tremendous profitability. It is based on a tech stack that is used since your entire business is dependent on providing quality videos. Therefore technology elevation is of utmost necessity. Also, the fundamental aim is to have a monetizable subscriber base. 

Patience is the road to success

The shift in the media landscape poses a pivotal question for traditional broadcasters to adapt to the new-gen medium of streaming. The changing scenario necessitates them to adapt to the new pathway of building revenue and earning multifold profitability with time. After all, adapting to new ways which match people viewing needs allows them to think differently & deliver content. 

Mark your own brand

With a proactive approach, you can personalize your content by adding branding elements for you to succeed in outreaching the targets with your content anywhere around the world. Garner more viewers by building a strong connection with them. Most importantly, you need to humanize the brand by sending trust signals and providing personalized solutions.

Create Attention toward your revenue

The success of your video streaming business is dependent on which categorized revenue model you use. Also, you can rely on premium video monetization platforms that assist independent content creators like you to take ownership of their business journey as content entrepreneurs. Platforms like GUDSHO facilitate its customers with exact data with respect to revenue.  It provides all possibilities to own up the entire profitability without any revenue share.   

Know the value of your content

The proper content valuation will optimize and represent basic strategic choices that are essential in the future. Every content that is converted into immersive digital storytelling is dealt with a lot of painstaking efforts in the process of development. So it is pivotal to convert your content into uncountable shellings and maximize the value of every asset. 


Opportunities abound on YouTube, and anyone can alter their way of life by succeeding there. To be successful here, you’ll need a unique set of abilities. We’ve described certain errors that the majority of YouTube creators make and how to prevent them.

Remember, if your channel is reaching a lot of audiences, this can hike high up to a pretty paycheck. One needs to know that there are major factors for your channel’s popularity and success, so maintaining it is also under your control.

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