What is Video Frame Rate

What is Video Frame Rate or Frames Per Second (FPS)?

Do you know frame rates are the main reason behind why you feel the dramatic visuals in cinema? Frame rates decide the viewing experience and visual quality of the displayed video footage.

From the inception of cinema, starting from Lumiere brothers, films were shot at 16 fps but before we get into the details of it, let’s break down the basic definition of fps, fps formats and other aspects of frame rate in a video.

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What is Video Frame Rate or Frames Per Second (FPS)?

In videography Frame rate per second (fps) is an important factor and it all starts from a frame

What is a frame?

Frame is a single image or picture captured in a camera. Video frames are measured in seconds. 

Now, let’s get into the meaning of a frame rate,

What is a frame rate?

Frame rate is pictures captured in a video camera every second, generally in a video there are around 24 frames captured in the camera every second and all these video frame rates are recorded in frames per second (fps).

What are the Different common frame rates in Video?

Video Frame rates are a crucial factor in deciding the video quality and emotions of the visual displayed, cinematographers utilize this tool to expand the vision of the story as different frame rates showcase different visual output, 

But here we are going to discuss the most common frame rates used in a video.

There are about four most commonly used frame rates, and they are

24fps-Cinematic Standard

This is an universal frame rate as it is used widely in all our favorite movies and cinema. If a film is shot in 24fps it gives a smoother viewing experience since this is the closest to a human eye view. To achieve a cinematic experience 24fps should be your go-to choice.

30fps-Video Standard

This frame rate is typically used in television reality TV shows and social media videos, if a video is shot in 30 frames per second then you might find it a bit slower than the 24 frames per second video due to the increased number of image capture per second.

Some of the famous TV shows which use 30fps are The Great British Bake Off, Friends.

60fps-Slow Motion Standard

Every one of us would have witnessed slow motion shots of nature, animal habitat and crucial moments in a movie as slow moving visuals. These visual depicts are attained with 60 fps or frames higher than that, the logic behind this is, higher the frame rate the slower and detailed the visual output. 

Video game video frame visuals are usually showcased in 60 fps. In the below video frames the visual is clear on 60 fps due to the movement of the subject.

Apart from the above, there are 90fps, 120 frames per second which are used while shooting video footage.

Impact of Frame Rate on Video Quality

Impact of Frame Rate on Video Quality

Frame rates have a drastic impact on video quality, for instance if you shoot a video in higher frame rate, the increased number of frames per second will expand the visuals and display them in slower motion.

Example- Matrix fight sequence

👉 If you shoot it in lower frame rate the visuals will jump faster to give a quick glimpse of the entire event,

Example- The strobe effect shot in Chungking express.

One other important factor which affects a video quality is the shutter speed, based on the event shutter speed should be equally adjusted to suit the speed of the visual objectives.

👉 If you are shooting a sports coverage event of a basketball game, then your shutter speed should be atleast 1/250s at 60 fps to achieve a visually smoother output.  

To achieve the desired output consider these factors before shooting any footage, go for a trial shoot, and experiment with your gears.

How To Choose The Best Frame Rate For Your Videos

Choosing a frame rate depends solely on the visual medium it is presented in, if you are shooting it for a theatrical experience, TV shows, live streaming or sports events, the frame rate differs and affects the visual quality of it.

There is no superficial mantra or theory on choosing the right frame rate, understanding the reason behind the shot, event and decide on what it is shot for, and make a wise choice

👉 If you want a dramatic visual experience then, 60fps to 120 fps is the ideal choice

👉 If it is an action sequence then go for 60 fps

👉 If it is a quick glimpse through the past then go for frames less than 24 fps

but the standard and safest choice for a video is 24fps.


Every shot counts and every shot has a reason behind it, it could be psychological, dramatic, emotional or visually appealing. Understand why you need to use this particular frame rate by revisiting and decoding movies.

Experiment them with your camera gears and always remember to fix a frame rate based on the medium in which the output is showcased, TV or theater or live streaming frame rates are a great way to explore videography.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is video frame rate?

Video frame rate are images captured in a second, 24 frames per second is the standard fps for shooting a video or cinema.

How is video frame rate measured and expressed?

Video frame rate is measured in frames per second,  in every second of a video, multiple images are packed in a sequence in seconds to produce a video.

Why is video frame rate important in filmmaking and video production?

Filmmaking involves expression of emotions in different ways and to capture images in action, altering frames per second will let you convey the message clearly and visually smoother.

Are there situations where a higher or lower frame rate is preferred?

Yes, in filmmaking higher frame rate is preferred for slow motion sequences whereas lower frame rate is preferred for faster movements of images.

What is the standard frame rate for different types of videos, such as movies, TV shows, and online content?

The standard frame rate for movies- 24fps
The standard frame rate for TV shows- 24-30 fps
The standard frame rate for online content- 24 fps


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