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Top 5 YouTube Content Creators to Inspire Your Content Creations

Our favorite YouTubers’ journeys are not all sunshine and roses. The road map to success is not as easy as written in books. Starting from the first viewer to 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to monetize your content and becoming the most famous YouTuber is a path in a lot of brainstorming and creative thinking;

Here we have listed the top 5 content creators’ stories from youtube to be inspired.

1. Pewdiepie


The sensational and controversial PEWDIEPIE alias Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, the Swedish YouTuber, started his youtube journey in 2010. His YouTube channel continues to be one of the most subscribed to and seen, with over 111 million followers and 28.8 billion views. Kjellberg first specialized in video game commentary on YouTube, especially for horror and action titles.

PEWDIEPIE once stated, “People have no idea of the struggles that come with being a content creator” when youtube kept changing the algorithm and demonetized his videos, and removed some of his most subscribed videos. He took semi-breaks from youtube and came back stronger with each new video; even after the massive raft with the T-series in 2021, he never gave up and pushed the barriers against all odds.

2. Smosh


Smosh, The hit sketch comedy youtube channel with 16 years of comedy content videos, was started by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. Their consistent performance on youtube made them a world hit, and the Pokemon signature song, which became a super success, has pushed them to the television to publish content. Though they started from scratch with lip sync videos, now they have over 25 million subscribers, the Smosh channel has had over 10 billion views, and they even have a mobile app to access Smosh videos.

Now the Smosh was purchased by Mythical Entertainment. When you have solid content and the confidence to expose it to the public and entertain, then the stage is yours. The lesson Smosh delivers us is with better content and a confident approach; the world is yours to win.

3. All India Bakchod

All India Bakchod

The ultimate and hilarious ALL INDIA BAKCHOD is a parody of all-India radio. AIB began its dark humor in 2013 as a humor/pop-culture podcast by stand-up comedians Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya, and Gursimran Khambaby. Their out-of-the-box comedy videos and statements on internet trolls and celebrity spoofs made them a sensation among youngsters in India. From being a comedy blogger and stand-up comedian on Mumbai’s local stage, AIB taught us what can happen when you push your limits to an international stage.

The most successful All India Bakchod Knockout (a celebrity roast) at Worli, hosted by Karan Johar with roasters AIB, Rajeev Masand, Raghu Ram, Aditi Mittal, and Abish Matthew, is an example of taking your ideas to the next level. Try to catch up with the show if you are a Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor fan.AIB now has 3.98M subscribers with just 157 videos.

4. Slow-mo Guys

Slow-mo Guys

With a whopping 2.4 billion views in one primary channel and 47.8 million views on their secondary channel (Slow-mo guys 2), and a subscriber count of 14.7 million, Slow-mo has set the standards high. Slow-mo guys achieved a recurring and stable audience base for their science and entertainment collaboration videos. Integrating comedy and science isn’t an easy task.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the top 10 recommended slow-motion youtube channels. Their video concepts initiated with a video to film natural or physical phenomena in slow motion to break myths. As a content creator, if you have a mix-up idea go for it because you might be the next Slow-mo guy.

5. Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam, the versatile and inspirational entertainer from Delhi, is the one you should look up to if you are looking for inspiration. “I was about 20 years old when I started singing in a bar; it was a unique experience for me; I was even given free food during my shifts. That was the perk of my job that I loved. I have always been precise about my work and was always punctual, even if it was my first gig, to now when I have to perform for my YouTube channel.” Hishis comedy channel BB Ki Vines has around 26.1M subscribers. He is a comedian, writer, singer, actor, and songwriter who believes in his skills and creative ideas.

Bhuvan recently said that his struggles pushed him to be where he is now,

“That has helped me get where I am today. I actually started writing my new web series ‘Dhindora’ four years ago. It’s like my baby project wherein I am playing ten characters in it. In fact, all of my YouTube characters are in it, with a few more. Now when I watch it, I feel glad we pulled it off since showcasing all the characters together was a big challenge.”

Final thoughts

“If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed” As the master Stanley Kubrick said, don’t just wait until you are motivated; push through the mental and physical barriers and invest your time in your content creation and start releasing them in the best video monetization platforms like GUDSHO to earn the rewards you deserve, to create a channel and become the next sensational video content creator click here below.


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