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Top Revenue Models Creators Can Leverage on GUDSHO Today

The widespread scope for creators is reaching new horizons every minute.

And, today’s rapidly evolving tools and technologies make it absolutely easy for them to transform creative ideas into meaningful business ventures. 

With digitalization, the rollout of 5G, and social media becoming as vital as the air we breathe, it is evident the creator community is growing as big as ever. 

But, is every creator out there making good money as the numbers project to be?

According to a Linktree report, 59% of beginner creators haven’t even begun monetizing their content yet. 

The stringent rules and regulations of big tech platforms are making it hard for independent creators to make the monetary best of their videos. 

What is Video Monetization?

The concept of making money by selling your video creatives online is precisely what is called monetization. 

Creators from a rather broader spectrum of industries are benefiting from monetizing their videos. Be it entertainment, education, fitness, or sports, videos are huge assets in being big-time revenue generators. 

And, building a successful brand needs the right kind of monetization that both you and your followers are economically balanced with. 

However, it is often a miss among a majority of the creators who are a bit muddled as to how to earn a good payment from selling their content to audiences who are willing to pay. 

You can essentially monetize by offering access to your

  • Platform
  • Content
  • Audience

Who Can Monetize Their Content?

Filmmakers, educators, fitness influencers, and anyone who creates video content for an intended audience base can readily monetize, given the right platform. 

The content offerings may differ with niche and industry, but any video rich in content, graphics, viewability, educative, or entertaining can be monetized at one’s free will. 

Also, content that is unique, caters to an audience of a specific niche, or belongs to a creator with loyal followers have greater chances of profitable monetization. 

However, with this being said, there are a number of challenges you as a creator might encounter when you practically start beginning to monetize. 

Monetization Hurdles the Creators of Today Face 

  • Frequently altering algorithms 
  • Stringent monetization rules (4000 watch hours in the past 12 months & 1000 subscribers – a mandate for YouTube monetization)
  • Revenue sharing via commissions
  • Odds of demonetization
  • Ownership loss
  • Not-very-transparent revenue stats

Different Routeways Creators Can Earn From

Broadly speaking, there are six primary monetization models you can rely on for making money from video content. 

  • Subscriptions (Access to Your Channel)

Through subscriptions, creators charge a recurring fee from viewers for unlimited access to their entire library of video content. It offers a predictable, steady stream of passive income — giving creators enough resources to produce more quality content while the returns keep coming month-on-month or on an annual basis. 

Netflix and Hulu are classic examples of video businesses that have adopted the subscription model and it is, without a doubt, something you can pick to make money from your videos. 

With projected revenue of $80.83 bn by 2022 from the SVOD market, it is a reliable model for you to sustain as a creator, no matter the platform you choose to monetize on. 

  • Pay-Per-View (Access to Your Videos)

This transactional model is more into giving away the video content on a rent/ buy basis. With pay-per-view, sell permanent access to video content or offer it for rent wherein the viewer can watch it for a limited window of time for a small fee. 

More like how people watch a movie/ theatrical release by buying a ticket, they also pay a one-time price for access to your content.

Also, recent stats reveal that the PPV market will witness 861.5 million users by 2027 which indicates how inclined people are toward paying only for what they consume. 

Since you don’t have to pressurize your audience to sign up, this is definitely a go-to model if you have seasonal shows or most anticipated new releases in hand.    

  • Ads (Access to Your Audience)

The video advertising landscape, which might surpass $31 bn by 2027 in revenue in the US alone, has penetrated every other sector known to mankind. 

Integrating commercials is a great way for creators to earn money from 3rd party advertisers. 

Though quite intrusive, audiences get to watch the content for free which typically means “no strings attached” – this way you get to acquire a larger audience base, basically a win-win scenario for both you and your viewers. 

There are a number of ad-based video platforms you can monetize on as a creator. While the former takes care of the ad inventory, you can focus more on expanding your viewership.

Video Monetization

  • Affiliate Programs

You can also earn by redirecting your audience to brands.

Influencers gain a commission for every sale that happens via their referral link that is infused in their content or description. This way, brands achieve sales while creators gain a monetary advantage.

With the global Influencer Marketing landscape valued at USD 16.4bn in 2022 according to Statista, the time is now for you to perhaps not just remain a creator but also become an active influencer. 

  • Selling Merchandise

From T-shirts to coffee mugs, selling merch is one of the most interesting ways to make money for influencers who have a fun and engaging viewer base. 

With several on-demand printing services in the market that can design and print your brand logo on any consumer good, selling merch is truly profitable monetary-wise.

While many platforms provide a separate merch service on which you can sell your products on, you can also promote merch in your videos and redirect your audience to an online store where people can directly purchase from. 

  • Sponsored Content

Though traditional advertising is still in place, audiences feel a better connect and trust gain trust over a brand a creator reviews, promotes, or talks about. 

By creating sponsored content or infusing product promotions in video creatives, creators can earn a sizeable revenue from time to time from popular retail businesses. 

GUDSHO for Easy Premium Video Monetization

Creating video content is a tedious chore in itself. 

3rd party platforms can be quite exhausting before you can see some actual money. 

Bound by several platform-specific rules, it is time taking and needs a lot of effort and a sizable subscriber base to get your content a monetary value. 

But, today, times are changing and creators are finding newer ways to monetize their content.

GUDSHO, for instance, has completely revolutionized the video monetization landscape, providing creators with an easy pathway to make money via a standalone video channel. 

In short, it is the quickest way to launch, stream, and monetize your premium videos.

Rewarding Business Models to Leverage on GUDSHO

GUDSHO makes storytellers create their own private platform to build a viewer community, connect with followers, and monetize affluently at scale via 3 key business models mentioned below. 

  • Accept Recurring Payments (SVOD)

SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) is a self-serve model that works on definite payment cycles wherein viewers can sign-up, pick/ upgrade plans, or even opt out of the subscription all by themselves, without third-person intervention. This enhances the overall user experience as he has the complete freedom to stay or leave the platform as per his wish.

With GUDSHO, you can charge your viewers on a subscription basis with a simple toggle switch. 

The automated billing system will be enabled on your channel that will charge your users on a recurring basis depending on the plans you’ve curated. 

  • Rent Out Individual Videos (TVOD)

Secondly, there is the TVOD style of monetizing which allows you to offer premium access to content for a rental fee. You can price individual content rather than fixing plans. 

And on enabling TVOD, your content is placed behind a paywall. This keeps your audiences in a spot that lets them decide if they want rental access to the content or not. 

Also, the transactional model eases business operability since the billing is seamless with one-time payments. 

  • Give Your Content for Free

While monetizing is an integral part of running your business, it is also vital that you grow a community of audience who actually love your work. 

And, on GUDSHO, you can give away access to your content for free. This will let you get discovered by a wider audience base, give viewers a glimpse of what your content is all about, build trust, and actually start paying when you begin charging for your videos.

How Monetizing on GUDSHO Amplifies Revenue 5X?

Here’s clubbing how GUDSHO’s monetization models elevate your brand presence and add monetary value to your video business. 

(i) Exhibit Complete Monetary Control

Unlike 3rd party platforms, GUDSHO dictates no rules and you are free to monetize on your own terms, paving way for complete control over your channel and its earnings. 

(ii) Keep 100% Revenue

Sharing is off-limits when it comes to monetizing on our platform. Content is yours and hence, revenue, without a doubt, is also yours. 3rd party sharing or commission has no place on GUDSHO. 

(iii) Flexibilize Your Plans

The online video streaming podium is highly competitive and only the ones that look promising survive the feuding competition. To satiate this, our platform offers options to set 3 different pricing plans in the subscription model. Try slashing rates on annual subscriptions or nurture your loyal customers with seasonal offers. 

(iv) Own Currency Setup

The online video industry is breaking geographical barriers. It is spanning across countries and reaching audiences from all over the world. Accept payments in two different ways by setting up a primary currency and a secondary currency for people to pay based on geography.

(v) Offer Convenience

With pay-per-view, offer convenient payments allowing the audience’s likeliness to pay a rental fee only for the content they consume. Paywalling your videos behind this model without pressurizing them for long-term commitment gives them paying freedom and is an attractive USP you can advocate. 

In Summary, 

GUDSHO is solely developed for the creator community to easily monetize videos; nothing more, nothing less. 

Hence, the tools and technologies surrounding revenue generation are also curated to accuracy and seamlessness for the best outcomes. 

Secure payment gateway, uncomplicated transactions, and currency-feasibility — money-making has never been this effortless. 

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