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Top 5 OTT Conferences to Attend in 2020

Meeting professional peers and industry leaders is a great opportunity for networking and professional development. Every industry from healthcare to media and technology have several live B2B events throughout the year hosted across the world. One of the most discussed niches is the transition of television into over-the-top distribution methods. 

Young companies are looking to build a profile that drives investment, acquisition, and partnerships. Among the participants are also the curious people on the sidelines wondering where the world of entertainment is headed to!

Here are our top 5 picks of global OTT conferences likely to see some action!

1. That Big TV Conference – 2 days in September 2020 – New York City

The largest gathering of reputed brands, agency and programing executives in New York City, discusses solutions for the critical challenges transforming the media industry. Understand how content can be leveraged in a way that data attracts advertisers and audiences. 

With the entertainment and media market poised to be worth more than $720 billion, this conference is all about constructive communication. It is not your average global meet with 10-minute long audience interaction!

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2. The OTT & Video Distribution Summit – 2 days in June 2020 – Santa Monica, CA

Listen to thought leaders share applied knowledge and tangible solutions in key areas to drive business in the OTT, On-Demand Era. It provides sponsors a venue to present and connect with the key decision-makers across the television and video ecosystems on as they seek solutions about content discovery & recommendation, consumer viewing behaviors, subscription & transactional video economics, advertising and more.

Join lively moderated panel discussions and keynote conversations about deep insights into “Big Think” presentations. Enjoy networking breaks, including breakfast, lunch and post-event cocktails in Santa Monica.

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3. NAB Streaming Summit – 2 days in April 2020 – Las Vegas, NV

It features around 100 speakers from the broadcast, media and publishing industries who address issues covering technical and business challenges and opportunities in the VOD industry. Learn the best way to build a smooth workflow and the best user experience. It does not cover topics pertaining to audio-only applications or VR, 360/3D video.

At the event, get insights into the global OTT revenue that’s expected to be $129 billion in 2023. Hear the industry leaders speak about monetization and brand building strategies that worked for them.

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4. Stream TV Show – 3 days in June 2020 – Denver, CO

Arguably the industry’s largest meeting ground for next-gen video programming distribution attracts aggregators and technopreneurs.

Get to meet executives from major streaming service, network, and broadcaster for the right balance of networking, industry education and deal-making. 

Learn the latest trends to deliver, package, and monetize video products that lead the future of data & research, marketing, advertising, user experience, and strategy.

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5. Over-the-Top (OTT) Summit – 3 days in 20th February 2020 – Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

The OTT Summit is South Asia’s biggest and most influential trade expo focused on ICT, Broadcast and Digital Media industry. It is an excellent platform for people to view and experience a product or service launch, hold press conferences or make business announcements. As an exhibitor get to identify industry trends and scope out the market competition.

Engage with the industrial community in a truly global event. Listen to insightful keynotes from thought-leaders and innovators, network with your peers and take lead from participants for business up-gradation at the OTT Summit

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That’s a wrap, folks!

As OTT streaming services gain traction with global audiences, the industry estimates it to be worth 158.84 billion dollars by 2024. Needless to say, the competition is getting stronger which makes it urgent to appreciate the general industry trends and bring a paradigm shift towards internet-enabled entertainment. An what better way than be at one of the top OTT conferences in 2020!


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