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10+ GUDSHO Features that Make Life Easy as a Creator

80 million!

Yes, that’s how many creators are there globally.

Today’s creator community is reaching new heights and people want to showcase more of their creative side to the world via content that speaks their skill and vision.

Ideating, visualizing, recording, editing, screening, and the toughest of them all —  monetizing — a creator has a lot going on that leads to a haunting scenario called the “creator’s burnout”.

And, we at GUDSHO, wanted to simplify these chores and bring to life a platform that will solve all the streaming and monetization needs of Gen Z creators and influencers. 

Here’s a breakdown of what GUDSHO is, followed by 10 features that come in handy for every creator/ influencer out there. 

GUDSHO — Premium Video Monetization Simplified

GUDSHO is a SaaS-based premium monetization platform for video creators across the globe to kick-start and run their video biz in 1 place. 

Designed keeping easy monetization in mind, the platform is an ideal choice for educators, fitness influencers, filmmakers, anime creators, stage play hosts, media broadcasters, independent artists, film festival organizers, and more to sell content and connect with a growing audience base.

In total, GUDSHO is a powerful destination for businesses of all sizes to widen brand reach, establish returning viewers, and multi-fold revenue from videos of varied genres. 

Creator-Friendly By All Means

Being a creator is not as easy as it sounds, especially when it comes to finding the right platform to launch premium content on and bond with audiences who share the same likes and interests as theirs. 

This is exactly why GUDSHO is more like a membership platform where you can form a community, interact via engaging content, and gain followers who are willing to pay for your work.

However, this is not the only reason we call GUDSHO creator-friendly. Typically everything you need to host, stream, distribute, and monetize is in-built — meaning all you need to do is keep creating. 

10 Features Creators Adore GUDSHO for

Here’s summarizing the key tools and technologies that you can extensively use on signing up with GUDSHO. 

1. Get Your Hands on an All-Inclusive CMS 

We understand there are multiple roles you’ll have to play as a creator. To take some of that burden off your shoulders, our on-the-go Content Management System helps create an exclusive channel, take your videos online, librarize them, and do all the background work to publish and distribute them to global audiences —  all in one place. 

You can essentially, 

  • Setup your own channel
  • Upload videos in a click
  • Curate your library
  • Import/ export content
  • Manage video setting controls
  • Perform admin duties

Now, that’s quite a lot you can do on a single dashboard!

2. Leverage our High-Quality Video Player

Video Player

When it comes to delivering a stellar end-user experience, there is nothing that you need to agonize about. Your video quality is super-intact and our built-in HLS video player does the work magically delivering an immersive experience your viewers will be in awe of. 

Distribute HD visuals via

  • Buffer-free video player
  • CDN-backed streaming setup
  • 4K picture quality
  • Personalized video titles
  • Skip 10s forward/ backward

3. Market Videos Fuss-Free

Video promotions form an integral part of getting your viewers’ attention directed to your premium content. Voluminous video and channel engagement which converts to revenue is all possible when marketing is done right, which of course is quite tedious, but, not with GUDSHO. 

On the marketing front, you have

  • SEO-friendly metadata management
  • Video sitemaps
  • Social integrations & sharing options
  • Video embedding options
  • Mobile deep linking

4. New-Age Tech to Reach More

The more diverse ways you deliver, the wider the reach, and much larger the revenue influx. 

Give your community feasible viewing with 

  • the “Continue watching” feature
  • Screening across devices & browsers
  • the Cast to TV option
  • Offline mobile download

5. Monetize 100% with Diverse Revenue Models

Now, comes the most significant part! To make the revenue-making journey a highly profitable one for video creators, GUDSHO offers 2 rewarding monetization models. You can offer exclusive access to your entire library of videos by creating flexible subscription plans, price individual videos, and give it for rent through pay-per-view, or opt for both. 

Monetization features that will help with your earnings are

  • Pricing options (TVOD)
  • Automated billing (SVOD)
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Seamless user checkouts
  • Own currency setup

6. Market-Specific Pricing Setup

The platform supports a highly rewarding pricing strategy wherein you can price your content based on the market demand. 

Rather than a static pricing structure, altering prices based on the current market demand is what this feature is all about. 

GUDSHO allows you to 

  • Set up subscription plans in two different currencies

    (Primary currency & Secondary currency)

Hence, you have the option to charge your audience differently based on the country they are residing in. For instance, you can sell the same piece of content for a particular price in India and a different price for the European market.

7. Gauge Video Performance with Analytics

Video Analytics

Wouldn’t it be truly insightful if you could gain minute-by-minute data on how your content and channel are performing, both individually and as a whole? Yes, video insights speak a lot about how you should further tweak, and channel your offerings for better monetary outcomes.

On GUDSHO, you can analyze

  • Channel performance (Total views, watch time, top videos, genres, etc)
  • Revenue influx (Daily/ monthly/ annual channel & video earnings)
  • Video activity (Videos published, corresponding engagement & performance)
  • Social interactions 
  • Viewer behavior & lifetime value (Likes, interests, fav genres, plans preferred)

Measuring, tracking, and recording how your content performs is of utmost importance to sustain and grow as a creator, which is effortless with our in-built analytics.

8. Manage Content Access & Exclusivity on Channel Dashboard

When we say GUDSHO makes life easy as a creator, we did mean it. Most of the chaos happens when a creator handles multiple roles. To detangle the commotion, GUDSHO provides easy options to offer access & decide who gets to watch what.

Hold complete control of your channel with

  • Super-admin powers & user management tools
  • Secure video paywall for paid-only access
  • Private screening options
  • Whitelist/ blacklist geographies option
  • Report channel & videos
  • Custom maturity rating based on content

9. Fortify Your Content with Built-in Security Measures

Piracy will cost a creator millions. Heavy monetary losses usually boil down to digital theft and are often left unattended. You no longer have to go that extra mile to ensure secure distribution. Because, alongside a strong voice against copyright infringement, we also foster ready-built security norms we follow to make sure your videos are in safe hands. 

Upload, stream, & monetize securely with

  • AES-encrypted video delivery
  • Secure token-based access
  • WAF (Web Application Firewall) implementation
  • Geo-fencing options
  • SSL certified communication
  • Device restriction

At the end of the day, secure video biz = successful video biz!

10. Collect Viewer Feedback

Users’ reactions to a piece of content can make or break a biz. It is not mere viewership that matters but actual comments and feedback that will help you improvise your business and content offerings. 

Get to know what your audiences think with

  • Engagement tools
  • Ratings & reviews
  • User comments
  • Likes & social shares

Making your channel and its content more appealing by gathering constructive feedback just got easier. 

Winding Up, 

Creativity knows no bounds and so does your monetization potential. Making creators a top priority, and offering an absolutely breezy space for fans to discover work from their favorite artists, GUDSHO is a medium created solely to boost the creator economy and will remain so. And, with typically everything pre-built crowned by a smooth interface, we are yet to find a platform more creator-friendly. 

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