Top 5 Fitness Creators

Top 5 Fitness Creators Everyone Needs to Follow

According to Run Repeat, the fitness industry is predicted to have a 7 percent increase by 2028. With the boom in the industry, the number of fitness creators has also surged predominantly high focusing on various fitness activities like Gym, Yoga, HIIT, and calisthenics. But fitness creators of 2023, take note of these top 5 fitness creators because they are the biggest sensation of the year, not just that they are the owners of the top monetized fitness videos on all social media platforms.

Dive deep to know who they are.

5 Best Fitness Creators on Instagram

1. Rock The Dwayne Johnson – 375 M Followers
2. Jen Setler – 13.8 M Followers
3. Chris Bumstead – 16.9 M Followers
4. Analis Cruz – 1.2 M Followers
5. Tharun Kumar – 167k Followers

1. Rock The Dwayne Johnson

Rock the Dwyane Johnson

Starting with the all-time and our childhood superstar Rock the Dwyane Johnson, Dwyane Johnson has been a fitness freak right from his childhood. He was the son of the late Wrestling superstar Rocky Johnson. Rock played in the world-famous WWE wrestling franchise and started his acting career in the scorpion king movie. He owns multiple brands and is one of Hollywood’s top-earning celebrities. Rock has always endorsed fitness and health concern messages through his social media posts. His rock cheat meal video and Rock workout routine have grossed millions of views on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

Rock stands tall with his fitness regime and strong social media presence. Currently, he sports around 370 million followers on Instagram and charges a hefty amount for promotions. Fitness creators and followers can learn the art of social presence and fitness routine from Rock’s social media pages.

2. Jen Setler

Jen Setler

Jen Setler, the beauty with fitness, the fitness model from the USA, has her hands in all fitness workouts. She performs high-intensity training, cardio, and weight lifting. She has around 13.7 million followers on Instagram and advocates health and fitness regimes for women and the importance of dieting.

She works out six times a week, often lands on a cheat meal, and calls it the spirit for a heavy workout week. Female fitness creators can check her videos on the given link to find fitness video ideas and to know more about her fitness routines.

3. Chris Bumstead

Chris Bumstead

Chris Bumstead, the four-time Mr. Classic physique Olympia, has been on the radar of top fitness creators for a while. He educates fellow bodybuilders and heavy lifters on bodybuilding and dieting through his fitness videos on social media platforms. His classic physique is admired by bodybuilders across the globe, thus gaining him a whopping 16.3 million followers.

Chris Bumstead is highly active on his social media platforms with videos explaining the importance of weight training and postures of bodybuilding. He has a Favikon score of 4.9/5 on TikTok with a massive follower base.

4. Analis Cruz

Analis Cruz

If you are looking for inspiring and motivating workout videos to follow up during your pre-workout, Analis Cruz is the game. “Let’s get strong together.”  is the motto she lives by; Analis Cruz currently has a fan base of over 1.1 million followers, with active super fans adoring her videos on social media platforms.

Fitness creators can learn the art of pushing their limits from Analis Cruz and followers can gain a lot of weight-lighting insights from her posts.

5. Tharun Kumar

Tharun Kumar

Tharun Kumar is the boy next door who became a supermodel with his sportive, informative, and entertaining fitness video guides. The journey of Tharun is truly inspiring, and his constant quest to solve fitness challenges faced by every fitness enthusiast is seen in all his videos.

He has about 161k followers and is the founder of fitx120 academy. It has a lot of fat-to-fit journeys, and anybody who is starting their fitness journey can get inspired by him. 

Followers space

Followers space

Followers of fitness creators make sure you adhere to this checklist before following a fitness creator.

  1. Set a fitness goal
  2. Choose the fitness training type
  3. Research the top fitness creator in that field
  4. Follow them for professional advice and insights.
  5. At last, follow the instructions of a professional trainer in your gym.

All fitness creators worldwide bring a healthy change in the body, mind, and society and they push forward the human race into a healthy space. But not just that, they also earn millions for their videos on video monetization platforms

So be fit and stay fit because mind and body matter for the soul.


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