24 Tips To Get 100K Views For Your Videos In 2024

24 Tips To Get 100K Views For Your Videos In 2024

Are you aiming for millions of views on your videos? Wondering how to charm audiences in the ever-evolving possibilities of online content? In the competitive landscape, garnering attention is an art. This article has top tips for creators to increase your video views. 😇

As we explore audience desires, video trends, optimization techniques, and future trends, discover how innovation and interaction pave the way for connecting with audiences. Are you ready to revamp your content creation and amass the viewership you deserve?

Why More Views For Videos?

Video Platform

Videos tend to catch more views because they’re super engaging! Our brains love visuals, and video content serve up a mix of sights, sounds, and emotions, making content enjoyable.

Here’s the scoop: 85% of people watch videos online regularly, and significant online video platforms rack up over a billion hours of watch time every day. They’re snackable and easy to digest, plus they hit different learning styles. ✨

Creators can learn to grab attention quickly, tell stories visually, and build a tribe through comments and shares. By jazzing up content with videos, they tap into a massive audience itching for that visual feast!

Video Watching Statistics

  1. Average person watches 16 hours of online video weekly.
  2. 92% share mobile videos, driving social engagement.
  3. Thursdays and Fridays peak for video engagement.
  4. 75% prefer Facebook for video content discovery.
  5. 70% binge-watch on streaming platforms.
  6. 80% of users recall video ads viewed in the past month.
  7. Title Matters: 41% click based on a catchy title.
  8. How-to and tutorial videos gain massive traction.
  9. 65% visit a website after watching a video.
  10. Thumbnails influence 90% of video clicks.

What Videos Viewers Like?

What tickles viewers’ fancy when it comes to videos? Well, it’s a mixed bag. Audiences have varied tastes, but some golden nuggets tend to steal the show.

  1. Tutorials and how-tos video creation tips are like gold dust. Everyone’s out there to learn something, right? Be it fixing a bike or mastering the art of smoky eyes, viewers want that step-by-step guidance. As a video creator, exploring these educational videos opens doors to a broad audience wanting new skills. 📝
  2. Then, there’s the thrill of entertainment video content! Storytime, skits, or even gaming—these videos reel folks in for a fun ride. People love a good laugh or getting into a gripping narrative. It’s like one big virtual popcorn moment!
  3. Now, let’s talk about the others: Vlogs and personal journeys. Viewers crave authenticity, wanting to connect with real stories. As one wise creator said, “Vlogging isn’t just showing your day – It’s inviting people into your life, making them a part of your world.”
  4. Slice-of-life content hits right. Like, a peek behind the curtain. Sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes, or even unboxing videos give that insider scoop. It’s like being in on a secret or getting VIP access! 🎁

Variety is the key when it comes to videos: Different strokes for different folks, but these genres tend to strike a chord, catering to diverse tastes and cravings. Unsure of how long these trends will stay or whether they stand the test of time, but for now, these age well.

24 Tips For Creators To Gain More Video Views :

Tips for Creators

Here are proven video creation tips for creators to thrive your video views. From attention-grabbing titles to interactive content, these strategies can elevate your video content to the next level of success. Read on:

1. Understanding Audience Desires

Bring out your audience’s cravings by diving into comments, surveys, and trends. For instance, a travel vlog might discover viewers who

  • crave adventure tips
  • or cultural insights.

Tailoring content to these preferences guarantees an engaging, share-worthy video that resonates with your audience’s passions, elevating views and shares organically.

2. Maximizing Video Reach

Boost your video’s reach through savvy optimization techniques and video trends. Develop attention-grabbing titles and detailed descriptions loaded with relevant keywords. Understand your niche-specific SEO tactics to ensure your content appears prominently in searches. Vibrant, compelling thumbnails act as your video content’s first impression, magnetizing viewers to click and explore. 📈

How To Create Attention-Grabbing Video Titles?

  • Solve viewer problems, offering tailored solutions to address their needs.
  • Highlight unique insights or valuable information within your content.
  • Evoke interest by hinting and posing questions artfully for curiosity.
  • Employ time-sensitive language, limited offers for urgency and impact.
  • Challenge norms, present bold, contrarian perspectives for controversy.

3. Crafting Irresistible Thumbnails

Design thumbnails that demand attention with crisp visuals, captivating fonts, and vibrant hues. For example, a cooking channel could spotlight a finished dish or an intriguing ingredient. Thumbnails serve as the entry point to your content—make them irresistible, enticing viewers to dive into your video content with enthusiasm.

4. Create Unique Content

Understanding these tips for creators, stand out by crafting content that breaks the mold. Explore uncharted topics or present familiar themes in refreshing ways. Such as, a DIY channel could experiment with unconventional projects. Uniqueness intrigues viewers, creating a buzz and increasing shares organically, ultimately boosting your video views and channel engagement to create video trends.

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5. Trend-Savvy Creations

Stay ahead by riding the wave of trends. Monitor hashtags, viral content, and industry news. Implement trending topics or put your spin on prevalent challenges. Like, a fashion channel might recreate trending outfits with a personal touch. Staying trendy taps into current interests, garnering attention and expanding your viewer base. 😎

6. Sound Design Excellence

Elevate your video content with top-notch sound design. Invest in quality microphones and audio editing tools. Ensure clear, crisp sound throughout.

As an example, a music channel should prioritize balanced audio levels. Superior sound quality elevates viewer experience, fostering engagement, loyalty, and leading to increased views and shares.

Getting The Perfect Sound For Videos:

  • Quality microphones, tools ensure superior sound.
  • Remove background noise for a polished final product.
  • Sync sounds perfectly for a seamless viewer experience.
  • Utilize editing tools for a refined, professional audio.
  • Ensure audio levels suit audience listening preferences.

7. Curating Playlists

Create playlists that keep viewers engaged. Group videos by

  • theme, topic,
  • or series continuity.

For instance, a fitness channel can compile workout routines or nutrition tips. Playlists boost watch time, keeping audiences glued to your content longer, leading to increased views and channel exploration.

8. SEO Optimization Techniques

Master SEO strategies along with additional tips for creators tailored to your niche. Craft titles, descriptions, and tags enriched with relevant keywords. Understand the audience’s search intent to ensure your content surfaces prominently. ✨

As an example, a beauty channel might use specific product names or trending terms. Optimized content ranks higher, drawing in organic traffic and increasing visibility.

9. Embedding Videos on Your Website

Integrate videos seamlessly into your website. Feature them on relevant pages or blog posts. Such as, a travel blog might embed destination guides. Embedding videos enhances

  • user experience,
  • keeps visitors engaged, 
  • encourages exploration,

And all of these eventually boost views and sharing potential across platforms.

10. Enhancing Video Interactivity

Infuse your videos with interactive elements like polls, quizzes, or clickable links. For instance, a lifestyle channel can incorporate Q&A segments or clickable product links. Interactive content captivates audiences, fostering engagement and longer watch times, elevating the chances of shares and increased views.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”
 ~ Pablo Picasso

11. Cross-Promotion Across Social Media

Extend your video’s reach by promoting across diverse social platforms. Share snippets, teasers, or behind-the-scenes content. For example, a cooking video could feature short recipe snippets on Instagram. Cross-promotion amplifies visibility, drawing diverse audiences and boosting overall views and engagement.

12. Repurposing Content Effectively

Leverage existing content by repurposing it across platforms. Share excerpts or trim teasers, trailers, directing viewers to the full video link. Like, a technology channel might repurpose podcast segments for your video channel.

Repurposing maximizes content reach, increases visibility, and drives traffic to your main video, ultimately boosting views and shares.

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13. Enhancing Audio & BGM

Elevate viewer experience by prioritizing crystal-clear audio. Invest in quality microphones and editing tools. Ensure balanced sound throughout. For instance, a podcast channel should focus on voice clarity. Superior audio quality enriches content, alluring  audiences and encouraging prolonged engagement, eventually boosting views and shares.

14. Enable Notifications

Invite viewers to enable notifications for your channel. Encourage them to stay updated on new uploads and live streams. For example, a gaming channel can prompt viewers never to miss new gameplay episodes. Notifications increase visibility, drawing in dedicated viewers, and boosting overall views and interactions. 🔔

15. Utilizing Cards and End Screens

Employ interactive cards and end screens strategically in your videos. Direct viewers to related content, subscriptions, or even additional tips for creators. As an example, a lifestyle channel can link to similar video contents or playlists. These features extend watch time, promoting further engagement and channel exploration, thereby increasing views and shares.

Acing The End Screen Game

  • Clear Call-to-Action: Direct viewers with concise and actionable prompts.
  • Limited Options: Offer few choices to avoid overwhelming or confusing viewers.
  • Timing is Key: Display end screens long enough for engagement.
  • Visual Appeal: Use engaging visuals and thumbnails for increased attraction.
  • Mobile Optimization: Verify end screens are mobile-friendly for broader reach.

16. Collaborating with Fellow Creators

Forge partnerships with other content creators in your niche based on video trends. Collaborate on videos or cross-promote each other’s content. As an example, a beauty channel can collaborate on makeup tutorials. Collaborations introduce your channel to:

  • new audiences,
  • boost community engagement,
  • drive increased views,
  • and shares collectively.

17. Creating Series for Engagement

Craft video series that string together cohesive content. For instance, a fitness channel can develop a workout series targeting specific muscle groups. Series keeps viewers hooked, encouraging binge-watching and repeated visits, increasing overall views and channel retention. 😊

18. Monitoring Watch Time & Metrics

Track watch time, audience retention, and engagement metrics closely. Use insights to fine-tune content strategies. For example, a tech review channel can analyze which topics garner the most engagement. Monitoring metrics aids in tailoring content for maximum audience appeal, ultimately boosting views and shares.

19. Fostering a Vibrant Community

Nurture an engaged community through interactions, responses, and exclusive content. You can also encourage your viewers on:

  • discussions,
  • audience polls,
  • and live sessions.

To illustrate, a travel vlog might host Q&A sessions with followers. A thriving community fosters loyalty, encourages sharing, and boosts overall views and engagement.

20. Enhancing Accessibility with Subtitles

Broaden your audience reach by adding subtitles to videos. Ensure content is accessible to a global audience. As an example, a language-learning channel can provide subtitles in multiple languages. Subtitles enhance inclusivity, attracting diverse viewerships and eventually increasing views and shares worldwide. 😍

21. Optimizing Video Content for Google Search

Deploy SEO tactics by optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags for Google searches and video trends. For instance, a recipe channel might use specific dish names or cooking techniques. High-ranking videos on Google draw organic traffic, enhancing visibility and increasing overall views and shares.

22. Leveraging Live Streaming

Engage audiences in real time by hosting live streams. Share exclusive content, conduct Q&A sessions, or unveil behind-the-scenes footage. For example, a gaming channel can host live gameplay sessions. Live streaming upgrades immediate interaction, boosting engagement, and increasing views and shares.

23. Strategic Ads Investment

Allocate ad spend strategically for high-impact videos. Target specific demographics, use A/B testing, and analyze ad performance. Such as, a product review channel can invest in ads for in-depth reviews. Well-targeted ads amplify visibility, drawing in interested viewers and boosting overall views and shares effectively. 💸

24. Run Contests and Giveaways

Fuel excitement by running engaging contests or giveaways. Encourage audience participation through simple tasks like sharing, commenting, or creating user-generated content related to your niche. For instance, a beauty channel might run a makeup challenge. Contests create buzz, foster community engagement, and attract new viewers, boosting overall views and interaction with a fun and rewarding twist.

Which of these tips for creators are you going to implement in your video journey?

Future of Video Creation

Video Creation

Explore the upcoming shifts in video content creation tips for creators, unveiling the trends set to redefine viewer experiences and engagement. 😍

  1. Expect a surge in vertical-oriented content for mobile consumption.
  2. More interactive elements like polls, quizzes, or AR integration.
  3. Further rise of short, bite-sized videos for quick consumption.
  4. Evolving live streams with enhanced interaction and immersive experiences.
  5. AI algorithms curating personalized content for individual viewer preferences.

Prepare for the future of video content creation, where innovation and interaction shape the way we connect through videos.

AI Content & Video Generation in 2024

Wondering how AI will revolutionize video creation? AI streamlines video production by automating tasks like editing, transcription, and even generating content. Algorithms analyze data to predict:

  • viewers choice at top,
  • tailor content preferences,
  • personalized recommendations
  • and make it more interactive.

This technology nurtures efficiency, enabling creators to focus on creativity while AI handles repetitive tasks. As Artificial Intelligence evolves, it’ll likely enhance video personalization, optimize content performance, and offer new avenues for engaging storytelling. 🚀

Video Content & Creation Tips

  • Understand audience passions for content resonance.
  • Master SEO and create eye-catching thumbnails.
  • Craft engaging titles to intrigue and solve problems.
  • Innovate for uniqueness and diverse audiences.
  • Stay trendy for relevance and attention.
  • Prioritize superior audio for viewer engagement.
  • Curate playlists for extended viewer engagement.
  • Optimize titles and descriptions for search results.
  • Foster community engagement for loyalty.
  • Enhance accessibility with subtitles for wider reach.
  • Leverage live streaming for immediate interaction.
  • Collaborate with creators for expanded reach.
  • Monitor metrics for video content fine-tuning.
  • Use cards and screens strategically for engagement.
  • Repurpose content across platforms for visibility.
  • Encourage notifications for increased viewership.
  • Anticipate trends like interactive and AI-influenced content.
  • Make use of short duration, shareable video content.
  • Utilize contests for community engagement and growth.
  • Prepare for a future shaped by interactive storytelling and AI.

Wrapping Up

Creating compelling videos content and reaching the mainstream takes time and perseverance. Remember, success isn’t instant. It’s a journey filled with learning. These tips for creators like,

  • covering SEO tricks, catchy titles,
  • and engaging storytelling

are like your trusty tools for entertaining, engaging, and educating viewers. They’ll guide your path toward crafting remarkable videos that connect with diverse audiences. Stay patient as every effort counts. Crafting videos is more than just content: It’s about forging connections and making a lasting impression. Keep trying new ideas, exploring, and nurturing your creativity. 🔥

Someday, these tips for creators will be the sturdy foundation lifting your content to greater heights, captivating audiences and leaving your mark in the world of video content creation.


Akash is currently working as a Content Writer at GUDSHO. With years of experience in stitching syllables and weaving words, he has been instrumental in writing for B2B and B2C audiences with attention to detail.

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