The Three c's of Finding the Perfect Brand

The Three c’s of Finding the Perfect Brand

Finding the right brand partner with the right intention to collaborate is a challenging task for influencers, social media celebrities, and content creators. As an internet sensation, if you have millions of followers and are struggling to find a branding partner, you might be missing out on these below elements; dig deeper to know where you stand.

First C: Content Creation

Content Creation

Creating content is an art, and attaining dedicated followers for your content is mastery. If you are in a spot where your videos are monetized with thousands of followers and still hindered at finding brand collaboration, then you should be consistent.

Brands look for partners who are consistent in their video performance, though your metrics and reports speak a number. The consistent performance of your channel in video monetization platforms will attract the brands and viewers you desire.

Creating Quality content

Nothing speaks much louder than the content you have produced in your channel. Optimizing them according to the trend and retaining the existing audiences with the right content is a must. Before collaborating, brands will survey the quality of the video produced. To produce quality content, make sure you follow the below steps:

Second C: Connection


If you tick off the above list and still need help collaborating with brands, start marketing your channel by connecting with the brands you feel you should sell in your channels.

To know how to find the right brand, make sure you are aware of the kind of product you are selling, and don’t indulge in selling banned or problematic illegal products. 

Finding the right brand

Go with your heart, explore multiple brands and their products through their official websites, and research about the company and the particular product.

Once you are sure about the product, connect with them through their official channels in social media or through their websites via Mail.


Don’t send plain text requesting a collaboration; add a personal experience with the product and express your joy in marketing the product. 

Make sure you send a detailed report of your channel’s followers and engagement statistics and end the note with your contact information.

For example:

Hello < name>

I, (name) from (channel name), hope you are doing well, I’m an ardent user of your (particular product), and I want the world to know the joy I had using this product. 

With an audience base of (social media and youtube statistics), I would like to market this product and collaborate with your brand. 

If you are interested in the collaboration, please let me know by responding to this email or using the below contact information.

Contact information







Social media

Don’t hesitate to contact the brands through their social media pages. Most companies are highly active on social media pages.


Be patient; don’t spam their Facebook or Instagram accounts with continuous messages if they don’t respond.

Contact their digital marketing team and send a request or cold mail the team.

Third C: Contribution


Add value to the brands you are willing to collaborate with, study their marketing approach and make a presentation out of it. Then, analyze the flaws and suggest how you can help them improve through your content creation.

Create samples and add them as an attachment in your Mail. Contribute to the brand before the brand contributes and connects with you.

Why brand collaboration

Every content creator has three stages of crossing in their content creation journey.

In the collaborating stage, you can use the above methods to find the right brand, but if you are looking for more options, follow the effective methodologies below.

Paid partnership

Instead of taking things into your own hands, Find a collaboration network that allows content creators to partner with brands. These collaborative platforms will charge a sum for their work, enroll in them and connect with the brands you desire.

Upfluence and Sway group are some influencer marketing agencies that help content creators collaborate with brands. If you fall into their brand’s criteria, they will connect you as you sign up.

Some examples of brand criteria:




Before kickstarting your brand collaboration journey, create a strong portfolio and an engaging fan base. Partnership with brands is easy money, but being in the right video monetization platform is the key to earning the money you deserve; GUDSHO is one of the potential platforms where content creators make a hefty right from their first video. To learn more about GUDSHO, click here to Create a channel now!

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