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How to Make Money with Video Subscription: 7 Strategies for Creators

Video making has grown so popular nowadays that if you choose to become a content creator tomorrow, the world wouldn’t give you a side smirk and say “Yeah, right.” 

This speaks for something simple yet sensibly deep about the effect of video-streaming culture on us.

Likewise its technological end of business stands as a prospective one well in this day. Since technology has risen to the occasion of a critical necessity for video streaming platforms especially.

The platform is also expected to be equipped with tools for either automatising or digitalizing all the basic functionalities of running its business. To note a few, marketing, security, librarization and monetization.

Furthermore, monetization cannot be unidirectional when it comes to such a creative and subjective industry. Therefore choices to choose multiple forms of monetization must be presented to the stakeholders.

This article will take you in and out of “one” of the most common ways leading to monetization in video platforms. Subscription Video-On-Demand stylized as SVOD is the most sought after model for essentially selling videos.

What is a Subscription?

A subscription model allows creators to offer exclusive content or perks for a recurring fee, like a loyal subscriber club. This creates a recurring income stream, builds deeper audience connection, and provides valuable insights to keep content fresh and engaging.

Looking to start your own Subscription Based Video channel?

Projections for Different Monetization Trends

Subscription Strategy

The above heatmap from statista, projects about SVOD revenue which is anticipated to have annual growth rate of CAGR 11.48% reaching $139.20 Billion by 2027. Besides that, the revenue in the pay-per-view or TVOD segment is expected to showcase growth rate annually of 7.72% thus reaching $12.89 Billion in the same year. Moreover, while considering AVOD it is set to upsurge in the next few years and skyrocket by 31 Billion US dollars by 2027.

As you can see, it is where the mass is. Now coming onto SVOD in detail.

Steps to Make Money by Selling Videos with Subscriptions

Make Money with Subscription

It is essential to implement an SVOD strategy to get the best out of your subscription-based monetization. Having a strategy provides you with a roadmap to success so that you can make the most out of your effort.

1. Define Your Niche

Identify a specific area of interest or expertise that sets you apart from competitors. Whether it’s:

  • yoga and wellness, 
  • teaching online, 
  • launching online courses
  • or DIY home improvement.

Defining your niche allows you to target a dedicated audience. 

💡Note: Conduct market research to understand audience demand and tailor your content accordingly for maximum engagement and retention.

2. Create Exclusive Content

Once you have finalized your target audience, generate premium content that offers unique value to your audience. This could include:

  1. in-depth tutorials, 
  2. behind-the-scenes access, 
  3. or expert interviews.

Exclusive content incentivizes viewers to subscribe to your SVOD service for access to content they can’t find elsewhere.

💡Note: Regularly update content to keep subscribers engaged and attract new viewers.

3. Choose an Online Video Platform:

Select a reliable online video platform that aligns with your content goals and audience preferences. Consider factors such as:

  • complete channel ownership, 
  • CMS & user interface, video monetization models, 
  • and technical support.

Choose a platform that offers analytics and customization options to optimize your SVOD strategy.

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4. Optimize Your Channel

Increase your video channel’s visibility and reach by optimizing metadata, thumbnails, and descriptions. Use relevant keywords to improve search rankings and attract viewers wherever they are across the world.

Organize content into playlists for easy navigation.

💡Note: Regularly monitor analytics to identify top-performing content and adjust your strategy accordingly to maximize engagement.

5. Create Value Proposition

Clearly communicate the unique benefits and value of your SVOD service to potential subscribers. Highlight exclusive content, ad-free viewing, and member perks. And outline what sets your service apart from competitors and why viewers should subscribe.

💡Note: Use compelling language and visuals to convey your value proposition effectively and capture audience attention.

6. Leverage Social Media

Utilize social media platforms to promote your SVOD service and engage with your audience. 

  1. Share teasers, 
  2. behind-the-scenes, 
  3. and subscriber testimonials

to generate interest. Encourage your social media followers to subscribe and share your content with their circle. Also, don’t stick with one style. You can blend organic posts, paid advertising, and influencer partnerships to maximize reach and impact.

💡Note: The best part about social media is its worldwide reach and if tapped in the right direction, your campaign can reach millions of people in a few clicks.

7. Bonus: Offer Free Trials

Appeal to potential subscribers with free trial to experience the value of your SVOD service firsthand. Provide access to a selection of premium content during the trial period to showcase the benefits of subscribing.

💡Note: Set clear expectations and expiration dates for free trials to encourage timely conversions and minimize churn.

When to use the Subscription Business Model

Now it is also important to note all areas of possibilities for application of this model. However, they are not fixated and are only meant as the best possible guidance. That is why it is best to either run a solid analysis on the type of your video business or give all the models a trial until you find “the one.” 

But on the off chance, your business makes a match with most or all of the specifications below then your business might be one of SVOD services,

  • If you have amassed quite a substantial collection of content.
  • If your business focuses on any particular niche.
  • If you have a willingness to acquire authentic pieces of content regularly.
  • If it is your intention to retain your audience whilst working towards attracting new ones.
  • If you can throw in a free trial in trying to convert prospects.
  • If you are open and flexible in your way of business.

Checking off the above criteria could put you on track with SVOD streaming services.

Let’s get to know the different types of content for which you can utilize the SVOD revenue model.

1. Live Entertainment

Creators who can provide Live Streaming Events, such as for concerts, stand-up mic, poetry evenings, and music festivals, can opt for the SVOD revenue method.

2. Exercise And Wellness

Another powerful content that can increase your earnings is related to health and wellness. Since most people have tight schedules, they don’t really find time to go to a physical gym.

Such people opt for online streaming platforms and stream their fitness sessions. So if you are a personal trainer or have your own gym, you can start online sessions and monetize them with SVOD.

3. Sports Sessions

Sports is one of the content types people go crazy for, and the same can be monetized using SVOD. If you can avail of sports match sessions for different sports, you can add great value to your overall channel’s potential.

4. Online Education And E-Learning

E-learning is now more popular than ever; surely, we have recovered from the pandemic. However, people consider online learning more than attending physical classes.

So if you are a tutor who wants to educate people and earn money from your creations, you can use the SVOD revenue method and earn from your content.

The Advantageous Look at SVOD

Since we have had many things to look at on “the model of discussion” such as the play out of its business, in general, or select criteria associated only with an SVOD platform, it is time to go through the actual merits, benefits or advantages if you will of sticking with this model,

  • It poses as a reliable source of revenue since it will cyclically fetch you a monthly or periodical fee from the subscribers on the platform.
  • It is also the model to build a loyal subscriber base with. Imagine what other way shall work for keeping your audience base than where you are in a contractual agreement for a period that extends beyond the singular visits of contents.
  • It gives you pricing freedom, ever heard? Players of SVOD market make their own rules when it comes to putting a price to their services since they are known to invest much in acquisition of original and niche content to respect the interests of their platform’s population.
  • It is also, believe it, “the people’s model”. Apparently, people take to this model more since it allows them access to more and better contents than the others would. So bank on that if you want to hook in a big crowd to your platform.

In summary

We had a thorough discussion on the advantageous positioning of the SVOD model to reap you more revenue than you might imagine. For which you will have to first be in possession of a substantial collection of contents that are original as well. You should also be tied to a populous base of subscribers to keep it going. 

In the event that you find yourself to have checked off these prerequisites for setting up a monetarily successful video business, you must yet figure for yourself if SVOD would still make the right sense for your venture (an important note). Since all of the above information are in general recognition of the merits of SVOD without personalizing any particular entity.


Hi, I’m Vignesh, an entrepreneur and growth hacker, helping online video content creators & businesses to create a powerful online video platforms that propels their growth and increases their revenue online with the advanced video monetization strategies.


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