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Steps To Start As A Successful Content Creator In 2023

Pursuing your calling, chasing dreams, doing what you love, and getting paid to live the life that you seek. How wonderful does it sound? So many content creators worldwide are living life on the same terms! 

While categorically, anyone who creates content can be described as a content creator; it takes a lot of effort, constant updation, and continued innovation to sustain in this tight-knit space and make it to the top.

With the rise of social media and smartphones in everyone’s hands, the gap to becoming a content creator has literally been crushed. As a result, people began to take content creation seriously and as a profession.

Open Instagram, YouTube, or any mainstream media platform, and you can see so much content centered around influencers. From fitness to gaming and everything around entertainment – Content Creators broke every existing barrier, revolutionized the way content is produced, and brought in diverse voices from the roots – which, of course, is welcoming.

During the research process of the blog, happened to type the hashtag #contentcreators, and there are over 9 million results on Instagram. So not just you, we were surprised too.

Similarly, the content creator economy ecosystem has also seen remarkable growth in the last few years. Well, the creator economy means the revenue generated either directly or indirectly from the creators’ efforts.

Based on a study conducted by Bloomberg, it is said that the creator economy stands at an all-time high of $20 billion. Least would have anyone expected that people with smartphones and creative juice flowing within would influence and lead major decisions for brands worldwide. 

The pandemic can be attributed to a major reason that rekindled the inner spirit of every creative person. Sitting within walls for years definitely helped many artists to find their true calling and take a step toward that direction.

Content creators can be…

  • Writers
  • Photographers
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Teacher
  • Podcasters
  • YouTubers
  • Vloggers

…and more. Everyone who creates content for multiple platforms, niches, and genres can become a content creator.

Starting is easy; scaling up isn’t. And this is where many content creators began to doubt themselves. But, of course, it isn’t difficult either if you have the zeal to wade through the rough seas to be where you dream.

12 Steps To Start As A Content Creator And Be Successful

Whether you are just starting out as a content creator or need some savvy tips to fine-tune your branding, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of content creation.

You’ll learn the steps to start the journey, tools to help you create more, and bonus tips for success. So let’s go ahead and give it a shot!

1) What’s Your Strong Zone

strong zone

There’s a word called “niche” that you can’t stay away from listening to. We are going to tell the same thing, too, now: Finalize your niche. What is that one skill you are super confident about? What kind of content will be created, and who is the target audience? Define a clear WHY before venturing out.

2) The Roadmap

Imagine building a house without a blueprint, structural analysis, etc. You know the result. Same way, you need a solid content plan in place. And they may include what content to create, the frequency, whether video or audio, etc. We are not asking you to prepare a 5-year plan. A couple of months of vision is decent.

3) Equipment:

There’s no doubt that smartphones and available tools can be utilized to create and publish content. But if there is one thing (or two) that will make a content creator’s skills stand apart, the quality of the video and its originality makes the audience love your work. Note down all the equipment (camera, mic, etc.) needed to produce videos. Buy, rent, or borrow from your friends.

4) Existing Equipment:

Technically, this is not the 4th point. But anyway, do not let budget deter your dream. You can still continue to create content with the available equipment at your disposal. However, to step into the top league, you must save up and buy quality products.

5) Build Your Brand:

Though all platforms may not yield the same results, it is always good for content creators to be omnipresent. Build your personal brand. Tell your story. Say why you are doing what you are doing now. Strong storytelling does pull off a few strings in audiences’ hearts and helps them to connect more with you.

6) Create A Channel, Not Just On YouTube:

Find a creator-friendly platform to publish your videos. While YouTube does come with a lot of benefits, however, it is like honking in a traffic jam. There’s a lot of competition already on YouTube. So many top content creators have already sought channel alternatives like Vimeo, GUDSHO, and Brightcove, not just to publish their videos but also to earn big bucks by monetizing their content.

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7) Optimize Social Media Profiles:

Assuming social media go hand in hand with followers – have you checked out if all your profiles are optimized with relevant content that reflects your psyche as a digital content creator? If not, do it as soon as you can. It only takes a little time. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn… Do it all.

8) Build A Cool Website

While your video content can go on other social media platforms, you can also take time to build a visually appealing website that gets your brand story ironed out. For instance, imagine your name popping on top of search results when someone searches for the “Top Fitness Creators In Asia” region. With an SEO-optimized website and regular content updation, it is possible down the line with channelized marketing efforts.

9) Get Seen More With SEO:

Adding relevant keywords – related to your business – in website content can help your website to rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and more. You can seek the help of an SEO expert in churning out a marketing strategy with focused keywords. This is a cost-effective and reliable option for creators. Do not go light over SEO. 

10) Marketing Your Website And Social Media:

Unless you have millions of followers who flock to see your content every time you press the “post” button, you need to amplify marketing efforts for both your website and social media profiles. Content makers need to bring in more traffic, nurture an audience, and convert them into your fans. This is a systematic process. But that’s where the fun lies for any creator.

11) Breathing Time:

Remember the proverb we would’ve probably read at schools – Rome cannot be built in a day. So, the results, too, would take some time. Do not get zoned out or fatigued if you don’t get traction after putting so much effort into building your profile. Keep creating. Keep hustling. One day, rainbows will rise in your skies.

12) Have Fun Creating Content:

Remember the sleepless nights you had wanted to create content and educate/entertain people? That time is about to arrive. The best part about content creation is there is no end to this. But pitstops to refresh and redefine your journey. Have so much fun creating content. We hope to see your content going viral someday.

Besides creating content for your profile, influencers are at the forefront of many brands in helping them drive sales, increase prospects, achieve desired brand awareness, and more positive results from their association.

Bonus Tips For Content Creators

Starting as a content creator can be a great way to express things you feel deeply about in beautiful ways. And here are some exclusive tips to become famous content creators and make their journey more joyful.

1) Create Consistently:

You already know how many online content creators are out there. You must always brainstorm and create content, so the audience stays with you. More quantity, yes. More quality content, also, yes!

2) Monetize Your Videos:

Web content creators can earn $10k by monetizing their content online. Someday, you gotta turn your audience into customers who will add fuel to your passion and growth. Choose a video monetization platform, set your prices, and get going.

3) Track Your Progress:

Always allot some time to assess how your content performs on various platforms. This is important. Doing so, you’ll get a clear picture of the kind of content that’s expected of you. 

4) Always Stay Updated:

What trends today will not be in the limelight forever. They fade away. Creators must always follow the happenings in their niche, so they create content for hot topics trending.

Develop a consistent visual tone and aesthetic appeal – whatever platforms you are focusing on – so your efforts are resonated and remembered (for a long time) in the hearts of your audience.

Free Tools For Content Creators

Fortunately, there are many tools out there that Content Creators can utilize to the fullest in the process of producing quality content. Here are some:

  1. Movavi Video Editor: Powerful Creators’ editor for creating head-turning videos in a snap.
  2. Canva: Create visually striking designs with ready templates
  3. Google Analytics: Track the progress of your published content
  4. Trello: A project management tool to keep you organized
  5. DaVinci Resolve: A professional DI and video editing software
  6. Animoto: Video creation tool that’s fun to use for creators
  7. WeVideo: Edit videos choosing from a variety of features
  8. Grammarly: Writing tool that checks for grammatical errors
  9. Buffer: Social media tool to schedule posts in advance
  10. Lightroom: Edit photos with propelling presets, fully loaded
  11. Yoast SEO: Helps to optimize websites for search engines

Hoping these handy tools will help you to create better content without breaking the bank. And, of course, there are more tools in the market… We’ve just mentioned the ones that are widely used across the world.


The most beautiful thing about being a multimedia content creator is taking the viewers into your world and giving them something special to experience that they’ve never witnessed before.

It can be a vlog on the mountains, teaching them the right stay-fit plan, or training them on entrepreneurship… It can be anything as long as the content provides value to the viewer.

While producing content is a must-do for everyone interested, creators should also place more emphasis on finding ways to sustain themselves by earning via content creation.

Video monetization is the forerunner in being a revenue model chosen by both creators and audiences for the convenience it gives. With subscription models like TVOD, SVOD and letting creators themselves set the pricing rules – You are just a few steps away from living your dream.

Do you want an exclusive platform to host videos, monetize them, and traverse into the big league? Start creating and earning with GUDSHO.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a content creator need to know?What does a content creator need to know?

That there are already lots of creators out there, and producing original, unique, and innovative content is the only way to stand out from the crowd. Take time to define how you want to be remembered by your audience.
That there are already lots of creators out there, and producing original, unique, and innovative content is the only way to stand out from the crowd. Take time to define how you want to be remembered by your audience.

 What makes a good content creator?

The desire to make it big. The passion to create quality content. The right content strategy before producing content. The right marketing plan. And the perseverance until success knocks on their doors.
The desire to make it big. The passion to create quality content. The right content strategy before producing content. The right marketing plan. And the perseverance until success knocks on their doors.

How to plan content for a video?

Spending more time researching and brainstorming on the concept. Never shy away from learning from other content creators. Once the research and concept are ready, sit down to create compelling content that you believe in.

Is becoming a content creator easy?
Is becoming a content creator easy?

As said earlier, starting as a content creator is easy provided you have the plan and purpose in place. But to make it to the top and become a brand, it takes time. And a lot of effort. Trust us, worth the wait.

Is marketing content creation stressful?

You ventured into content creation – be it photography, writing, videos, etc – because you love to do that. And doing what you love cannot be ever stressful. It can be challenging at times. You are still going to enjoy that process.


Akash is currently working as a Content Writer at GUDSHO. With years of experience in stitching syllables and weaving words, he has been instrumental in writing for B2B and B2C audiences with attention to detail.


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