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How To Sell Courses Online Easily

Whether you are an entrepreneur, fitness coach, online teacher, or anyone in the content creation sphere, 2023 looks bright for all of you. If you are struggling to create extra income or want to transform your passion into a full-time profession, you’ve come to the right place.

The plan is ready if you have the content ready!

15 Ways To Sell Online Courses in 2023

In this blog, we’ll discuss the efficient growth-hacking strategies content creators can use to sell their courses online and share their valuable insights with the world.

1. Social Media

Utilize social media to its full potential. Assuming you have a considerable amount of followers on any of the popular social media platforms, you can engage with people who are your primary audience in buying your course. Educate them, nurture their keenness, and drive them towards purchasing your online study material.

2. Through Website

Do you have a website or a landing page that talks about your services and the knowledge that you offer? If not, you can create one exclusively tfor this course. Add all the necessary information, course details, payment processing apps, value offerings, and you are ready to go.

3. Email Marketing

How often have you gone to a website, and a pop-up asks for your email address in exchange for some free digital download? Say, an eBook or some pdf. You can leverage your revenue with email marketing and reach out to prospective customers willing to buy your course. Email marketing has proven to bring positive results.

4. Write Blogs

Are you good at writing and can beautifully weave words explaining subjects simply and effectively? If yes, you can launch your courses via eBooks. Audiences can pay and download your eBook. And this can be ingrained into your website, social media, and elsewhere. No matter what happens, books will always stand the test of time.

5. Create Your Own Video Membership Channel

Rather than depending on multiple platforms to sell your content, you can create your own platform. Pick a video monetization platform, upload your videos, organize your content library, set the pricing strategy of choice, and start selling your video content. It sounds systematically tough, but it isn’t. All you need to do is create high-quality videos that offer value to your audience (i.e.) subscribers and buyers.

6. Influencer Marketing

Are you struggling with not getting enough traction on social media and your website? Well, social media is now filled with influencers who can bring their audience into noticing your online presence and course. Content creators can team up with social media influencers to talk about your online course and drive their traffic to your platform.

7. Host Online Webinar

Whatever subject matter expert you are, you can create buzz around the webinar with an effective marketing campaign and make more people talk about the session. And this webinar can be a free entry, while the takeaway could be selling your online course to the attendees. If you are running tight on budgets, utilize video platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

8. Leverage Using Google Ads

Ask anything in search engines and before the result appears, you see a couple of ads in the first view of the page. Similarly, you can create a Google Ads campaign based on your course keywords and strategically place ads online. The results are quicker, reach more audiences, and increase course awareness to the public.

9. Collaborate With Entrepreneurs

Prominent thought leaders are always in search of collaborating with people who can bring more value to their brands. When knowledge meets the right business spirit, the results shall follow! Partner with business owners in the same niche as your online course. As their customers fully are your target audience, the odds of winning shall surely increase.

10. LinkedIn Learning

Similar to online course marketplaces, LinkedIn Learning is a blessing in disguise for content creators who want to sell their courses online. As the space is filled with entrepreneurs, you can utilize the platform to pitch your course to a wider audience comprising top-tier people from various industries. Excellent place, excellent opportunity!

11. Publish Ads On Social Media

Whether someone is swiping right through Instagram stories or scrolling through Facebook, there’s always space for creators and businesses to blend your ads over there. An added advantage is the huge number of users on social media to sell and scale your online course. Add the right words, design visually striking posters, create a sense of urgency, and easily win over customers.

12. Collaborate With Relevant YouTube Channels

Implement in-video advertising where influencers either talk about your online course or maybe allow their space to place a display pop-up ad in the middle of the video. But make sure to tag along with the right YouTube channel. For example, partnering with a fitness-related YouTube Channel would be the right choice if you are selling an online course on staying fit.

13. Money-Back Guarantee

Another recent trend that has picked up the pace is the growth hacking strategy. Interested people buy your online course, and if they don’t find value, you return what they paid. This builds credibility for any content creator as it sends a strong message that you are confident about your course. However, it may backfire if the course is not of a high-quality offering.

14. Audio Promotion

Talk about your course, publish with platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc. and market the audio. Well, if you don’t have an existing podcast in place, you can partner with an already established podcaster in your niche and promote using their platform. Podcasts listening are at an all-time high. Reach out to that large community.

15. Other Notable Ways

You can also try to sell online courses by including early bird discounts for a stipulated time, encouraging referral programs, marketing through Quora, writing guest blogs detailing your course, doing Instagram live to garner attention, and more. 

Most Profitable Way To Sell Courses Online

There is no right or wrong way to sell anything on the Internet. The trends keep changing. Customer preferences keep changing. All you need to do is create a course that is of high quality and offers “so much” value to whoever buys it and spends time learning something new.

While the 15 ways mentioned above can be made effective with the right marketing efforts – if you ask us – we suggest content creators and anyone who wants to monetize their knowledge step into the world of video monetization.

Harness the power of Video On Demand Platform, where subscribers can pay an annual or monthly fee to access exclusive content that’s not available elsewhere on the internet.

You can also start by creating an account in a video monetization platform that supports the growth of independent content creators and businesses. Once the channel has been created…

  1. Organize all your content in one place
  2. Bulk upload into the platform
  3. Set your own pricing strategy
  4. Promote and distribute your course 
  5. And you are ready to go

All it takes is minutes to create, launch, and build a profitable online revenue model to capitalize on your knowledge. 

Any content creator who wants to get paid for their expertise and anyone who has valuable experience to share with the world – Create your channel with GUDSHO. You can even build a six-figure business by monetizing your content and selling online courses.


Why should creators sell courses online?

Apart from educating minds on various topics of interest, content creators can generate a passive source of income. In simple terms, earn money even on autopilot mode.

What is the value of online courses?

The convenience and flexibility online courses offers are the top reasons why many are choosing these to go through the content at their own pace. All creators need to do is create content of top-notch quality.

How can I sell my video course online?

Find a video monetization platform where you can upload, organize, and sell your content. GUDSHO offers creators the liberty to price their content, the way they wish to, with no hassles involved. Want to try it once?

Is selling online courses profitable?

Yes, they are. With the right content targeting the niche and an effective marketing strategy to reach potential customers, you can start earning in no time. This is a great revenue model for digital and modern entrepreneurs.

What is one mistake that online course creators are making often?

There are tones of materials out there for free. So, if you are serious about selling courses online, you need to spend quality time researching and then producing content of high quality. Something that’s not available elsewhere.


Akash is currently working as a Content Writer at GUDSHO. With years of experience in stitching syllables and weaving words, he has been instrumental in writing for B2B and B2C audiences with attention to detail.

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