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How to Release, Promote and Monetize Your Indie Short Films

“Film is a disease. When it infects your bloodstream, it takes over as the number one hormone; it bosses the enzymes, directs the pineal gland, and plays Iago to your psyche. As with heroin, the antidote to film is more film.”― Frank Capra

As Capra said, films are drugs that can never be detoxicated once you are addicted to their high. Films are classified into mainstream films and independent films. Every genius filmmaker starts their filmmaking journey with an independent film. Independent/ Indie filmmakers are true artists’ craftwork. The commercializing aspect of their content is minimal. The artistic expression in indie films is presented with originality and raw nature, unlike mainstream cinema.

The authenticity of independent films is unique from the big mainstream films produced by giant production houses like Walt Disney, HBO, Warner Brothers, and MGM. But this brings trouble as well.

Indie Filmmaking is All About Budget:

indie filmmaking budget

Indie films have their own nature, style, budget, making, and effect on the audience. Indie films are made in a budget-friendly manner when compared to mainstream films.

 The average cost of making an indie film is less than 2 million dollars, whereas the average cost of producing a mainstream cinema is 65 million dollars. Film awards like Film Independent Spirit Awards have protocols within which the budget should be under 22.4 million dollars for an indie film. Short films are made on much lesser budgets. Shane Carruth shot the classic Psychological thriller Primer under a budget of 7000 USD, and we are still in awe of its storytelling aspects. 

Budget is a considerable concern regarding marketing and launching your short film.

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Are You in the Right Marketplace?

Let’s say you got an idea, converted it into a script, and shot it; what’s next?

search for market place

 Make a clear-cut trailer about your film/ short film and tell the world to come and see it. But is it so easy to pull the audience into the theater? 

 How can you do that? Amid the competition from various streams of visual mediums fighting with money(Paid ads) to showcase their content to the public, the struggle is real.

With a minimal budget, hiring a digital marketing brand or a PR team to market your film is not feasible.

So what’s the issue in promoting its online platforms, and which is the right way, dig deeper to know more about the launch strategies.

The Downside Of Famous Video Monetization Platforms:

video monetization platform

If you begin by uploading your films on common platforms like youtube and Vimeo, expecting huge visitors and revenue, then you need to be in the right place.

These days, very minimal platforms offer space to indie filmmakers, and generating revenue through them is a mammoth task. It will take months to understand if you are a beginner in this video monetization world.

The so-called top video monetization platforms may seem like a good option, but their revenue models are robust and unremunerative.

For instance, look at Youtube’s revenue model from the words of a progressing YouTuber.

 “Most revenue is generated only for monetized videos, and they follow many protocols that take away half of the revenue.”

For every 1000 views, you will earn less than 4 dollars, and you may earn even lesser revenue if your viewers are from Canada and India. Even for advertisement clicks, the income is less.

Let’s assume 10,000 viewers have clicked and navigated to the destined site,

 for each click it will be 0.45$ which brings you about 10,000 *0.45= 4500 dollars.

Imagine if you start fresh and where you would stand on those platforms. The chances of your short film reaching a wider audience is initially impossible. 

1) How To Launch Your Short Film:

There are a few successful foolproof methods that work in real-time. Find them below, try them out, and launch your first short film. 

2) Generate A Promotion Plan:

In the plethora of short films on Youtube and Vimeo, the chances of your short movie getting noticed by film industry personalities are zero to none. So how do you get it done? 

Prepare a promotions plan which includes social media promotions, public relations, and campaign programs; schedule it with a timetable and meet movie-affiliated personalities, show them your short film. Then, do it one at a time.

3) Social Media Marketing Campaign:

Most celebrities, producers, and filmmakers are on social media platforms for personal and brand promotions. So create a social media page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. Post your trailer, teaser cuts, and short film posters in film communities, groups, and talk forums. Reach out to your friends and ask them to share it. Make it viable and visible.

4) Short Film Festivals:

Film festivals are a way to prove your potential, the screenings mostly hold celebrities and producers, and it is a great way to get your short film noted by film people. Most screenings have film directors, actors, and producers as jury. Submit your movies to short film festivals and get acknowledged. The best short film festivals across the world are listed below:

  • The Cannes film festival
  • The Sundance film festival
  • The PalmSpring international shortfest film festival
  • The Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
  • Berlin film festival
  • Venice film festival

Give it a shot and win the Palme d’Or award.

5) Create A Remarkable Website/Channel:

Websites are the key to getting your film noticed; find someone who sits with your creative ideas and implements them into a top-notch website. Post all your short films over there and maintain a portfolio. Then, share it in public forums and social media pages, and draft an Email to film producers.

As said earlier, some famous video monetization platforms take away half of your revenue and hardly list your films in the recommendations. The algorithms are beyond explanation. On the other hand, some underdog video monetization platforms like GUDSHO pay you exemplary revenue, and they have a dedicated channel supporting film festivals. So create a channel in GUDSHO, upload your films, and earn respect and revenue for your hard work.

6) Conduct a Public Event- Approach Theaters:

For public campaigns, create a QR code that displays your short film, creates pamphlets, and shares it at events where film personas arrive. Your potential film producer could be there; take a chance.

7) Connect with Successful Indie Filmmakers:

Learn from your peers; Indie filmmakers have seen the dawn and dusk contact experienced filmmakers who successfully marketed their short films and moved to their next stage.

8) Traditional marketing- Billboards:

Have you ever seen a billboard for a short film? Why not go for it, express yourself and market your short film and let the world know about your film? You could be a trendsetter. Billboards, press releases, banner ads, try all of them.

Final Note:

Once you have shot your short film, don’t just sit around and hope Nicolas Winding Refin sees your films. Instead, take action with the above steps and launch your short film, and who knows, you could be the next Wes Anderson.

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Hi, I’m Vignesh, an entrepreneur and growth hacker, helping online video content creators & businesses to create a powerful online video platforms that propels their growth and increases their revenue online with the advanced video monetization strategies.


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