Best Ways To Reach, Reward, & Retain Your Fans & Subscribers

For a creator, gaining subscribers and seeing them grow is the best feeling ever! When someone subscribes to your channel, you can be sure these people love the video content you create and support your channel.

Sometimes, making these subscribers realize that you value them and admire their support toward your channel is a good idea. For the same reason, creators should be ready to reward their subscribers occasionally.

Rewarding your subscribers makes them feel appreciated and helps you retain them for the long-term.

Let’s see how you can reward your existing subscribers. We will also learn how you can grow your channel using video marketing strategy and how to retain your fans.

#1 How To Increase The Reach Of Your Channel?

Once you have built your channel, it is time that you make your audience know about it. This is the time to provide momentum to your channel, allowing people to connect.

You can use the following strategies to do the work and spread your presence:

  • Set a Clear Goal
  • Create a Buyer’s Persona
  • Map Out the Buyer’s Journey
  • Create For Your Audience
  • Optimize Your Content For SEO
  • Promote Your Channel On Social Media
  • Post Regularly
  • Use Platforms That Provide Marketing Tools

👉 Set a Clear Goal

Every business needs goals to track its progress and align itself with the vision. You can set short-term and long-term goals and keep track of them. 

Ensure you keep these goals relevant, so they feel attainable and not impossible. The more realistic your goals are, the easier and quicker they will feel to complete.

👉 Create a Buyer’s Persona

A buyer persona lets you uncover the important details about your buyers or target audience. By having a persona, you get to know your audience’s pain points, the challenges they face, things that influence their buying decision, and more.

Consider the buyer’s persona while creating a marketing strategy and content. This way, you would focus more on the pain points of your target audience rather than presenting content not curated toward resolving their problems.

👉 Map Out the Buyer’s Journey

A buyer journey map depicts a customer’s possible thoughts and actions during the overall journey from assessing a product to finally purchasing it. 

When you can map out such aspects about your buyer, you take a more customized approach in curating every step of selling a product, ultimately leading to a smooth conversion.

Once you know your target audience and buyer’s persona, creating the buyer’s journey map becomes easier.

👉 Create For Your Audience

Every creator creates for a particular audience or kind of people who will be interested in the content. Start by analyzing who these people will be; your audience will be people getting benefitted from your videos and will crave your upcoming creations.

Get to know your audience in the following ways:

  • If they are gender-specific
  • If they fall into a specific age category
  • If they are housewives, working individuals, older adults, or someone else
  • If they are rich or poor
  • If they live in the city or suburbs

You can’t create unless you know who you will create for.

👉 Optimize Your Content For SEO

Once you know your audience and start creating content for them, it is time to optimize the channel. Optimizing the channel is important because it makes your channel Search Engine-friendly, and it helps search engine bots easily find your content.

Here are the following things you should optimize:

  • Channel Logo
  • Channel Description
  • Custom URL
  • Video Thumbnails
  • Hashtags

👉 Promote Your Channel On Social Media

What can be a better way to promote yourself than social media? It is worldwide, and the whole world knows its power. Once you are done with the above steps, it is time to utilize the power of social media and create your social handles.

This will boost your reach and help you significantly expose your channel to a wider audience.

Similarly, you can use online forums like Reddit while not being promotional. You should always seem like someone who adds value to their conversations.

You can advertise your channel, but not bluntly; instead, provide some help to the users first and then mention your channel as a suggestion.

👉 Post Regularly

Other than getting all the above steps correctly, it is also important to post regularly. This keeps the audience interested and more engaged when they know they can expect regular content from you.

You can post a new video every week or two weeks and let your audience know about your frequency.

Streaming platforms generally provide analytics to let you track your audience. From there, you can analyze when your audience is the most active and post your content at that time.

👉 Use Platforms That Provide Marketing Tools

Other than the analytics dashboard, many streaming platforms do provide marketing tools. These marketing tools help creators to advertise their channel effectively and enhance their reach.

While choosing a streaming platform, make sure you go with the one that provides you with marketing assistance or marketing tools.

GUDSHO, for example, is one of the premium video monetization platforms that offers marketing tools for their creators to let them advertise their channel well. The platform is also free to use and invites audiences from all over the world.

Creators who create in niches like Fitness & Health, EduTech, and film festivals can try GUDSHO and see if it suits their needs.

#2 How To Reward Loyal Subscribers

Rewarding your subscribers will make them enjoy their journey with you and motivate them to continue supporting your channel. Let’s reveal how creators reward customers or subscribers and make them feel special.

  • Early And Exclusive Access
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Shout-Outs In Videos
  • Q&A Sessions

👉 Early And Exclusive Access

You may consider rewarding your subscribers by giving them access to newly created content before you release it on the channel. For example, if you have created a new music or video, you can release it to your subscribers.

Creators can also create content that is available to their subscribers only, which won’t be and be available for streaming by anyone else. However, do this only when you are able to and if it is practical for you!

👉 Behind The Scenes

Let your audience have a different view of your video-creating process. Let them know how you create the videos, set up the cameras, how many takes happen, and things like that.

People generally enjoy the video-making process; it also makes them feel more connected. Behind the scenes videos often keep viewers more engaged as they tend to be entertaining and funny as well. You can upload such videos once in a while and give your viewers something else to watch other than usual content.

👉 Shout-Outs In Videos

Shout-out videos are another way about how to attract your fans. You can use them the following ways:

  • They might happen in the middle of a usual video when you shout out the name of a fan or a few fans. 
  • When you run a contest and then shout out the name of the winners in your video.
  • This might also occur when you want to surprise a fan on his birthday. 
  • You can also call the name of the person whose comment you like the most. 
  • Similarly, you can feature these fans on your social media pages.

👉 Q&A Sessions

Have a question-and-answer session where you will answer your fans’ questions. Subscribers often ask questions in the comments section, and it is wise to answer some of these questions once in a while.

This makes the subscribers feel heard and realize that you read their comments and take the time to answer their queries.

#3 How To Retain Your Fans

  • Why Do You Lose Subscribers?
  • Try Not To Offend Your Subscribers
  • Collaborate with Other Creators
  • Feedback Should Always Be Appreciated
  • Share The Success
  • Send Newsletters

By now, you have understood how to enhance the reach of your channel and reward your subscribers. Let’s get to know how to retain your already-existing subscribers.

Why Do You Lose Subscribers?

Often it happens with creators that they start seeing a decline in the subscribers count. There might be many reasons behind it, such as:

  • Sometimes the platform changes the algorithm and cuts down the fake accounts.
  • Other times, the subscribers might lose interest in your content and unsubscribe.
  • Creators can post content in bulk, which might overwhelm the subscribers. This means that your subscribers would have to go through your bulk content before they can see other creators’ work.
  • If you offend your viewers in some way, then also, they might unsubscribe you.
  • Sometimes viewers might unsubscribe because they no longer learn new things from your videos or if their interests change and your niche is no longer of their interest.

Now let’s dig into how you can retain your subscribers better than before.

👉 Try Not To Offend Your Subscribers

Surely not everyone will agree with your opinions or what you say in the videos. Try to avoid saying something controversial. Even if you have to say something, try to state it in a non-offensive manner.

Do not assume that what seems humorous to you would be perceived similarly by others.

👉 Collaborate with Other Creators

Keep creating better content and try to collaborate with other creators once in a while.

This will break the usual patterns of your videos and will also inspire your fans to connect with you. This might also provide you with the fans of the creators you collaborate with.

👉 Feedback Should Always Be Appreciated

Creators should stay active in the comments section and appreciate their subscribers for commenting on their videos. You can also answer some of the questions people ask in the comments section.

When people feel connected and heard, this motivates them to continue their journey with you and stream more of your videos.

👉 Share The Success

Whenever you achieve a milestone, whether small or big, let your subscribers know about it. You can also share some important insights or updates about your life. You can let them know whenever you celebrate a particular number of subscribers or when your channel unlocks some achievement.

👉 Send Newsletters

Via newsletters, you can write your fans personalized messages while letting them know about the latest products, services, or videos. This is another way to stay connected with your fans and remind them about your channel occasionally.

You can also personalize a newsletter on the birthday of your fans and let them know that you care.

Wrapping Up

Audiences are more content savvy than ever; however, content creators need more than just content creation if they truly want to grow their channel.

The more you expand your online reach, the more traffic you uncover and increase your subscribers. Once you have built a decent fan base, the next step comes to reward your subscribers, as it comprises numerous benefits.

You must adopt various strategies for reaching more people and retaining them once they become your subscribers.

Creators who have newly created their channels can utilize the above-mentioned tips and see themselves expanding with every passing day.

Create for your audience, advertise yourself using various social platforms, and keep your subscribers feeling appreciated; you will surely grow better.


How can I market my video?

Having a video marketing strategy is prominent in marketing your videos. Start with finding your audience, have the content ready, prepare a content calendar, and post your videos regularly on your channels and social media platforms.

Where can I post a video to go viral?

To make a video go viral, you can post it on any video platform, such as GUDSHO, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

How do I start video marketing?

Start with knowing your audience and create content accordingly. Search for a video platform and start posting your videos. Optimize them for SEO and keep posting on social media. Keep tracking the metrics to see the improvement.

How do I create a fanbase for my Video business?

Provide value in your videos and keep posting consistently. Engage with your fans by replying to them in the comments section and collaborating with other artists or creators.

How do you make your fans love you?

Creators should express gratitude toward their fans; they should walk the talk and not promise something they can’t deliver. You can share “behind the scenes” as well. You can also do giveaways and mention your fans’ names in the videos.

How to do a giveaway for followers?

Start by deciding your goal and budget. Share the idea and the rules with your fans and promote the contest on your channel and other social media handles. Reward the winners and mention their names in the following video you create.


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