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Creator Exclusivity: Perks of Launching Your Own Video Channel on GUDSHO

Video creation has come a long way and there are several new-age tools out there that could give life to your ideas.

However, creators are forced to break a sweat before their premium content can actually capture the limelight and be of good monetary value. 

So, where does the math go wrong when so much time and effort goes into the making of each piece of content?

Why are creators finding themselves lost in a space that is flooded with audiences who are constantly in search of exclusive content?

Is it perhaps creator exclusivity that is amiss?

An Identity Crisis Haunting the Creator Community

The creator’s community is crowded and in the process of establishing their brands among millions of others who are on the same page as them, creating an identity crisis. 

Moreover, exclusivity is something every creator consciously or subconsciously looks for, which is often missed out in the constant competition to make it to the top. 

This makes a creator portray himself differently rather than his original self, simply to gain the attention of the audience and make his content rank better than the rest. But, this is where the originality of the creator and his creation goes downhill, as exhibiting his skills and passion takes a backseat in the struggle to make people notice. 

This is exactly why the creator community is in search of a platform that lets creators and brands be their original selves without pretending to be someone else, which ultimately calls for GUDSHO. 

Why GUDSHO for Brand Exclusiveness?

Built solely for the creator community, 

Rather than being yet another monetization platform, GUDSHO focuses on one vital aspect that ensures visibility — creator exclusivity. 

And, here’s how!

1. Run Your Video Biz on a Premium Video Channel

It takes more than your content to stand out from the crowd.  Amazing content, painstakingly created, can go in vain when proper attention or brand identity is overlooked. 

On GUDSHO, you can create a fully-featured premium video channel that is exclusive to you; strictly no sharing. This is a space you can call your own that ultimately elevates your identity in making the world look up to your work and skills. 

You can manage, stream and sell all the content you create, be it art, fitness, yoga, education, cookery, dance, online courses, stand-up comedies, etc to name a few.

The best features you’ll be provided with include:

  • Ready-to-stream channel
  • Easy upload
  • Video management tools
  • Video player
  • Diverse monetization models
  • Reports/ Analytics

2. Amplify Brand Identity

Exclusive Channel

Branding accounts for more than 70% of a business’s success. You can be an independent creator or represent a company, either way, “brand building” is highly integral in a crowded marketplace.

Creating an individual video channel that resonates with your brand by adding images, descriptions, and customized categories can add great value to your label, which in turn will drive traction with a massively larger audience base. 

In essence, you can project your brand by

  • Uploading your Brand Logo
  • Specifying Channel Category
  • Drafting an expressive Channel Description
  • Mentioning Channel Tags
  • Creating Custom Categories
  • Displaying an HD Banner Image
  • Penning down an About Section

3. Grow a Community that Loves Your Work

It is not just a subscriber base we are talking about here. A set of like-minded audiences, more like a community, ready to have that long-term commitment to your video channel is what you’ll need to sustain yourself in the online video space. 

CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is something every creator should keep in mind — which sometimes is amiss when it comes to 3rd party monetization platforms. 

GUDSHO lets you have complete transparency over user data which helps you establish that connect with your valuable viewer clan who share common tastes and interests. And, by knowing your audience, you cater and deliver content that actually matters to them.

Foster a tight-knit community of audiences by 

  • Leveraging the customer management dashboard
  • Offering flexible subscription plans
  • Analyzing viewer behavior and demographics

4. Foster Control Over Anything & Everything

The online video space is crowding every minute. 

It demands creators a lot of time and effort to actually stand out amidst the competition and gain traction without having to be bound by several 3rd party rules. 

Now that you have a video platform all for yourself, you can make decisions at your free will — what to stream, who can watch what, when you want to monetize and how you want to monetize, everything is solely under your control. 

Not only you have powers over monetizing your content, you also possess the right to own the entire parts of your revenue with no obligation to share your income. 

In short, on GUDSHO, you hold

  • Channel ownership (Complete management)
  • Content control with private/ public options 
  • Viewership control (Decide who can watch what)
  • Monetization control with paywalls (Price based on your business model)
  • 100% revenue control 

5. Monetize as Your Business Demands

Exclusivity lies in ways you sell as well. Your plans, how you price your videos — everything determines how distinct you are compared to your competitors. 

Creators generally get paid based on ad revenue and from channel memberships. While this definitely sounds enticing, talking about exclusivity, it is the freedom to fix your own pricing structure, flexibilize your subscriptions, and the pattern in which you give access to your videos via a one-time rental fee fetch you an identity.  The timing of your launches, creating a buzz with teasers, or setting up intriguing banners might not be fully possible with 3rd party monetization platforms. 

With GUDSHO you can:

  • Create exclusive subscription plans (SVOD)
  • Give rental access to videos via the PPV option (TVOD)
  • Offer videos charge-free

In Summary, 

Billions of hours of videos are being watched on YouTube on a daily basis and the platform is indeed a pioneer in video monetization. However, exclusivity is something that often needs to be given thought about, not just with your content offerings.

At the end of the day, it is not just about revenue-making but also about building a brand around your style of creation and narratives. 

On GUDSHO, we believe exclusivity is more about building a fan base who admire your work, stick to your platform/ content, and recommend you to peers. 

We offer the tools, technology, and platform you need to project your video creatives and vision among audiences who are willing to pay for the experience you offer. 

From offering a stellar viewing experience to paving the way for long-term success and sustainability, exclusivity is the heart and soul of any creator who wants to put out a good show with GUDSHO.

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