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OTT vs Theatre: Which is the Future Of Film Industry?

In the future, going to theaters will become a “once-in-a-blue-moon thing.” The reason is simple, the rise of OTTs or streaming platforms!

Watching a movie in theaters takes quite a lot of planning, and people must check their schedules. On the other hand, streaming movies at home is different. Plus, we all know how streaming platforms are far cheaper than going to a theater, burning petrol, and buying popcorn, among other hassles.

Today we will talk more about such aspects of streaming platforms and the movie theater industry and conclude with which one holds the most potential in the future.

Why Are Movie Theaters Better than Streaming?

When you enter the cinema, take your seat, and let the lights go down, the next thing you experience is the heavenly experience that immerses you in the content completely.

There are no elements of distraction, and you get to experience the pure beauty of someone’s creation. 

We can experience the emotional intensity that we sometimes become one with the characters, even just for 2 hours, but we get to travel in a different time in a whole new dimension.

No matter what the genre is, you get to experience its fullest. And that’s why cinema can never be compared with streaming. And those who prefer this bliss would choose a theater repeatedly.

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The next question that pops into our mind is…

How Come Streaming Technology Trending Nowadays?

The time that we are all traveling into is quite fast moving and a lot of new advancements are evolving along with it. There is no doubt that technology is changing its outlook on the way users consume information and entertainment. 

People are comfortably choosing online video streaming services over cable TV subscriptions as they end up paying the cost which is much more reasonable. The cost of upwards of $100 per month is a reason to make a switch to digital services such as Netflix, which costs $10 a month. 

Therefore, it’s evident that many people are choosing to cut the cord deliberately and explore alternatives to cable TV or watching movies in theaters. This means some exciting horizons can looked up to by savvy content creators, and media producers, to explore. 

Definitely one doesn’t want to be tied to a pre-planned schedule for enjoying entertainment of any sort. Streaming videos allow users to watch content at a time.  People have the freedom to choose features and functions that they prefer to pay for. 

Streaming apps or services make recommendations based on viewing profiles which creates a customized buffet. Furthermore, convenience with scalability are major drivers in the shift towards movie streaming that serves as the best alternative to traditional modes of watching content.    

How Streaming Has Caused a Positive Impact For Content Creators? 

content creator

Digital content creators are capitalizing on the huge popularity of films and shows on streaming services.  They dedicatedly create content in the form of memes, trailers, reviews, spoofs, short video applications, etc. Some of the International shows such as Money Heist and Squid Game along with local offerings have hit boundaries with user-generated content. 

Many OTT services reach out to influencers through varied content marketing teams where peer-to-peer marketing plays a pivotal role in establishing fan bases voluntarily.  

With this, the fact goes unchanged that due to blockchain and AI technology, the industry is expected to sky high and reach $223.98 Billion by 2028. So there is a huge scope for new creators to pitch in and make use of this enticing scenario. 

When we consider the consumer’s point of view there are a lot of perks that come into play. Moreover, there are a lot of differences that can be pondered over, when it comes to enjoying a film in a home setting environment vs. a movie watched in theatres.

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Let’s uncover even more reasons why we choose streaming-

1) You Get To Watch Your Favorites In A Homely Environment

First of all, it’s a competition where users get to surround themselves with people they know at home versus those they don’t. The comfort level can be felt more at home than you might not get at the movies. 

While there is a tug of war between streaming in OTT vs. theater, people can transform their room to actually look like a movie theater, making it even more audience-friendly.

2) You Don’t Have To Follow The Social Settings

The best thing consumers can leverage while watching movies at home is to be more conversational since there are no restrictions. But when you’re at the movies, it is a social setting where you must wait to discuss things until the movie is on screen. 

Whereas at home, you can leisurely comment or pause to discuss something important. Provided you don’t have visitors coming over during the show. 

3) One Plan Feeds All

Another difference that you would find between the two mediums is you don’t require ticketing for more than one viewer. But at the same time, when we look into a movie theater, every viewer needs a ticket to watch the movie.

On the other hand, at home, you can accommodate as many people as you like to watch the same movie with no hassles around. 

4) Savor Whatever Snacks You Love Whenever

While compared with movies watched at the theater, you can enjoy snacks with only limited eateries available. For instance, if you don’t prefer the specific treat you like, then you may end up picking up something else instead. 

On the contrary, if you are at home or in your comfort space, you can enjoy any sort of snack that you like. You aren’t dependent on any other means for it. 

5) You Watch As Per Your Convenience

When you are watching the movie, there might be times when you want to pause or rewind it. This is a major takeaway for users. Being able to rewind, pause, or fast forward is something that you would really see as a benefactor in OTT services. 

But you may not find the same while watching movies in theaters. There’s a certain level of convenience when you know you can simply rewind the movie that magnifies the experience. 

6) The Ability To Use The Playback Options

By any chance, if you have missed something in the movie or want to watch it again, you cannot get another ticket to see the same movie. 

While at the other side, users at home can buy the movie and play it as many times as they prefer. Being able to replay the movie at home is definitely a major plus over the traditional means when it comes to the theater. 

Now coming up next we’ll unveil..

What’s the Reason People Still Prefer To Go For Theatre Releases? 

Going for a movie is a very different and enthralling experience than watching movies at home. They are not mutually exclusive, but they are frequently combined in an artificial environment setup.  

On a ground-level reality,  seeing a movie in a theatre facilitates its users with obvious perks over watching the same blockbusters at your convenience on the go. 

  • You can watch the latest movie releases just around the buzz 
  • There is much better picturization – Massive viewability with Dolby sound 
  • It’s a focused environment with zero-level of other distractions  

There are many other factors to discuss that may only be applicable sometimes.

Some of the Key Benefits of Theater Release

People love going to cinemas for all the pros they get. Let’s see why cinemas make everyone go crazy for it.

1) Picturization In Theater Is The Best 

In any theatre complex, you will get the assurance of incredible picture quality. For some of the blockbuster movies like Bahubali or Avatar cinema gives you the go-to option for enjoying its charismatic performances. Moreover, to get a 3-dimensional view of movies, cinema halls prove to be the best option to rejoice those experiences. 

2) No compromise with sound quality 

The most mesmerizing sound quality is captured at movies playing in theaters, giving you an overall fun filled experience. Most probably sound is the soul element in a movie, which could decide on making it a masterpiece. In today’s era, people rely on good sound quality for them to actually relate with characters on screen and feel like to be a part of it. 

3) Non-stop watching with no disturbances

When you watch a movie, you expect it to have filled with silence and not get worried with any kind of outer distractions. As in cinema hall, you can thoroughly enjoy the show as there is no chance of getting yourself disturbed or have in between pauses. You can take the leverage of very comfortable seating and get away from the other tantrums of outside world. 

4) Better way out for social interaction

In the current scenario people find themselves stuck and frustrated due to work pressure. They are time & again looking to match up in the rat race and walk hand in hand with evolving world. To prevent from loneliness or depression, it gets so pivotal to socialize & meet new people. Especially extroverts could find it a lot more effective to plan for a movie at cinema halls.

5) Gain the first-come-served experience in theatres

First-day, the first show of any premiere matters for every movie-going fan and that can happen only when movies are in theatres. It is only at a cinema hall, that viewers are provided with a number of fresh and new movie content to watch on the day of their grand release. But if the same is watched at home, then you will have to wait for it to be released online which can take longer. 

6) A lasting event is better than saving a possession 

Many people realize that they aren’t interested in accumulating possessions that have filled their homes. Instead, they would put to use in creating wonderful memories and enjoy times planning for a film. The movie theater provides a chance to venture out with this thought and create happy memoirs offered for people around. 

7) Quite Comprehensive To View 

If your TV sets at home are quite at a mini size, you really don’t have to worry while heading to a movie theater. The screens are so large that you won’t have any issues while seeing the action and get a sense of as though you are right into the movie. People with vision problems, or who have a hard time focusing on small screens, can have help with larger frames at movie theaters. 

8) Keep up with Latest Releases 

The number one reason why people enjoy going to theaters is you get to have access to the latest releases. When it comes to the market in the first place, they don’t go directly to streaming services, broadcasting cable networks, rental DVDs, etc. There is a certain period of time allocated to movies that will be only available in theaters.  

9) A room for bonding/conversation starter

 Movie theatres can be a source to create a bonding experience amongst people. You will share the same movie-watching experience together and create a personal connection. These small moments can later be recalled for years to come and get a chance to treat each other again. That’s why many people choose movie theatres as a first-date location to have fun. 

10) Perfect solution with Lighting

The atmosphere at home may not be friendly when it comes to providing perfect lighting for a movie. With the lights on, picture clarity won’t be as clear. But still, if you turn off the lights, it can be a burden on your eyes. So it is better for movie-watchers to go to theaters as there will be the perfect amount of distance calculated to see a film and the lighting is well-matched to our expectations.   

11) Absolutely zero commercials during the film  

Commercials or ads in between may get disturbing for a viewer while watching movies. While you are in the theaters these are only put before the start or at the intermission of the movie. This is a great relief for everyone, & the same may not be promising while you are watching at home. Some premium subscriptions do have pauses or breaks in between which is unavoidable.

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Difference Between Streaming At Home VS. Going To The Movie Theatre

Pros and Cons of Movie Watching Via Streaming Services

Pros ProsCons

The pricing factor when it comes to one month of service, sounds much cheaper than movie. Moreover, the amount of content which can be watched within a month would be based on your availability.  Watching on a streaming service may not provide the immersive gratification that you get from a cinema.
Flexibility with timing – There is no barricade when it comes to watching movie at particular timing. It is purely based on consumer’s choice. Content with a continuous experience cannot be felt as it diminishes periodically. 
There is no otherwise sort of expense taken, such as travel time to watch a movie  There is no otherwise sort of expense taken, such as travel time to watch a movie  Shorter attention span at the time of broadcast since you end up doing multiple tasks while streaming

Pros and Cons of Movie Watching in Theatres 

Immersive atmosphere which promises to deliver an eye-gluing experience Quite expensive in comparison to majority of streaming services 
Awesome surround system with a premium audio effect Restricted timing of screening & shows 
A big screen delivers a larger-than-life impact while viewing  Cannot pause in between & attend to urgent matters  

Unique Selling Factors Of OTT Platform VS. Theatres

streaming vs theater

Movie theaters and streaming online, both have their own USPs in the streaming business across the world. On one side, movie theatres provide the opportunity to watch extraordinary content in 3D that is equipped with high sound, picture quality, and exceptional glasses. On the other hand, the best free movie streaming sites let us have content powered with no language barriers. 

And it doesn’t only stay up to there, but also provides streaming apps that have options for subtitles in various languages, satisfying every demographic need. Platforms in OTT lets you watch personalized content according to changing viewer behavior habits. They are given specific recommendations based on what your viewing preferences are. 

There’s one factor not to forget, which focuses on movie theaters that charge money depending on showtime & seating. But when it comes to video streaming platforms, they charge money monthly or yearly-wise & offer an unlimited package of content for non-premium subscribers as well. In terms of pricing, subscription video platforms are much more affordable.  

Also, earlier parts of Hollywood movies are packaged within subscriptions in OTT, which excites people to watch them in their comfort, space instead of watching the same in a theatre at a different cost. Thus, in many ways, online video hosting platforms are quite a better option to stream new movies. But having said that, movie theaters are giving a tough fight to each other, where people are looking to have splendid experiences. 

Why Do Directors & Conceptual Thinkers Choose Video Streaming Platforms Over Theatrical Releases? 

 There are major reasons to note why artists, directors, creative conceptualizers, and media influencers are choosing video streaming platforms to earn recurring revenue over theatrical Pros releases… Let’s take a look at some of them: 

Mainly, they’re contributing to paying interest on the borrowed money from other sources to make the film. The underlying fact is, if the film has just come to the box office, but not giving fruitful results, then they lose the money that is invested. 

Secondly, since there is no possibility of a steady income stream from theatrical releases, they tend to run out of money in order to finance their next year’s planned productions. Even if the films make the least profit in comparison to current shellings, they might bring very little fortune. 

Thirdly, there is a risky factor where they get the fear of people not turning back to theatres worldwide. So as the trend grows on a higher plateau creators might have to test the effectiveness of streaming release methodologies. 

Lastly, other artists & filmmakers might have to rethink in terms of financial planning for a movie, right from budgeting to schedules or star cast payoffs. Let’s say in a case, if studio executives have any hopes of holding their jobs & salaries, they may have to find ways to re-equip for the future or at least prevent from being bankrupt a while longer. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, both mediums, for now, are sticking longer to their exclusivity with individual formats and USPs attached to them. It is evident that both serve the same genre of content, but their purpose and consumer variables are different. 

Due to the tug-of-war between streaming platforms vs movie theaters, there have been posed with a lot of challenges for movie theaters. Surely to stay in the competition & have a face-off with OTT platforms, movie theaters have to come up with unusual offerings & add new elements to entice viewers. 

However, it doesn’t surprise us with the fact, that that media streaming services offered to viewers via online bypass cable, broadcast, and satellite networks that act as traditional means of content delivery. 

The emergence of OTT has paved a new way for creators and entertainers to earn a large pie of revenue. Also with the increasing penetration in rural places, changing preferences have widened in the demographic. By all means, content is now king in a real sense, as it is personalized and provides opportunities for wider distribution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is it better to see a movie in the theater or stream it at home?
Is it better to see a movie in the theater or stream it at home?

If there are convenient ways of enjoying movies, the experience gets even more heightened. Therefore watching shows in their comfort zone should be given to viewers. Moreover, watching at home gives you a chance to view premium content and gain satisfaction without spending much from your pocket. 

2. What streaming service is better than cinema?

There are top streaming giants who dominate the OTT industry, but to enjoy other variety of content, you can rely on independent membership platforms. Users just need to pay a monthly subscription to avail the services. Apart from movies, they can watch TV shows, documentaries, short videos, music albums, & lots more.. There are top streaming giants who dominate the OTT industry, but to enjoy other variety of content, you can rely on independent membership platforms. Users just have to need to pay a monthly subscription to avail the services. Apart from movies, they can watch TV shows, documentaries, short videos, music album, & lots more..

3. Why is streaming service so special?

The most special thing one can find in streaming is it lets you interact with the file while it is put to download. And even after that, you can watch the downloaded content offline and stream across devices anytime from anywhere. This means that you won’t have to wait it out to start watching your show. Once you have made up your mind, you can begin streaming!

4. Are streaming services taking over movie theaters?

Yes… It is noteworthy that many OTT players have been producing original shows & films delivering entertainment that captures millions of eyeballs. The proliferation of OTT streaming services has evoked uneasiness among filmmakers that this may be a tight bash-off for theatrical experience. It is not uncommon to see particular movies being opted for the Over-the-top route to reach the apt mass. 

5. Is releasing movies simultaneously on streaming and in theatres a bad strategy of releasing?

It is not a completely unknown thing actually! Movie theater operators are strictly against releasing films for home viewing as well as theatre release at the same time. Especially when it comes to most buzzed-around movies which is in high demand from the audience. Basically, it kills their box office earnings and might encourage piracy for that case.


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