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How To Make Money With Online Music Concert?

The rise of Online Music Concerts and music streaming platforms makes it a massive shift for musicians and media companies. This virtual stage looks like a great opportunity to reshape the music landscape. 

Artists worldwide can perform live and can also leverage the opportunity to collaborate with music streaming platforms to upload music concerts online so their subscribers and fans can watch videos online of their favorite performers on screen.

The appeal of music streaming platforms lies in accessibility and global outreach, crossing geographical constraints with live music streaming. As a cost-effective venture with low production expenses, online music concerts empower both emerging and established musicians.

Different Types Of Online Music Concerts

Online music concerts and live music streaming come in many forms, catering to varied preferences. Popular types include:

  • live-streamed performances,
  • pre-recorded virtual concerts,
  • interactive virtual sessions,
  • and exclusive ticketed events.

The appeal lies in accessibility and convenience. Fans can enjoy their favorite artists from the comfort of their homes. Interactivity, such as live chat features, enhances the experience, fostering a sense of connection. The most popular concerts often feature:

  • high production values,
  • unique visual themes,
  • and exclusive content.

Additionally, the global reach of online concerts allows fans worldwide to engage, making them a dynamic and inclusive platform for both artists and audiences.

Organizing A Online Music Concert: Tips To Know

With ongoing technological advancements enhancing virtual concerts and live music streaming, this trend presents a strategic avenue for musicians and media entities along with music streaming platforms by offering a fresh and impactful way to share and experience music. In this blog, we’ve listed out various ways on how to conduct a successful concert online:

  1. Finalize Tech Setup: Ensure a free-flow performance by testing your complete setup camera, and audio equipment beforehand. A glitch-free setup enhances the viewer’s experience without any buffering.
  1. Audience Engagement: Vibe the virtual space in music streaming platforms by interacting with your audience. Respond to comments and create a sense of connection, making the online experience memorable.
  1. Promotions In Full Swing: Build buzz by promoting your concert well in advance. Use social media, email marketing, paid campaigns, and all possible mediums to maximize attendance.
  1. Monetization Models: Check out the various video monetization models such as live streaming monetization, subscriptions, ads, online ticket sales, or exclusive content access. Make sure to price your offerings that reflect the value you provide.
  1. Online Video Platforms (OVPs): Choose the right online video hosting platform for your concert. Consider factors like platform compatibility, audience reach, extensive features, and ease of use. Each platform has different needs, so pick music streaming platforms one aligned with your goals.
  1. Create an Amazing Setlist: Craft a setlist that balances popular hits with lesser-known gems. Make sure the audience on the other virtual side is never bored. Keep it engaging, and make it memorable for all.
  1. Test Audience Interaction Features: Always better to test out the features once in any music streaming platforms before the concert goes live. For instance, like live comments, polls or Q&A, etc. Testing these beforehand ensures a smooth performance.
  1. Sound Quality: Invest time in achieving best sound quality. Clear audio is crucial for an enjoyable online concert experience, so pay attention to your microphone setup and audio settings.
  1. Consider Time Zones: When scheduling your online concert, be mindful of your global audience’s time zones. Consider offering multiple showtimes to accommodate viewers from different regions.
  1. Be Ready For Challenges: Prepare for unexpected challenges that might arise on music streaming platforms by having backup plans for technical issues or disruptions. Being proactive ensures you can navigate any hiccups with minimal negative effect.

Whatever you do, make sure to reach mainstream audiences and create a buzz online so more people will be aware of the online music concert and increase the chances of elevating the concert to newer audiences.

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Choosing Online Video Platform For Online Music Concerts

Before zeroing in on any music streaming platforms, you need to decide on the kind of online music concert that you want to execute. As in, whether it’s going to be a live music streaming or going to upload an already-finished concert on an online platform?

Next is to research and choose an OVP that fits with your musical vision, audience reach, and engagement goals. Here are some handy tips on choosing an online video platform:

  1. Growth-Oriented Platform: Opt for an Online Video Platform (OVP) that aligns with your long-term objectives. Look for one that not only meets current needs but also supports scalability as your audience and content expand.
  1. HD Live Streaming: Ensure the chosen music streaming platform provides high-definition live music streaming without buffering. Crystal-clear visuals enhance viewer experience, making your concert more enjoyable and professional.
  1. Video Marketing Readiness: Select an OVP that doubles as a video hosting and marketing platform. Utilize built-in tools for promotions, audience engagement, and seamless integration with other marketing channels.
  1. Diverse Revenue Models: Monetization is crucial. Choose a platform that offers various revenue models – for both live music streaming and music uploads – such as ticket sales, virtual tips, or exclusive content access. This diversification enhances your earning potential.
  1. Exclusive Channel Ownership: Maintain control over your content by choosing a platform that grants exclusive channel ownership. This ensures you have the autonomy to curate and present your music in the way you envision.
  1. 360° Video Analytics: Informed decision-making is powered by data. Prioritize platforms with comprehensive video analytics, providing insights into viewer behavior, preferences, and performance metrics.
  1. Global Reach: Expand your audience by selecting an online video platform with a wide reach. Ensure it facilitates broadcasting to over 100 countries, enabling you to connect with a global fan base.

The choice of an online platform for live music streaming is a critical step in the success of your music concert. By considering these factors, you’ll not only enhance the quality of your performance but also set the stage for sustainable growth and success in the digital realm.

Repurposing & Uploading Online Music Concert

Uploading live music streaming concert by repurposing it again as Video On Demand (VOD) is a strategic move that brings several benefits for:

  • production companies
  • and the artists.

Live music streaming platform extends the reach of your performance, allowing fans who missed the live show to enjoy it at their convenience. By creating a Video On Demand (VOD) version, you tap into:

  • a wider audience,
  • increased awareness of concerts happening,
  • and possible upliftment of sales.

Moreover, it serves as evergreen content, continually attracting new viewers over time. The permanence of VOD provides a lasting showcase for your talent and allows you to capitalize on the longevity of your efforts. This approach transforms the online music concert for sustained engagement, revenue generation, and a wider fan base worldwide.

How To Make Money With Online Music Concerts?

While the reach does play a pivotal role in the making of a successful online music concert, there are multiple ways to upload and earn money by hosting your music concert on a music streaming platform that vouches for your growth.

  1. Exclusive Ticket Sales: Increase revenue by live-streaming your concert exclusively on a platform that supports ticket sales. Fans pay to access the live experience, counting as an immediate income stream.
  1. Video On Demand (VOD) Revenue: Extend the earning potential by uploading the concert as VOD again on music streaming platforms. Fans who missed the live event or wished to relive the experience can purchase, providing ongoing sales opportunities.
  1. Merchandise Integration: Capitalize on your concert by integrating merchandise sales. Offer exclusive concert merchandise or bundle deals, providing fans with memorabilia while increasing overall earnings.
  1. Virtual Tips and Donations: Engage with your audience by incorporating a virtual tipping system. Fans can show appreciation through tips during the live-streaming performance, contributing directly to your income.
  1. Sponsorship and Brand Collaborations: Enter partnerships with brands to support your online concert financially. This collaborative approach not only adds revenue but also enhances your concert’s production value.

By strategically combining these revenue streams, musicians and media companies can optimize their online concerts for success and provide engaging experiences for audiences.

Success Story: Online Music Concert

The Thamizhum Naanum Carnatic concert, now streaming on GUDSHO, marks a fantastic achievement. Both this year’s and last year’s editions proved that online concerts can break barriers and achieve massive reach.

With millions of views and a remarkable 3x increase in revenue, it stands as an example of the success that exclusive and premium content can attain with a strong video platform and a strategic promotion plan. 

This success story showcases the potential of bringing cultural experiences to a broader audience through online platforms. Thamizhum Naanum’s resonance online demonstrates the impact of quality content supported by a strong video platform and a well-executed promotional strategy, making it a noteworthy success.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, online music concerts give musicians a global stage with low costs. Whether it’s live music streaming or exclusive events, artists can connect with fans worldwide. Success lies in mastering tech setups, engaging the audience, and smart promotions.

Choosing the right music streaming platform is crucial for growth and HD streaming. Repurposing live shows as Video On Demand keeps the party going. Making money? Go for exclusive tickets, VOD revenue, merchandise, tips, and sponsorships. It’s a world of opportunities for musicians to thrive online.

Grab your instruments, hit the virtual stage, and let the music play on in the digital world!


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