Best Online Coaching Platforms

Top 5 Best Online Coaching Platforms in 2024

Coaching someone has never been easier, with hundreds of online coaching platforms booming worldwide, the question of choosing the right one is getting hypothetical. But no worries, we tell you how to get started with the intuitive coaching platform you need. 

We know that it is not easy to make a purchase, it is an art and a skill that helps to ensure that the time, money, and effort are put in the right place. Do not give up on the persuasive sales tactics and instead, analyze your options carefully to make the right decisions. Also developing such skills will persuade you to think critically and not allow you to pay extra for features you will not even use.

We have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you understand, analyze, and make informed decisions about choosing an online coaching platform. Instead of endlessly searching the web, take a look at this blog and do the right thing for your business. Shall we begin?

How to Choose the Best Online Coaching Platforms? 

Decision-making can be tricky and you need to have the confidence and assurance to go ahead. Here we have come up with the best features that are necessary for coaches while conducting sessions on an online platform. Ensure that the platform that you intend to buy has the following features!

1) Content Management System

Video CMS is the most crucial feature, that enables you to host, organize, manage, store, and deliver videos in a pre-defined model. If you are going to regularly share coaching videos, or educational materials in the form of videos, you need CMS. Also, an exceptional video content management system helps you maintain your video library, by letting you add bulk videos to your database. If you want your users to watch or download videos in a jiffy then keep this at the top of your list.

2) HLS Video Player

For effective online coaching, going live on sessions is indispensable. So it would be an ideal move if you pick an online platform that has an HLS Video player that allows HTTP live streaming that can run almost on any server and on almost any device. Also, it gives the users the choice to seamlessly adjust the quality of streaming, based on the internet data available on their device. 

3) Video Hosting 

Opt for a platform that supports you in storing videos without any restrictions. Host on-demand videos and live stream content in a faster and safer way and stand out from the crowd with your unique branding ideas. Why take up the stress of hosting and delivering your video assets, when you can choose a platform that does it for you automatically? 

4) Live Sessions and Scheduling

Going live is obligatory in online coaching, be it you are a music tutor, a fitness coach, or a cooking enthusiast, you need to go live streaming to engage and realistically connect with your audience. So choose a platform that lets you go live in seconds with pre-instructed guidelines that ensure you securely and tangibly perform live sessions.

5) Marketing Tools

Marketing is delivering the (USP) Unique Selling Point of your business ideas. So do it cautiously with the right tool that showcases your branding strategy favorably. Make your brand voice reach your target audience with the video marketing platform that helps you optimize your content, and grow viewership, by ultimately converting them into lifetime subscribers.

6) Monetization

The ultimate goal of an online coach is to monetize your talents, so stop at the right platform that destined you to convert your content revenue through various monetizing features like SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand), TVOD (Transactional Video On Demand), and AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand).  Also, ensure that the video monetization platform poses some unique features designed specifically to generate revenue. 

7) Video Analytics

Hosting videos and going live in front of your desired viewers alone wouldn’t mean you’re progressing right? You need a statistical report and analytical data to analyze, track, and monitor the performance at a 360 ° angle for which you need a top-notch dashboard to make a strategic decision.  Know your progress from scratch and manage your every step toward revenue.

Are you looking for the best Online Coaching Platforms Platform to improve your Video-business

Top 5 Best Coaching Platforms for Your Online Coaching Programs

Now that we have gained deep insight into how to choose the right platform, let’s explore the five top online coaching platforms for your coaching business. Just scroll down, grasp the details, and choose the one that aligns with your preferences. 


Teach & Reach a global audience online with top-notch edu content features

GUDSHO - Best Online Coaching Platform

GUDSHO is a video platform designed especially for premium content that also includes educating, empowering, and monetizing coaching classes. Why just limit your skills to small numbers within walls? , Broaden your horizons, and display your coaching content by taking full control of your channel and curriculum.  You can make remote learning a breeze with collaboration tools, On-demand learning techniques, educational webinars, and events, and support private tutoring. You need not be necessarily an educational coach, you can also be a fitness coach, religious coach, financial coach, career coach, health and wellness coach, or business executive standing just one step away from achieving your dream of owning a channel to deliver in your style, then GUDSHO is the best shot for you!


  • Upload and share unlimited video content and make it accessible to learners in a few minutes.
  • Connect with your audience in real-time to engage with them via live streaming. 
  • Personalize branding with our comprehensive marketing toolkit without the need for any third-party intervention.
  • Stay connected with in-app notifications, easy offline video downloads, and the ability to record live classes.
  • Engage learners through features like video scheduling, live countdowns, and course ratings.
  • Low latency video streaming to help you have a smooth live streaming. 
  • Akamai CDN to fulfill your viewer’s request faster.
  • Integrate enterprise-grade platform API with your custom app to incorporate GUDSHO videos into any third-party website or app.
  • Monetize your premium content videos with options like  SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand), TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand) or Pay-Per-View,  lesson purchase or rental, bulk video classes, and donations.


  • Hand-free channel: Start streaming premium content with over 300 features designed to host, stream, and monetize videos into revenue-generating assets. 
  • Course Management system: Easily maintain your course catalog, control access to content and viewers, and manage students effectively.
  • Video Delivery: Enjoy stutter-free playback with our HLS video player, offering HD and 4K quality, reaching audiences worldwide in real-time.
  • Video Analytics: Gain access to 360° video analytical tool to get real-time data report on engagements, views, and subscriber growth, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Target audience: The online video platform is not restricted to online coaches alone, it is open to all creators from any field of expertise offering premium content. 
  • Free Trial: 14 days of free trial to test and decide on the platform.

2. Uscreen

Make your fans loyal members of your channel and deliver content your way!


Uscreen is a membership platform, that seamlessly unites content and community. They emphasize the unique selling point of encouraging video creators to build profitable membership with the video content they produce. If you are really into building a community of followers with your video content and want to start your journey right away, then you can go ahead with Uscreen. 


  • Launch your own Mobile + TV Apps with no coding in just 30 days. 
  • Stream directly to your membership with multi-bitrate adaptive technology, across any web or device or OTT in full HD. 
  • Enjoy a Netflix-inspired catalog and YouTube-inspired engagement, with a flawless video experience. 
  • Build community space integrated with your video content and get comfortable with each other.
  • Utilize the Membership tool to integrate with your favorite tools, make smart decisions with an analytical dashboard, create landing pages and websites, offer SVOD plans for users, and use automated marketing tools for lead generation, nurturing, and reducing churn.
  • Get customizable guidance from the support experts who take care of your program from A to Z. 


  • You can build a Mobile + TV app in just  30 days to start streaming without any code. 
  • No need to switch platforms like Facebook or Instagram to get in touch with your community, you have to build one with Uscreen and integrate it into your video content. 
  • 14 days of free trial period to get to know the product.


  • Video monetization models are limited. 
  • No video CMS system.
  • You need to build your app to start streaming.

3. Kajabi

Create, Market, and sell online courses at your style with Kajabi!


Kajabi is an online course creation platform that guides users through the entire process, from designing a course as a digital product to selling it to learners, all within a single dashboard. If you are looking for a platform to start designing a course and encourage learners to enroll and benefit from it, then  Kajabi is for you!


  • Create a course in no time with easy-to-use customizable and intuitive design tools no matter if it’s a mini program or a fully signature course. 
  • Easy access to online courses on a mobile device, makes it easy to learn from anywhere in a mobile. 
  • Create coaching packages, advertise your service, schedule limitless meetings, manage secure payments, host live calls, send follow-up emails, and all in one place. 
  • Turn your podcast listeners into paying members, if not member-only podcasts, and increase your revenue. 
  • Build and manage your membership with the simplified membership management software. 
  • Get insights on subscription-specific reports and track your membership site’s performance. 
  • Encourage customers to stay connected via community and offer them personalized coaching, courses, and podcasts without needing to switch platforms. 


  • You can design exclusive educational courses and deliver them to the users.
  • 14-day free trial to get to know the software well before purchasing. 
  • Targets only educational coaches. 


  • Video monetization models are limited. 
  • You need to build your courses from scratch to sell on the platform
  • No video library to just store videos, you can only create one to let users access videos. 

4. Paperbell

An exceptional digital platform for coaches who need management work done with a click!


Paperbell is a free all-in-one tool for coaches who are looking for a platform that digitally allows them to perform client scheduling, online payment, client management, contract signing, selling digital products, and group coaching all in one place without needing third-party interventions. If you are seeking a single platform that streamlines all the aspects of your coaching business with just a click, then look no further than Paperbell.


  • Schedule and manage Zoom sessions with an integrated calendar feature and make the communication process smooth and effortless. 
  • Manage all your payment-related tasks, from subscription management to setting up a new fee structure, you can do it all via the payment feature. 
  • Resolve or organize all your client management problems with the user-friendly dashboard. Track key management actions like remaining sessions, package purchased, private notes shared, and answered questionnaires.
  • Integrate with any payment platform to securely sign contracts via Hellosig,  enabling you to move meticulously to the next and start coaching sessions. 
  • Monetize your knowledge by selling digital products like, your videos, ebooks, journals, audiobooks, etc, via the platform and stay connected with your clients at regular intervals.
  • Effectively manage multiple clients in one shot instead of just tracking and monitoring them individually on various platforms. Just gather them in one session and build a community of clients for faster growth.


  • Categorized process to help you smoothly start your online coaching business. 
  • An exclusive tool that helps you to launch your online coaching business at ease. 
  • You can own a free account with restricted features. 


  • Less Monetization models. 
  • No option to create videos. 
  • You can’t store bulk videos.
  • No CMS to manage your vidoe content.

5. CoachAccountable

A compelling platform to run your coaching business to reach more people with less effort!


Cochaccountable is a coaching business platform designed specifically for coaches who need to reach a larger crowd with less effort. If you are looking for an opportunity to elevate your coaching business right from a conversation with a client to building course fee structure and managing the account with countless action plans then you can go ahead with Coachaccountable.  


  • Send assignments and track every progress and check-in and synch with the calendar to help them access the course anytime from any device. 
  • Group coaching features to build community and support each other through lively chat, shared actions, whiteboards, and knowledge sharing. 
  • Integrate with any organization and make them hire you as their coach. 
  • Bird-eye view of the track and monitor client and coach pairing 
  • Unlimited video sharing and file transfer of coaching materials.
  • Similar to traditional LMS, connect automatically with your clients digitally via building worksheets, intensive full-fledged study material, and processes.
  • Standard metrics to measure and track the success of your coaching.
  • Manage agreements and client contracts digitally, also automatically invoice and bill on schedule. 
  • Easy invoice option for safe and secure payment through Stripe, Square, or PayPal portal. 


  • You can manage your teaching curriculum in a single platform and track performance via metrics. 
  • Manage client engagement and coaching subscription packages digitally. 
  • 30-day free trial. 


  • You can create videos and upload them. 
  • Less Monetization models. 
  • No live-streaming option. 
  • No CMS to manage your vidoe content. 


Why just limit yourself to traditional coaching methods and curtail your expertise? Try this online coaching platform to build your business and reach a global audience with very little effort from your side. The world is a smaller place these days, start your coaching journey to reach millions of audiences and become the celebrity that audiences across the world can’t afford to miss!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are online coaching platforms?

Online coaching platforms are digital coaching platforms that encourage virtual coaching interactions between the client and the coach. These platforms offer a range of features right from managing the course signing process, to scheduling, uploading videos, conducting live sessions, generating on-demand videos to sign contracts, course payment, etc. It also helps coaches to reach global audiences from any device and at any time. 

How do I choose the right coaching platform for my coaching business?

We have listed the top 5 coaching platforms with the listed features, and the pros and cons of each platform. You can explore each platform and try the free trial to make the right decision. Also carefully go through the license and agreement details before you make any purchase. Video platforms like GUDSHO offer robust features and monetization ideas to streamline your coaching business. Simplify your virtual coaching needs by managing everything from one platform.

What features should I look for when evaluating different coaching platforms?

Look for a platform that offers a good content management system, HLS video player, Video hosting options, Live streaming and scheduling, Marketing toolkit, and Monetization models with video analytics. GUDSHO is one such online eLearning platform that offers all the features mentioned above in its intuitive platform. Try signing up today and get expert guidance to start your online Coaching business immediately! 


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