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How to Make Money Selling Fitness Videos Online: 10 Earning Ways

Fitness and resolutions go hand in hand. Many people think New Year is the best time to refresh their wellness goals and plan to commit to a lifestyle that is good for them and their health. But do all have the time and privilege to hit the gyms or fitness studios daily?

Are navigating through heavy traffic, tight work commitments, improper sleep schedules, and hitting the gym on time the only way to remain fit? Aren’t there any alternative fitness programs that allow fitness enthusiasts to workout at their own pace?

There are, as times have changed. More people are opting now for online fitness programs as they provide a convenient and comfortable way to exercise and stay healthy.

Well, independent fitness creators and fitness studios are earning millions every year by doing a simple paradigm shift. Their secret sauce? Launching their own online fitness business, monetizing their content through premium video monetization platforms, selling workout plans, building their brand, expanding their audience, and more.

The emphasis on fitness has increased over the years, especially after the Covid wave that sent tremors everywhere. More people across the globe are spending more time getting fit.

Staying healthy and keeping our body functional is no more a preference now, it is becoming (and will become) a priority. The way we work has changed. The food habits have changed. So did the way people took care of themselves.

Based on a report by Global Health and Fitness Association – in 2018 – the fitness industry was worth an estimated $94 billion. But then you know what happened in the years to come. Our homes became our gyms. Our mobile phones became our trainers.

In this article, we’ll explain why online fitness business is on the rise and everything you need to make money in the fitness industry by bringing your service online.

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What Is Online Fitness?

Online fitness is on the verge of becoming a modern way to empower your physical fitness using the internet as a platform. This can include streaming workout programs, following online fitness programs, participating in virtual fitness classes, or receiving coaching and guidance from a personal trainer through virtual means.

10 Ways Fitness Experts Can Make Money Online

Wondering how to make money in the online fitness world but don’t know where to start? From crafting personalized workout plans to hosting live workshops, here are 10 strategies and creative ways to make money in fitness to build an online community.

Learn how to engage your audience, sell fitness videos online, how to sell personal training,  monetize your expertise, and make a real impact – all with simple, straightforward language.

1. Craft Powerful Workout Programs

Design personalized or pre-made programs that cater to various fitness levels and goals. Make them inclusive, effective, and easy to understand. Think beginner yoga, HIIT for busy schedules, or strength training programs for different muscle groups.

Remember, variety and clear instructions are critical.

2. Coach The World Online

Offer online fitness coaching and consultations, providing personalized guidance, accountability, and motivation through:

  • video platforms, 
  • online calls, emails, or
  • messaging platforms, etc.

Help clients worldwide achieve their goals, build meaningful connections, witness life-changing transformations, and make money as a personal trainer online Allow flexible timings and packages to cater to different needs.

3. Sell With Subscriptions

Create a video playlist of high-quality video workouts covering diverse styles like yoga, HIIT, Pilates, dance, and strength training.

Make them fun, effective, and suitable for different fitness levels.

Sell fitness video subscriptions or bulk purchases as VOD files, letting your users exercise on their own terms while generating income for you. Remember, engaging music and clear visuals are essential!

4. Monetize With Pay-Per-View 

Create your exclusive online video channel to showcase your knowledge and inspire audiences globally. 

  1. Share diverse workout 
  2. routines, healthy recipes, 
  3. home training tips, 
  4. and motivational talks.

Plus, leveraging these platforms, you can also earn income through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise, turning viewers into loyal fans and growing your fitness business.

And the best part about is this you can classify and monetize single videos so the subscribers can buy only the videos that they need without having to purchase all content.

Be authentic, energetic, and provide valuable content!

5. Develop Smart Fitness Apps

Use your expertise to create and sell personalized fitness apps. Integrate workout plans, progress tracking, nutrition tips, and community features.

Offer users a tailored experience that caters to their goals and preferences. An user-friendly interface and data security are crucial.

6. Live Stream Fitness Workshops

Host live online workshops on platforms like Zoom or YouTube Live. Deliver personalized guidance, answer questions directly, and create a supportive community. Speak on diverse topics like:

  • muscle-specific training, 
  • healthy cooking menus, 
  • or overcoming fitness plateaus.

Monetize through ticket sales, sponsorships, or product promotions within the workshops.

7. Offer Free Workouts With AVOD

Stream free fitness classes on ad-supported platforms like GUDSHO. Attract viewers with engaging workouts, clear instructions, and positive vibes. Monetize through ads while providing valuable content and building trust. 

Note: Highlight paid coaching options or merchandise subtly for interested viewers.

8. Partner with Fitness Brands

Collaborate with established fitness brands to amplify your reach and credibility. Create mutually beneficial partnerships like:

  1. sponsored content, 
  2. affiliate marketing, 
  3. or co-branded promotions.

Choose brands that align with your values and target audience for a genuine and impactful collaboration. Leverage their marketing channels and resources to reach a wider audience.

9. Conduct Exclusive Fitness Webinars

Host online webinars providing valuable insights, tips, and strategies to help people achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

Discuss nutrition, injury prevention, mindset, and specific training methods.

Share your expertise, build a vibe with attendees, and subtly promote your services or products. Encourage participation and answer questions to create a valuable learning experience.

10. Sell Fitness Gear with Your Brand

Build high-quality apparel, accessories, and fitness equipment that reflect your identity and resonate with your audience. Place more emphasis on style, functionality, and durability, creating designs that people love to wear and use.

  • Sell through your channel, 
  • social media platforms, 
  • during your live streams,
  • or fitness marketplaces.

Make sure to remember that personalized touches and exclusive designs can elevate your brand and attract loyal customers.

Rise Of Online Fitness Business

It is an open fact that the pandemic took a toll on all businesses worldwide, including the fitness industry. But it depends on how we react to a crisis that determines whether we make it to break it. It is high time fitness creators transform their knowledge into a thriving online fitness business as…

…there is a huge demand for online fitness right now, and the trend is only going to grow in the times to come. Just like how OTT democratized the way we watch content, Online Fitness Streaming Programs will give the liberty for fitness enthusiasts to play their streaming workout programs at a time and place they are comfortable – without the need of hitting the gym daily – due to their everyday hectic schedules.

Looking to Launch your very own Fitness Streaming Video Channel

The rise of the digital fitness market can be reasoned down to a few factors. The most important is the increased use of technology and the convenience of online fitness that appeals to many people who may not have the time or resources to attend in-person fitness sessions or traditional gyms.

Online Fitness Statistics

Virtual fitness programs are being pursued by a huge number of fitness enthusiasts these days as they give people the will to workout at their convenience. The online fitness industry is here to stay and slay. It all depends on you. If you ask us, the future is here. And now is that future.

If you still don’t go by our word, here are some statistics borrowed from research and polls taken by organizations worldwide:

  • Based on a study, it is said that there are over 200,000 fitness clubs and gyms in the world. As technological advancements and customer preferences continue to change periodically, the count is only set to rise.
  • Now that social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Any guess how many Instagram users would’ve engaged with the hashtag #fitness? Well, it’s a whopping 180 million users.
  • Coming back to the online fitness community, the market share surpassed $5 billion some years back, and it’s growing at 30% every year. The virtual market fitness size is huge that fitness creators can take advantage of.
  • How much percentage increase can be attributed to success in a business? 10-15% rise, probably? When it comes to live-streaming of fitness videos, there was a jump of 971% from 2020 to 2022. 
  • Popular apps such as MyFitnessPal and Strava reported their revenue in millions of dollars increase from the previous years. The popularity of online fitness is evident. The gold is out there in the garage. Grab it.
  • As per a report by Statista, revenue in the digital fitness market and well-being segments is projected to reach $19.30 billion by 2023. And the tides are going in the right direction, as of now.

The growing popularity of online fitness is evident and these statistics are a testament to it. Fitness tech trends will continue to rise in the years to come.

Why Should Fitness Creators Start Online Now?

Similar to how people across the world have adapted and enjoy remote work, many are also accustomed to replacing in-gym workouts with virtual classes. It is time for gym trainers to become fitness influencers and content creators.

Because online fitness programs are a win-win for both. They’re helping people stay healthy and connected to their bodies. Also, empowering fitness coaches to embrace technology and making them future-ready. Below are some points on why fitness creators should take the plunge now:

  • Grow Your Clients: How many people can you train at the gym? Maybe 50 or probably 100? But online fitness programs allow you to reach and teach 1000s of people, as they can be accessed by anyone from anywhere. All they need is a stable internet connection, a will to take care of their body, and you can cater to a larger audience.
  • Earn More: Think beyond the traditional training of fitness enthusiasts in gyms. By selling streaming workout programs, nutrition sheets, and more… you can actually earn way more than you imagine. So many fitness clubs and creators are already earning millions with their expertise.
  • Alternate Source Of Income: It is always good to have income coming in from multiple sources to secure a stable future. All you need to do is create quality content, provide valuable information, choose a reliable app, and upload and monetize your content. The earnings keep coming whenever your digital content is bought.
  • Spread Knowledge: Rising health concerns and increased awareness of the importance of regular exercise and a healthy diet made people turn towards sustainable fitness options. With the amount of fake news and too much data troubling their minds, online users are actively seeking knowledge backed with science and credibility to believe. By sharing health and fitness tips, you can be a trustworthy influencer.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Let’s break the myth that you need huge studios and expensive cameras to step online. All you need is a proper mobile camera, calm background, basic editing skills, and (of course) great subject knowledge of fitness. All it takes is minutes to upload and monetize your content online.
  • Grow Big: The equations are simple. The more clients you have, the more money you gain. The more viewers you have, the more viral you become. The more people come in, the more popular you become. And all of this, with half of the effort you put in offline. Reinvent yourself right now by taking the right step with a robust fitness app.
  • Better Work-Life Balance: You choose the time you want to work. That means complete control over your life to spend more time with your family. But make sure to create content, update whenever required, and manage your online personal training schedules accordingly.

Before you comment below, let us ask and answer the question that’s been lingering on your mind: Are there only these 10 ways using which fitness creators can make money online? Definitely not. There are limitless possibilities and many ways to make money in the fitness industry. It’s just that we’ve listed out tried and tested ones, and the most popular choices being implemented worldwide.

How To Start A Successful Online Fitness?

From selling at-home workout programs to monetizing your fitness videos, it is as easy as it gets. All you have to do is do proper research, create valuable content, build your brand, and scale your online fitness business. Here’s how you can do it in 5 easy steps:

Determine Your Niche:

  • In simple terms, your niche is your expertise – the target audience and buyer persona you’d be primarily targeting. This can be anyone – from fitness enthusiasts who want to be healthy or people who want to learn yoga.

    It is you who have to zero down your niche and go full-on throttle into that zone. So, the first thing you do is hit the bull’s eye with your niche.

Who Are Your Audience:

  • First things first, online fitness programs allow you to reach more people than you do at in-person gyms and other wellness centers. Ask yourself, who will pay and watch my content? What will the videos I create be about? What age group, demographics, gender, etc. am I targeting?

    For example, 50-year-olds would be more interested in something light (say, walking or meditation) rather than an online Zumba class. Get what we are saying? Communicate with your audience. Do deep research. Understand their needs. And plan your content accordingly.

Create Your Content:

  • Once you’ve finalized your niche and clearly defined who your audience is, here comes the most exciting part of the process – Creating Content – which would be viewed and bought.

    Remember these key elements: Your content should be filled with exclusive and quality content which will provide value to your customers. Your video quality should be good and the visuals should not be shaky. Your sound (what you talk about in the video or the voiceover) should be audible to the viewer. Edit them with love.

    Now that your videos are ready, you need a channel/platform where you can upload videos, monetize them, and build your brand.

    Thinking about YouTube? Uh, no!

Launch Your Channel:

  • How cool is it to have a platform all by yourself? Your content. Your revenue. Your community. Your hard work. Own it all.

    100s of independent creators and businesses have built their brand on GUDSHO, the premium video monetization platform for creators. Well, you can create your channel for free here. All it takes is a few minutes.
  • Create a channel
  • Upload videos and make them searchable
  • Add video descriptions, thumbnails, and more
  • Set up monetization (you decide your pricing)
  • Go Live. Ta-da!

And it’s done… 5 simple steps. 5 minutes. That’s all it takes.

Some other benefits why creators choose GUDSHO are:

  • All your videos are AES Encryption enabled making them highly secure
  • Your audience can stream your content from any device, anywhere
  • Our promotion channels make it easy to reach a large community
  • Blended with search engine-friendly and social integration tools
  • You’ll get to know which video is performing well
  • You have all-pass access to our exclusive advanced analytics tool

There are more benefits. But before those, here’s how GUDSHO liberates creators with the monetization part:

  • You choose your monetization method from 5+ monetization models.
  • You can easy host & monetize your Live Streams as well VOD content
  • Accept payments in 135+ international currencies
  • Earn from your very first video. No waiting for “n” views.
  • Generate recurring payments with the Subscription (SVOD) model
  • Create appealing content and sell with the Pay-Per-View (TVOD) model
  • Start your fundraising with donations from fans
  • And lots of exciting features.

All you need is expertise in fitness, a ready content plan, and a platform to sell on. As long as you keep creating content with high-quality standards and based on customer preferences forecasting, you’ll benefit from high profits that you’d have never experienced before.


Online fitness business will see continued growth in the years to come as it offers flexibility and convenience for people to stay fit and healthy. With advancements in technology that would not stop, expect more modern ways using which fitness experts can build their online fitness business.

From rental costs to power usage and monthly expenses, there are certain limitations to running a traditional fitness studio. But when it’s compared to a virtual business model, none of these limitations apply. Your offerings will be available and accessible to everyone, no matter where they are in the world.

Upload your content. Earn right away. All it takes is minutes. Start now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need an online fitness channel?

It is an additional bonus for fitness influencers to take their efforts online. By doing so, you can up the chances of increased income, more clients, greater visibility, and reaching a wider audience.

How much can I earn through my fitness channel?

They are subjective and differ from the services that you are offering to the clients. But if your offerings are of high quality with compelling content added with the right marketing strategy – be sure to earn a lot.

How long will it take to monetize fitness videos?

Unlike YouTube which makes you wait until your video reaches a certain view, GUDSHO doesn’t. You can set up your pricing model and the revenue reaches you after payment is made on your platform domain.

How do fitness trainers and coaches become rich?

By providing rich content. And by starting an online fitness platform to train more people, as it provides a convenient way for people from different parts of the world to exercise at their comfortable times.

How can I sell my on-demand fitness videos online?

Head straight away to the GUDSHO website. Create your channel. Upload your videos. Add some teeny-weeny details. Set your pricing. Market your page. And you are all set for the sprint.


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