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Creator Burnout: Finding Ways YouTubers Can Survive Monetization Policies

We all love YouTube!

There is absolutely no question about if Youtube is great or not! It clearly is still “THE” go-to video platform for videos of any style and content.

But, what happened to the Youtube we all knew? Once a go-to hub for video creators, no matter how small, the platform has become more of an ad inventory. Don’t you a tiny tad feel that the nostalgic YouTube the world adored has been commercialized more than ever?

Is it the chain of ads that keeps popping up every few minutes? Or, perhaps because they are most times non-skippable? 

Well, whatever the reason might be, commercials are flooding the space and this has got a serious impact on the creators and influencers who have made giant tech platforms their prime source of earning. 

The Creator Burnout is Real & Happening

A creator’s life might look like all roses on the outside. 

From ideation to getting the final cut ready, creators go through a lot, and most importantly, they must keep creating, boosting engagement, and monetizing constantly and all at once. 

With over 50 million channels, you are left with no other option but to create viral content that people love. And remember, you are competing with millions of other YouTubers who are probably creating videos in the same niche as yours. 

This creates creator burnout where people are constantly pushed to create, create, and create to sustain themselves in the creator community. 

In short, giant video platforms are super crowded and it is going to take a whole lot of time, and effort, to achieve big on the platform, especially if you are a debutant. 

The Disruption Due to Frequent Algorithm Updates

If you are a Youtuber for quite some time now, you’d probably know about the frequently updated algorithms. 

Newbie? This is what happens when an algorithm changes!

The point is Youtube wants its viewers to spend more time on the platform which basically means – making them watch more. 

Hence, it captures the viewing habits of users and suggests content that they would most prefer to watch. 

This will have a direct impact on content from YouTubers who are just starting off by not making an appearance on the recommendations. 

Monetization Policies & Demonetization

This is inevitable. Rules are rules and there are standard policies that only channels with over 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months can begin monetizing. 

This can be hard on budding influencers who want to grow as full-time creators. 

And, sometimes there are also odds of a piece of content being stamped not suitable for monetizing. Painstakingly created videos can be stamped as not-advertiser-friendly or may be declared as not in alignment with community guidelines, leading to demonetization in certain cases. 

Ad-friendly content has, unfortunately, become the need of the hour.

Ways Creators Can Thrive Besides YouTube Monetization

Ample space, scope, and flexibility to build a loyal subscriber base who value your videos and are willing to pay for the work you put into becomes highly essential. 

Here’s how YouTubers can continue to make the most of their videos with other options that will fetch good profits. 

1. Sign Up as a Creator on Membership Platforms

Create account with GUDSHO

There are a number of membership platforms out in the market such as Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee, GUDSHO, etc where you can sign up as a creator and launch your own video channel and acquire subscribers to rent out your videos to fans who love your work. These platforms are amazing in a way that besides subscriptions, you also get to form a community of like-minded people and sell them your content online. 

2. Monetize via Subscriptions or Pay-per-view

In most cases, publishing videos on giant video platforms will help you earn from ads; whose numbers are not very transparent. However, in monetization platforms like GUDSHO, you can monetize your premium content via subscription or give it out for rent via pay-per-view. This way, creators can make a sizeable profit besides earning from ads on platforms like YouTube. 

3. Endorse & Sell Merchandise

Now, this has two advantages to think of — 1. Everything from coffee mugs to hoodies that carry your brand name can be sold via merch and this is one of today’s most popular ways to earn a sizeable secondary income besides content creation. With a whole lot of on-demand printing services around, selling merch wouldn’t be that big of a hassle as you can sell your very own goodies 

You have a huge community of audience and to establish your brand in a better way, you can sell consumables with your brand. This way, you will be remembered more, even when they aren’t watching your video. 

4. Strike a Deal with Sponsors

Influencer marketing is going places and the time is not better than now to play with sponsored content. Make a deal with brands wherein they sponsor your content or become an affiliate and get paid for every sale your audiences make through the link you provide. People trust brands their favorite influencers suggest and this is one of the best ways to stretch your earnings in the long run. 

5. Affiliate with Brands

Affiliate marketing has taken the consumer goods industry by storm. Today’s buying decisions are more inclined toward influencer promotions rather than conventional advertising. And for a creator, what more than getting paid for helping brands and services convert a sale?

In short, affiliate marketing is one of the most gain-worthy ways to generate revenue while your audience makes a purchase through the affiliate links that you can provide in the content or in the description. Amazon Affiliate Program, for example, has been a great source of income as influencers can directly promote consumer goods to gain a monetary advantage for every purchase made. 

6. Continue Using YouTube to Reach People


YouTube is an amazing platform and there is absolutely no question about that. Even if you are not able to make enough money from the platform, it is still the world’s largest video hub. Make the most of your YouTube channel and followers; market your content and let them know you are available on other platforms as well. 

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Steer Clear of Trolls & Hatred

Creatives are meant to be valued. 
While social platforms offer great reach and engagement, trolls are something that has become inevitable. While there is moderation to control or ban mean comments and hatred, with the number of users being tremendously big, it becomes practically impossible to completely halt hate doings. 

There are options to turn off comments in general. However, negativity seeps in one way or another, causing a disruption in the creative process, and ideally, peace of mind is at stake. 

This calls for membership platforms like GUDSHO where the viewership is more like a community with no options to troll or pass hatred. With more like a tight-knit community, there is ideally no room for negative passing; only supporters and fans who truly love your work will be drawn to.

The Rising Value for a Premium Video Channel

Premium content is all the rave now. Besides all the reasons you want to have your own space for, it is premium content whose demand is risen above the rest. 

Creative independence and monetization freedom are not the only perks. Your audience love premium content too and are actually willing to pay for it. It is the demand for exclusivity that comes into play here.

“Fans are more inclined towards premium content and unique offerings that offer paid access.”

Hence, creators are more and more into launching their own video channels that speak their brand and vision with added advantage of monetary influx.

Final Thoughts

Giant video platforms are beneficial on many fronts from driving great traffic to paving way for video income. However, there are challenges associated with each of them considering how flooded these spaces are becoming and practical, real-time hurdles are inevitable with the growing competition.

It is evident in plain sight how creators need to start digging into alternatives that combine the goodness of YouTube with the best monetization opportunities

The time is now. The one who diversifies his options sustains and there are multiple ways as we discussed to make extra cash with popular membership/ donation platforms that can be great sources of income besides the sum you are earning from large video hubs.

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