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Best Membership Site Platforms for Content Creators in 2024 

  1. GUDSHO – Ultimate Platform for Premium Membership
  2. Patreon – Best Membership Platform for Artists and Creators
  3. Podia – Sell Online Memberships in an Easy Way!
  4. Mighty Networks – Build Online Communities, Courses & Memberships
  5. Kajabi – Popular Video Marketing Platform for Creators

No doubt, the journey from the early days of static websites to the dynamic platforms of today is truly remarkable. Fast forward to 2024, and we find ourselves immersed in a digital era where membership platforms redefine the way content creators connect with their audience.

Membership website platforms have become the keystone for those seeking not just a web presence, but a thriving and engaging community. In fact, membership platforms empower both companies and solo entrepreneurs to establish a lasting connection with their audience. 

By now, if you are wondering where to begin on your journey to membership success, fear not. We have curated a list of the best membership site builders for 2024, tailored to meet the unique needs of content creators like you. 

With this in mind, let’s discover the perfect membership platform to boost up your online presence and take up your revenue to a whole new level. 

5 Best Membership Site Platform in 2024 

In this part, let us explore the top membership site platforms of 2024 through our carefully selected list. GUDSHO, Patreon, Podia, Mighty Networks, and Kajabi emerge as preferred options for creators. Let us look into each one of the membership site platforms in detail.

1. GUDSHO – Ultimate Platform for Premium Membership

GUDSHO, well-known as one of the best membership platforms, excels in video monetization and selling online memberships. Nevertheless, with exceptional scalability, it enables content creators to host unlimited on-demand and live videos, offering a variety of monetization options. 

The platform features a robust Content Management System, making it an ideal choice for diverse content creators. Boasting a range of monetization models and three-layer security, GUDSHO is tailored for media houses, sports events, learning institutions, and religious services, thereby providing instant channel setup and high-definition video delivery.

Key Features of GUDSHO: 

  • Video platform API for flawless integration.
  • Unlimited video hosting without any limitations.
  • 4K live streaming for high quality content delivery.
  • 360° marketing toolkit for effective promotional strategies.
  • Powerful Video CMS for organized content management.
  • Bundle video series for enhanced content experience.
  • Customizable subscriptions meet diverse content needs.
  • Adaptive bitrate technology ensures smooth streaming.
  • Auto-Generated promos streamline promotional efforts. 

Free Trial – 14 days free trial is available. 

GUDSHO Pricing:
  • Stream Plan – a user-friendly video platform designed to captivate your audience effortlessly. Priced at $120 per month, billed annually, this plan offers unlimited viewership, customizable catalogs, global CDNs, 360° video analytics, and 24/7 chat and email support.
  • Stream Plus Plan – Comes with  advanced monetization features. With a starting price of $799 per month, billed annually, this plan boasts advanced features, including 5+ monetization options, 4K live streaming, offline viewing choices, platform API, advanced integrations, and a dedicated customer success team.
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2. Patreon – Best Membership Platform for Artists and Creators

Founded in 2013, Patreon stands as one of the leading membership platforms catering specifically to digital creators, including video makers, podcasters, musicians, and various content creators. With its unique ability to create membership tiers, Patreon becomes a valuable choice for those with smaller audiences, catering to an exclusive and supportive community. 

While over 8 million monthly active members and 250,000 creators, Patreon has facilitated a staggering $3.5 billion payout to content creators. Above all, it is especially recognized for its flexibility, offering creators a platform to thrive on their terms. 

Key Features of Patreon: 

  • Dynamic engagement tools. 
  • Simplifies the distribution of content. 
  • One can track vital metrics such as earnings effortlessly.
  • Enables creators to sell individual pieces of digital content. 
  • Seamlessly connects with other platforms. 
  • Handles secure payment transactions globally. 
  • Allows creators to set early access for releases.
  • Simplifies the complexities of tax and payment processing. 

Free Trial – Yes, it is available (7 days) 

Patreon Pricing: $0/month (+5%-12% fee)

Pro plan – Comes with all the essential tools designed to directly earn income from your community. Access a robust set of features, including monthly and annual subscriptions, membership tiers, free trials, special offers, priority customer support, and engaging tools. Gain valuable insights into member analytics to optimize your creative process.

Premium – Enhanced toolkit for direct income generation and business growth. With a 12% fee on your Patreon earnings, enjoy premium features encompassing everything from the Pro plan, along with exclusive benefits like a dedicated partner manager, team accounts, and access to merch for membership.

3. Podia – Sell Online Memberships in an Easy Way!

Podia allows creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses to build, manage, and monetize their membership websites with ease. With the ability to create and sell online courses, digital downloads, and more, Podia stands out with features like scheduled content releases and automated email campaigns. 

However, it is important to note that Podia has limited community features and customization options compared to other video membership platforms. Despite this, its built-in email marketing, Stripe and PayPal support, and EU VAT handling make it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized subscription programs.

Key Features of Podia:

  • Built-in Email Marketing for effective communication.
  • Affiliate Program Integration for seamless management.
  • Allows diverse content creation for varied courses and materials.
  • Versatile Membership Management for unlimited customers and plans.
  • Pre-sells & Upsells for enhanced revenue strategies.
  • Live Preview Options for dynamic user experiences.
  • Affordable and accessible for small to medium-sized programs.
  • User-friendly experiences with a drag-and-drop website builder.

Free Trial – Yes, Podia provides free trial for its users.

Podia Pricing:
  • The Free plan allows one to build a website, products, and community at no cost, with a 10% fee on transactions. 
  • For a more personalized touch, the Starter plan at $9 per month (discounted to $4 per month) offers a custom domain and reduced fees of 8%. 
  • As you advance, the Mover plan at $39 per month (discounted to $33 per month) has 5% transaction fees, allowing unlimited access to downloads, coaching, courses, webinars, and product bundles. 
  • For those aiming to scale, the Shaker plan at $89 per month (discounted to $59 for the first year, then $75) offers advanced marketing features with no transaction fees, providing unlimited resources for your growing business. 
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4. Mighty Networks – Build Online Communities, Courses & Memberships

Mighty Networks stirs up the concept of membership sites by offering a diverse range of features that go far beyond many other traditional models. From articles and videos to podcasts and online courses, it provides a platform for content creators to sell online memberships with ease. 

The dedicated mobile app ensures seamless content access, while third-party integrations and flexible spaces enhance the user experience. Mighty Networks supports various revenue streams, allowing creators to generate revenue in 135 different currencies. 

Key Features of Mighty Networks:

  • Zoom integration for seamless live event hosting and webinars.
  • Native course builder for direct course creation within the platform.
  • Mighty Co-Host™ AI Engine for enhanced community engagement.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams – Events, courses, and private group support.
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop customization and promotion.
  • Flexible subscription models for varied content access levels.
  • Convenient support for iOS and Android with in-app purchases. 
  • Built-in ambassador program for community incentivization and growth. 

Free Trial – 14-days Free trial is there to make the most out of the platform. 

Mighty Network Pricing: 
  • The Courses Plan at $99 per month (billed annually) provides everything you need to create, charge for courses, and get into a membership model. Enjoy a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. 
  • Scaling up? The Business Plan at $179 per month (billed annually) offers advanced features to grow your community or course business, complete with a 14-day free trial. 
  • For those aiming to maximize the platform experience, the Mighty Pro Plan offers branded apps and additional features to boost engagement and revenue.

5. Kajabi – All-in-one Membership Management Software

Kajabi stands as a feature-rich membership platform, allowing creators to generate revenue through subscriptions and memberships. Boasting tools for building engaging communities, it facilitates real-time chat and ensures 24/7 live support. With sales and marketing tools, Kajabi excels in the online learning market with its popular course-building features. 

Furthermore, the mobile-friendly features, ready-to-use templates, and drag-and-drop visual builders streamline the membership site creation process with ease. Nevertheless, despite being a higher-cost option, Kajabi provides a number of pages, opt-in forms, and automated email campaigns for robust user engagement and product launches. 

Key Features of Kajabi:

  • A number of community tools for real-time chat and continuous support.
  • Popular course-building features that are renowned in the online learning market.
  • The Kajabi Assistant is there for quick setup and ongoing assistance for creators.
  • Detailed subscription reports to track churn rate, monthly recurring revenue, etc. 
  • Enhanced customer awareness and engagement programs.
  • Automated email campaigns for seamless user engagement.
  • The platform supports transactions done via PayPal and Stripe. 
  • Mobile-friendly features that are optimized for iOS and Android users.

Free Trial – Yes, It is available 

Kajabi Pricing: 
  • The Basic Plan at $119 per month (billed annually) is ideal for getting your business up and running, offering essential features with 0% transaction fees. 
  • The Growth Plan at $159 per month (billed annually), can expand your offering and audience, providing advanced features like an affiliate program, 24/7 chat support, etc. 
  • For those aiming to scale even further, the Pro Plan at $319 per month (billed annually) offers a wide-ranging suite of advanced features, including a custom code editor.

Wrapping Up 

As we conclude the blog regarding the best membership site platforms for content creators in 2024, the options are incredibly diverse, catering to a spectrum of needs. 

GUDSHO stands out with unique engagement features, while Patreon excels in providing a supportive community, especially for smaller audiences. Podia streamlines online course creation, Mighty Networks emphasizes versatility, and Kajabi offers feature-rich membership solutions. 

All in all, we can say that each video membership platform addresses distinct requirements, providing creators with all the necessary tools. Whether launching courses, building communities, or scaling a business, these online video platforms are capable of offering tailored solutions for content creators to boost up their online presence to a much greater extent. 

That concludes this blog. We hope you found it useful! See you again.

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