How to Make Money as a Content Creator

How to Make Money as a Content Creator

Making money online is great, without a doubt. Be it flexibility, financial independence, or the ability to work at your own pace, your own schedule, and from anywhere in the world — online video content monetization sometimes sounds like a too-good-to-be-true deal.

As alluring as it sounds, making money online comes with its own caveats. Unfortunately, 99% of people overlook the complexities involved and often fail in their attempts.  

As content creators ourselves, we’ve amassed a wealth of experiences—both positive and negative—in the online content monetization space. We’ve crafted this article to help ensure you don’t fall into the same pitfalls as the majority.

So, let’s understand everything about earning money online as a content creator. Let’s see how much you can make online, the best ways to earn money online, and the best platforms to get started with earning your first dollar online, etc., in the next few minutes. 

What Does Making Money Online Mean?

Making money online means earning revenue from content created and shared on the internet. Broadly speaking, it can include various strategies. Some of the best ways to earn money online include displaying advertisements on a website or blog, offering subscription-based access to exclusive content, selling digital products or services, affiliate marketing, receiving sponsorships from brands, and accepting donations or tips from followers.

How Much Money Can You Make Online?

The amount of money you can make online varies widely based on factors like audience size, niche, engagement, and the monetization strategies employed. The table below represents a rough estimate of the potential monthly earnings for each profession. Keep in mind that these figures are approximations and can fluctuate based on the specific circumstances and efforts of the content creator.

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How Much Money Can You Make Online?

The amount of money you can make online varies widely based on factors like audience size, niche, engagement, and the monetization strategies employed. The table below represents a rough estimate of the potential monthly earnings for each profession. Keep in mind that these figures are approximations and can fluctuate based on the specific circumstances and efforts of the content creator.

Profession/ActivityApproximate Monthly Earnings
Start a podcast$200 – $5,000+
Start a VOD channel$300 – $10,000+
Teach an online course$500 – $10,000+
Start offering exclusive content$100 – $5,000+
Hosting a webinar$500 – $20,000+
Sell your own products on social platforms$500 – $10,000+
Reviewing products$100 – $5,000+
Find brand sponsorships$1,000 – $50,000+
Donations$50 – $3,000+
Monetize your live streams$200 – $10,000+

10 Ways to Make Money Online as a Content Creator

Best Ways Creators Make Money

Making money online is not as easy as it may sound. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to begin, especially when you don’t have the right strategy in place. So, we have compiled a list of ways to make money online in 2024.

1. Start a Podcast

Podcasts are becoming popular of late. Famous podcast site Listen Notes suggests that there are a total of 3.2 Million podcasts out there. 

So, what makes Podcasts special? Podcasts allow content creators to dive into specific areas of their knowledge or share their long-earned expertise with a much larger audience on a global stage. Typically, a podcast makes money from advertisements, sponsorships, and sometimes even direct support (as donations) from listeners. 

Podcasts can be an Ideal option for you if you’re a passionate individual or an expert in any field. To begin with, you can touch upon a variety of topics, from tech trends to personal stories. 

For example, a tech enthusiast might start a podcast discussing the latest gadgets, attracting tech companies for sponsorships. Similarly, a music aficionado can start a podcast to review newly released albums and concerts. 

Irrespective of the genre, podcasts can be a good avenue to make money online, especially if you’re a beginner. 

Level: Beginner

Suitable for: A podcast is suitable for beginners who are passionate about a topic and willing to learn the basics of recording and editing audio. It’s a good starting point to build an audience.

Professions: Writers, Journalists, Hobbyists, Educators, Storytellers, etc.

2. Start a VOD Channel

Video On Demand channels allow content creators to host, stream, and monetize their videos on demand. Simply put, they offer a platform for creators to showcase their talents through video content. For instance, platforms like GUDSHO enable multi video monetization via advertisements, subscription fees, and pay-per-view offerings.

This route is perfect for creators like filmmakers, DIY crafters, or tech reviewers like MKBHD; they offer consistent, high-quality content that can draw large audiences. 

A cooking channel, for instance, can generate substantial income by partnering with kitchenware brands.

Suitable for: A VOD channel/platform is ideal for creators with significant experience in video production and content strategy. It requires a commitment to producing high-quality content and an understanding of SEO and platform algorithms.

Professions: Filmmakers, Video Game Streamers, Culinary Chefs, Travel Vloggers, Educational Content Creators, etc.

3. Teach an Online Course

Teaching an online course allows experts in one particular field (say, marketing or branding) to share their knowledge with a large audience. This way, educators can earn by charging for their courses through platforms like Coursera, GUDSHO, or Kajabi. 

Apart from monetary benefits, educators gain immense satisfaction in impacting students’ lives. Courses can teach anything from programming languages like Angular, React, or Python to creative writing, as they typically start with a diverse learner base. An experienced graphic designer, for example, could create a course on advanced design techniques. This way, s/he can also help others while generating an income for themselves.

Level: Intermediate 

Suitable for: Teaching an online course is a good option to make money. It is especially so for those with a good grasp of a specific subject and some experience in content creation. But, it requires a bit more confidence and authority in the subject matter.

Professions: Professional Tutors, Software Developers, Graphic Designers, Musicians, Photographers.

4. Offer Exclusive Content

Start offering exclusive content — It is easier said than done. What kind of content, you may ask?

Well, this could mean anything from in-depth analysis and study materials on a particular topic like ThinkSchool or video editing programs like Aevy TV. For this, you can use subscriber-only content on platforms like Patreon or Substack. 

It’s a model that works well for creators with a niche audience — someone who’s willing to pay extra for valuable content. This strategy not only boosts your revenue but also strengthens the creator-audience relationship. 

For instance, a fantasy novelist might offer subscribers early access to chapters or exclusive short stories.

Level: Intermediate 

Suitable for: Exclusive content is suitable for creators who have begun to establish a following and can offer exclusive content to further monetize their audience. It requires some understanding of audience needs and content marketing.

Professions: Bloggers, Vloggers, Digital Artists, Fitness Trainers, Life Coaches, etc.

5. Hosting a Webinar

Surprising as it sounds, hosting webinars can actually earn you a good amount of money online. Firstly, webinars allow experts to share knowledge with a large community at once. Plus, they can also promote their services while generating income through registrations, sponsorships, or selling products. 

For instance, a digital marketing expert could host webinars on the latest SEO and content marketing strategies. This way, s/he can attract other businesses and individuals looking to improve their online presence.

Webinars can be surprisingly effective for targeting specific interests or professional development topics. They offer an excellent opportunity to establish oneself as an authority in a particular field. 

Level: Intermediate 

Hosting a Webinar: Suitable for individuals with expertise in a niche area and some experience in public speaking or teaching. Intermediate creators can leverage webinars for deeper engagement and monetization.

Professions: Business Consultants, Financial Advisors, Marketing Experts, Health Professionals, Legal Experts, etc.

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6. Sell Your Own Products on Social Platforms

This one is obvious among all, and it is also known as small business e-commerce. Selling products directly on social media platforms like Instagram, X, or Facebook allows creators to tap into their follower base for sales. But the catch is you need to have a dedicated following established through some other channels (like Vimeo, GUDSHO, or YouTube). After all, you need to build some traffic to convert them into buyers. 

And the flip side is you can make money out of anything, quite literally — from handmade crafts to digital art; creators can market various products.

This direct-to-consumer model is highly profitable and offers the flexibility to control branding and customer experience. An artist, for instance, could sell prints of their work or custom commissions through social media shops.

Level: Intermediate/ Expert

Suitable for: It is Ideal for creators with a craft or product to sell, leveraging platforms like Instagram, X, or Facebook. 

Professions: Artists, Crafters, Jewelry Makers, Fashion Designers, Print Designers, etc.

7. Reviewing Products

Product reviews can be a highly lucrative income stream for creators. How it works?

It’s quite simple. Offer honest reviews on YouTube or a blog, and earn money through affiliate marketing or direct sponsorships from brands. This approach is ideal for creators who have built trust with their audience. So, clearly, this is a long-term game and not suited for individuals who want to make some quick bucks. 

MKBHD, iJustine, and Beebom are great examples.

Level: Intermediate & Experts

Suitable for: However, beginners can also start by reviewing products they already own or are passionate about. This requires minimal setup, just honest opinions and a platform to share on.

Profession: Tech Enthusiasts, Beauty Bloggers, Book Reviewers, Fitness Aficionados, Gadget Geeks.

8. Find Brand Sponsorships

Brand sponsorships involve collaborating with companies to promote products or services to a creator’s audience. Without a doubt, it can be a highly rewarding deal for creators with a significant following and high engagement rates. 

However, don’t be too salesy or pushy initially. (Creators should) make sure that your sponsorships align with the brand’s value and your audience’s mood to keep promotions authentic.
For example, if you’re a fitness influencer, you could partner with sports apparel brands and integrate product placements into your content.

Level: Expert

Suitable for:  Best for creators with a large, engaged audience and a strong personal brand. But this also requires negotiation skills and the ability to create content that aligns with brand goals.

Professions: Influencers, Fashion Bloggers, Tech Reviewers, Professional Athletes, Entertainment Celebrities, etc.

9. Receive Donations

You may ask why people should donate their hard-earned money in the first place. Well, they certainly do, and there’s a valid reason. People often like to identify themselves as part of a larger community or sometimes a cult. Consequently, fans are willing to financially support their favorite creators, donating their own money to access content they enjoy.

Accepting donations through platforms like Ko-fi, Patreon, or direct payments allows creators to monetize their content while maintaining creative freedom. 

This method is particularly effective for creators who offer valuable content for free. It relies on the goodwill of the audience but can supplement income significantly. 

Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Expert

Suitable for: Almost anyone with a few hundred to a few million followers can accept donations, provided they offer unique content and command a dedicated audience.

10. Monetize Your Live Streams

Monetizing live streams through platforms like Twitch or YouTube Live includes earning through ads, subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships. This is ideal for creators who can engage with their audience in real time, like gamers, musicians, online tutors, fitness gurus, or celebrities who host live Q&A sessions.
Interactivity and real-time engagement are what separates live streaming from other forms of on-demand content. It can foster a community sense and disseminate information instantaneously, leading to exceptionally higher earnings.

A gamer streaming daily gameplay, for instance, can earn through viewer subscriptions and donations. 

But there’s also a negative side to it. Live streaming monetization is not suited for creators who cannot handle the technical and emotional complexities of going live.

Level: Intermediate/Expert

Suitable for: For experts who are comfortable with real-time interaction and have a large following. Expertise in engaging viewers and sustaining their interest is crucial.

Professions: Professional Gamers, Musicians, Performers, Event Hosts, Public Speakers, Online Tutors, etc.

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We have discussed so much about how to make money online in the last few minutes. But this blog would be incomplete if we didn’t suggest ways to earn online.

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