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How Your Fitness Channel Will Look Like with GUDSHO?

Tens of thousands of fitness videos are making rounds the minute you turn online. People from all walks of life find online fitness coaching content interesting, and something they can perform at the comfort and convenience of their homes, which has become highly popular for online fitness trainers to expand their horizons.

Online Fitness Coaching — the New Normal

Fitness is a massive industry and making a shift from well-equipped gyms and sports studios to a fully online landscape is something the world has accepted. Home-driven programs are gaining momentum and immense popularity among health and wellness enthusiasts considering that it is more feasible and is not physically demanding to travel or be worried about pandemic effects among other factors that are demotivating to follow exercise regimes without hassles.

This has paved a new way for fitness influencers to carry the vibe and make the fullest use of it by recording fitness classes, taking them online, and monetizing this sort of exclusive, power-packed content to a clientele they already have, growing a new client base, or expand it without spending much on promotions and paid advertising.

Fitness on-Demand Streaming Takes Front Seat

Like many other tutoring niches that have made their way into streaming, fitness-on-demand services have also grown tremendously, especially this past decade.

“Revenue from the digital fitness & wellness segment is forecasted to surpass $96 Bn by 2023.”

Similarly, fitness on-demand lessons seem to be the new way to train as health and wellness enthusiasts find them more economical, time-saving, and value for money. Also, from smartwatches to health-tracking apps, the Genz enthusiasts are ready to invest in gadgets and apps that make life better and healthier.

However, It is not just people who love to engage in digital fitness classes and health apps, trainers and influencers find them equally beneficial in terms of expanding their client base, and earning more than what they garner from in-studio lessons.

Furthermore, as a fitness influencer, you can

  • Be flexible with your training schedule
  • Record and stream video sessions with minimal spending and equipment
  • Reach clients beyond geographical limitations
  • Deliver hybrid lessons (both in-studio and virtual)
  • Earn via sponsors and fitness brand endorsements that will pay extra cash
  • Boost your identity as a brand

What Kind of Fitness Content Can be Monetized?

The health and wellness industry is larger than you think. But, besides trainers who sweat out to train their clientele, there are also good fitness influencers and wellness content creators who aren’t able to make enough money from perhaps, their yoga lessons or meditation classes. All they need is the right space to showcase their work and gain the monetary best out of it.

“The average revenue per user in the online fitness industry is projected to reach $68 by 2027.”

Typically anyone with great fitness, health, or wellness content at hand that people would find power-packed, reinventing, or rejuvenating to pay for can take their videos online, stream them, and make money out of it.

Here’s a list of health and fitness content that can be monetized largely:

  • Online practice sessions
  • Strength training
  • Zumba routines
  • Bootcamp programs
  • Exercise tutorials
  • Yoga classes
  • Meditation courses
  • Crossfit videos
  • Cardio training & more

There are a lot more wellness niches that can be monetized as well. But, making good money by showcasing your coaching skills is something only a smart platform that aces monetization can help you achieve in full. 

GUDSHO – The Only Platform Fitness Experts Need to be On

It is very important for fitness influencers, experts, or studio owners to channel their skill, content, and passion to monetize to the fullest extent.

“GUDSHO is a one-stop platform to channel, stream, & monetize fitness content 5X more.”

Besides being an amazing platform with feature-rich tools and features that help you distribute and earn from any kind of fitness content, GUDSHO also lets you stand out from the crowd and create your own identity in every way possible.

Starting a Fitness Channel on GUDSHO

With no hidden charges, the platform is a full-on space to organize, manage, and monetize your brand’s fitness content to the fullest, either on a recurring basis or a one-time rental fee structure for your videos provided you have the right qualifications and passion towards taking your fitness business to the next level.

In less than 5 minutes, you can quickly signup, create your own fitness channel and start publishing workout routines and other exercise videos you want to monetize right on your channel – it is as simple as that!

How Does My Fitness Channel on GUDSHO Look Like?

Every video platform is unique and as far as GUDSHO is concerned, it is a hub that creators of all kinds can use to carve a space of their own. But, to begin with, we wanted to give a complete glimpse of what you can do with your fitness channel and what it will look like to your viewers.

1. Unique in Brand Presence

Projecting your brand and offerings with a power-packed cover, go ahead placing your logo in the channel logo space. Kickstart your profile with an engaging and intuitive one-liner that best describes your brand. With this, you’ve done the bare minimum after which you can go ahead publishing all that electrifying content in customized categories that your clientele would love to benefit from.

In short, you can

  • Upload your display image
  • Place a cover image
  • Write a one-liner about your brand
  • Fill in the About Section
  • Create custom categories
  • Start publishing

In a bird’s eye view, this is what the basics of your fitness channel looks like. Once you are over with the aesthetics and a brief describing what your brand means to you and how your viewers can gain the best experience out of it.

2. Power-packed in Aesthetics

It is not any other channel, but fitness. We have curated every single detail of a GUDSHO channel to be fully professional and adaptable to any biz that wants to make it big with the potential of videos. Especially with workouts or routines, your channel will reflect all it takes to create a lasting impression as an ideal and credible virtual fitness coach or yoga trainer who can exert his field of expertise to the best.

GUDSHO is fitness-niche-friendly with

  • Fitness-adaptive Video CMS
  • Pre-built features
  • Client-familiar options
  • Smooth & transparent UI
  • Easily navigable pages
  • Professional fonts 
  • Click-worthy video template

All this in addition to intuitive and minimalist features that you can draw great traction from your client base your brand aims to target and convert into lifetime clients.

3. Dynamic in Performance

Besides all the amazing aesthetics, it is the video performance that actually counts. GUDSHO has an in-built video player which plays all your hard-made videos to perfection. Furthermore, the loading times are super fast and latency is an absolute low, which makes your client base look for more content they can binge and engage with and simply not abandon after a month’s subscription. 

Keep your viewers hooked on your channel with 

  • 4K Video player
  • High-definition picture quality
  • Lightning fast playback
  • Low-latency video delivery
  • Stutter-free global streaming

A visually compelling and convincing video is what will drive immense engagement for your clients who are keen on actually making use of your courses and coaching sessions to become more active and healthier.

4. Rewarding in Monetization

As much as we focus on giving you an ultimate space to showcase your brand and fitness content, we also make sure a channel on GUDSHO is rewarding monetary-wise to the fullest, which is the ultimate goal of any brand that wants to establish itself in the widely competitive field. To serve this very purpose, we let you offer access to your clients through varied revenue models, both you and your clients would be economically balanced with.

Reach monetary goals on your channel by

  • Selling flexible subscription tiers
  • Renting out videos on a pay-per-view basis
  • Accept donations for each piece of content

You can also offer your services without cost with the “Watch Free” option depending on your business model.

5. Insightful in Stats

It is the engagement and revenue that matters, not just to fitness studios, but to any video biz that wants to make big with GUDSHO. However, to sustain yourself as an expert fitness coach who is looking for a career or business expansion with a loyal customer base who will continually engage and pay for your coaching services month-on-month, it is very much vital to track end-to-end channel and video performance to study and understand how things are working on the whole.

Your channel offers

Make use of the data to tweak and prioritize content that works & create episodic courses that will fetch more income from subscriptions.

Final Thoughts

Fitness is all about the coordination of mind, body, and soul – which the world is largely in search of. Hence, when it comes to online fitness coaching, your complete focus ought to be on delivering your expertise in the most appalling way and not on streaming or monetizing technicalities. This is exactly what GUDSHO was built for; to make your fitness teaching journey as seamless as possible. With a robust and all-inclusive channel you as a coach and your customers can make the best use of, the platform is an intuitive space where engagement and revenue from fitness coaching can be easily achieved with.


How do I make my fitness channel successful on GUDSHO?

GUDSHO is all about exclusivity. The best workout channels on GUDSHO drive engagement for their unique offerings and organized video courses. In short, 
i) Shout out your channel launch
ii) Pre-organize & schedule your online courses
iii) Keep your channel active at all times
iv) Analyze what works & what doesn’t

How to sell fitness videos on GUDSHO?

Monetizing your yoga, meditation, aerobics, or any kind of fitness content on GUDSHO is seamless and rewarding to earn 5x more. You can sell via
i) Subscriptions (SVOD)
ii) Pay-per-view (TVOD)
Accept Donations

How GUDSHO works for the fitness Industry?

GUDSHO is an ideal platform for creators of all kinds and is an amazing place creators who are keen on tutoring, coaching, and online fitness experts and enthusiasts can leverage for with a fitness video CMS, HD video player, monetization tools, and analytics to widen their client base across the globe. 

Is having a fitness channel on GUDSHO a good idea?

Need we say? GUDSHO has been a great space for several of today’s fitness studios and influencers who today earn a sustainable income month-on-month. With the right resources & tools for power-packed fitness streaming and monetization, having a fitness channel on the platform is not only good, but a great idea.

How much can I earn max with my fitness videos on GUDSHO?

What one can earn from GUDSHO with his fitness videos can be subjective depending on content quality, followership, viewing time, promotions among others. However, one thing is sure – as much as you keep you page active, publish regularly, and drive viewership, making the best use of our features, there is nothing that can stop you from earning 5X more.

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