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How to Sell Live and On-demand Yoga Classes Online [+5 Platforms]

Would you like to make 10x of your income as a yoga instructor? If “Yes,” today’s article is specifically for you. We’ll shed light on the important aspects of selling yoga courses online, enlightening you with the methods to monetize and platforms to consider.

We’re also gonna guide you on how you should set your pricing and how not to.

Buckle up! It’s gonna be all exciting and fill you in with the knowledge of a lifetime you need to become an ultra-successful Yogipreneur.

Why Is Online Yoga Meant To Thrive?

Yoga Videos Statistics

As per the stats from Zippia, there are various reasons why you should consider providing online yoga classes:

  • 30 million people from the USA and more than 300 million people worldwide practice yoga.
  • The annual revenue of the yoga industry in America is $9.09 billion, and it’s expected to grow at 9.6% CAGR from 2021 to 2027.
  • An average person in the U.S. spends more than $60,000 on yoga classes, workshops, and equipment.
  • The global yoga industry has been estimated to be worth $215 billion by 2025.

Fitness market is already huge, and is progressing with each passing year. By taking the online approach, yoga tutors can create the content in their own time. They can also serve their audiences better who are swamped with their busy schedules and don’t have time to attend physical yoga classes.

Are you looking for the streaming platform to sell your Yoga content online?

Benefits Of Selling Yoga Courses Online

Other than the popularity of online yoga classes, there are many more reasons why yoga teachers should consider tutoring online. Let’s have some of these reasons here-

Additional Income Source

Your online yoga tutoring can create an additional income source even if it’s a passive one. With time, if your classes start to make an impact and attract a bigger audience, you can have it as a more regular income source.

More Audience Coverage

Almost everyone has a hectic schedule nowadays, so there is less to no time to attend physical yoga classes. In this instance, online yoga classes can be a big help for the seekers. By availing your sessions online, you reach a larger audience that you might have missed otherwise.

Create Once And Sell Always

In online tutoring, you record the videos once and upload them in your library. From the library, these videos can be brought unlimited times and each time by a new visitor. This as compared to traditional yoga classes saves you huge time and effort, and provides more earning opportunities.

Keeping It Affordable

This one applies to both learners and tutors. As a tutor, you don’t have to own a yoga studio to conduct classes. Instead, you can stream from a room, get the basic equipment, and teach effectively.

Learners, too, save on travel expenses and traditional yoga classes that tend to cost more than online classes. This also motivates more people to join yoga online. 

Establish Authority In Your Field

By providing online yoga courses regularly, you can reach more people and establish yourself as a credible source or expert in what you do. Once you are seen as an authority in your field, more traffic will be generated earn from your fitness videos, and people will naturally rely on your videos for their fitness journey. 

However, you need to bring your own style while creating the content for your yoga videos; people prefer authenticity over anything else.

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How To Sell Yoga Classes Online?

There are various options that make selling yoga courses online possible. Let’s uncover the most popular and profitable ways to generate money as a yoga instructor.

Sign Up On Streaming Platforms

The very first thing you should do is make yourself aware of some popular online video platforms. These platforms help you host your video content online.

Check for the niche whether or not the platform supports health and fitness-related content. You might also get various ways to monetize video content.

Looking to Launch your own Fitness streaming channel?

Stream In Real Time And Monetize

Most streaming platforms provide live streaming solution, so you can connect with your viewers in real-time. You can conduct your yoga sessions live and monetize these streams.

Set Up A Subscription Paywall

Next, you can earn by offering your on-demand or pre-recorded video content library to your audience via subscriptions. For this method, the people interested in learning from your yoga courses would pay the subscription fee.

Once they have paid, they can access your video library for a certain time. Subscribers can pay you monthly or yearly as per their preferences and budget.

Provide Your Videos On Rentals Or Pay-Per-View

The PPV or pay-per-view method comes in handy when, instead of selling the entire video library for a specific fee, you want to sell videos separately. Your audience pays for whichever video or yoga course they like the most.

PPV also works best for live streams where you can earn money while connecting with your audience in real time. This would also generate money if you create exclusive yoga videos and want to put these videos behind a paywall.

Place an Advertisements

Advertisement-based Video-On-Demand or AVOD method is most suitable if you are still dubious about whether or not your audience would pay to access your content.

Using this method, you can provide your yoga videos for free; however, you can run ads between your videos and earn for every impression and click.

Search For Sponsorships

As a yoga content creator, you can apply for sponsorships with brands of similar niches. This is another way to generate additional revenue besides earning from ads, subscriptions, or renting out your videos.

This one works best when you have a good amount of followers. You send out proposals to various brands and wait for their response. Once a brand selects you, you can promote their products in your videos and get paid.

“Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony.” – Debasish Mridha.

5 Platforms To Sell Your Yoga Videos Online

If you’re wondering about the right streaming platforms offering various monetization options, let us present the 5 best platforms to start with.

#1 GUDSHOSell On-Demand And Live Yoga Classes Easily

GUDSHO offers on-demand video hosting and live streaming services. If you are a Yoga Instructor looking to monetize from your premium fitness videos, GUDSHO can be the perfect platform. You can monetize using Subscriptions, Pay-Per-View, Rentals, Donations, and Advertisements. 

With GUDSHO, you get unlimited storage, so you can host as many videos as you want. The metadata management here optimizes your video for better visibility in search engines. 

The platform provides you with social media integrations to reach a wider audience. With its special screening, you can offer private hosting and get your videos streamed by authorized viewers.


  • 5+ monetization methods
  • Advanced video CMS
  • Customizable subscriptions
  • 4K live streaming
  • In-depth analytics

#2 VPlayed – For Custom Yoga Platform And Application

VPlayed creates OTT platforms and applications for businesses and organizations. It’s a comprehensive white-label platform that provides multiple customization factors for your video player. 

VPlayed offers 9+ revenue models, covering the most popular ones based on Subscriptions, Advertisements, Rentals, Coupons, Promotions, and more.

You can pick your choice of security options for your OTT platform. Similarly, you can deploy all the integrations in no time. With its robust live streaming, you can conduct non-stop webinars, digital events, and sessions in real time.


  • Fully-branded OTT platform and application
  • Lifetime ownership
  • 9+ monetization methods
  • Free migration
  • 99.9% uptime
  • 100+ integrations
  • 3-layer security

#3 Uscreen – All-In-One Video Hosting Platform

Uscreen provides OTT platform and app development services to content creators. Uscreen is a white-label platform where you can choose any customizations for your video player and get them included in your own OTT website.

The platform provides earnings via memberships and subscriptions. You get to build your community where your audience can engage and create value. You can also calculate your estimated earnings with their ready-to-use calculator.


  • Live streaming
  • OTT website and apps development
  • Video monetization
  • Community creation tools
  • Marketing and retention tools

#4 Vimeo – Professional Video Hosting Platform

If you’re an individual creator or own a video business, you can rely on Vimeo for video creation and hosting. Vimeo’s scalability ensures that you can request any amount of resources you need.

You can access various monetization options to set your video content behind a paywall and earn. 

The platform provides cinematic quality streaming, allowing 4K, 8K, and Dolby Vision.


  • Customizations for video player
  • SEO optimization for your videos
  • Video editing tools
  • Password-protected videos
  • Auto-transcription

#5 Yondo – Perfect Solution For Selling Live Online Sessions

Yondo helps you sell your on-demand yoga videos and monetize live streams. There are options to create your online stores from scratch using their pre-designed templates and utilize automated emails, booking calendars, and more. If you already have a website, you can use Yondo’s plugins and integrate its functionalities.

You can also conduct webinars, video consultations, and group classes, connecting with your audience in real time. 


  • Yondo affiliate program, monthly memberships, and rentals
  • Clickable CTAs
  • Video embedding
  • Dropbox and other integrations
  • Video previews

How To Price Your Yoga Classes?

If you’re new to instructing yoga online, it’s natural to feel hesitant while setting up prices for your yoga classes. Instructors often end up setting their prices too low or too high, deterring potential clients. 

While the average yoga instructor earnings can fall between $10 and $30, it still varies as per the many factors that differ for you. Here we bring you some important factors to consider and set the prices correctly.

Analyze Your Competitors

This is the most essential step you can’t afford to ignore. Use Google and look at your competitors, see what kind of services they offer, and the prices they charge. 

Know the types of yoga practices they offer and whether they provide private lessons or group classes. All these things will help you create an outline for your yoga course pricing.

Expenses On Gadgets

Since you’re tutoring yoga online, you don’t have to spend on rent, travel, and setting up the studio. However, you still need to invest in gadgets and equipment such as a camera, tripod, mic, lighting, and a professional background. You must still buy accessories such as yoga mats, exercise balls, and resistance bands.

Expenses On Platforms

Since you’re providing online yoga classes, you must rely on some platform to deliver these classes. If you use an online streaming platform, it will probably charge you monthly; consider this price while setting up your yoga class pricing.

The Types Of Classes

Next, consider the type of classes you will be conducting. For example, every private yoga session can be priced around $80 as compared to a group class where prices drop to $15 per session.

And Consider Your Unique Values


  • Years of experience
  • Certifications
  • Qualifications

Also, count if you are trained in a specialized niche of yoga, such as Hot Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, and more.

If you already have clients that have achieved the transformation, you can include their testimonials in your platform. The video reviews would also help you set your prices higher.

Things To Avoid While Pricing Your Yoga Classes

  • Avoid underpricing your yoga tutorials as it will result in your viewers underestimating the quality of your tutoring.
  • Do not overprice the sessions as it might put your clients off and lead them to your competitors.
  • Avoid providing heavy discounts as it gives the impression that your courses are not being sold much, and you’re trying to allure with the discounts.
  • Avoid expecting all your income from your courses alone, and indulge in other methods. Conduct workshops, sell merchandise, and accept tips and donations.
  • Do not change the prices too often and do not avoid profit margins.

3 Marketing Hacks To Sell Better

Once you know how to price and sell your yoga content online, it’s must to have some marketing insights as well. Below are three hacks that you can employ for better engagement and returns on your investments.

#1 Say No To Direct Selling

Gone are the days of traditional selling when a company’s or person’s only motive was to sell their products and make money.

Today’s consumers don’t get convinced with direct selling. Instead, they need indirect selling, meaning you create content that educates or entertains them.

Make videos that add value to your viewers’ lives, and they’ll naturally gravitate to watch your content. They might become your fans or subscribers to your channel. When the time feels right, they might also pay you for rentals, purchase your merchandise, or donate money. 

#2 Have A Blend Of Content Types

As a content creator, you should focus on creating different types of content. It will make your channel look interesting and inspire viewers to engage more.

For example, don’t always focus on creating videos when you can also create shorts or reels. Take pictures and post them on your channel, create & host podcasts, and engage an audience who loves to listen to. And just like that, you need to keep it surprising!

#3 Don’t Go Overboard With Promotions

Talking only about the classes, workshops, and other promotional things might seem the right thing to do, but it tires your viewers out. It also gives them the impression that you are only behind money and don’t care much about your audience.

To avoid doing this to your viewers, you should bring value adding content while occasionally putting up one or two promotional posts.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” Tom Fishburne

It’s A Wrap-Up

Phewwwww! That was it!

Let’s have the takeaways-

  • Online yoga tutoring creates an additional income source plus expands your audience range.
  • Choose a streaming or video hosting platform that offers multiple monetization options, necessary features, and falls under your budget.
  • Always perform a competitor analysis to be more accurate about pricing your courses; however, consider your experience, certifications, specialty, and expenditures.
  • Experiment with different kinds of yoga content to keep it interesting and engaging.

With all this being said, we hope you will find the information beneficial. This is your turn to get started!

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