How To Sell Your Movie Online & Generate More Revenues

Not even a day goes by where you would be pleased to get a call or mail from a theatre owner or content distributor to sell or take the contract of your movie (simply; Life Passion)?  

Yes? Then probably you’re at the right place.

You know that making a batch of 2,000 Blu-ray DVDs isn’t the ideal and cost-effective way to sell your movie unless you’re enough with the budget and able to reach just thousands of audience. 

##Make sure distributing your movie/video content online will cost you nothing, but yield you digital revenue!

Before getting into the action of selling your movies online, let us take a look at not-to things.

How Not To Sell Your Movies/Video Content (Short-film) Online?

  • Uploading your movies/short-film videos on YouTube like sharing websites won’t offer you megabucks from the ad-revenue.
  • Relying on video sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo may seem to be a better option where it boosts up to 1 billion unique user bases, but revenue happens only if you have any viral video with millions of views.
  • The google-earned platform offers 55% of ads revenue to the content creator and the rest 45% to Youtube, which is a huge cut in revenue. 
  • Open/video sharing websites lack in ensuring that your movie is safe from piracy and unscrupulous vendors who wish to make quick bucks of revenue with your passion/hard work.

Some Branded OTT Platforms Follow Old-fashioned Deals for Selling Your Movies 

Despite the evolution in technology, some OTT brands like Netflix, HBO and Showtime work in the same traditional way of dealing with distributors and movie producers.

  • The traditional way of selling is like, you’ll find a distributor or a sales representative for your films.
  • The sales representative or distributor cuts a deal with Netflix, Amazon Prime video and much more.
  • You get paid a licensing for your film/short-time movie for one or two years contract. 
So, You want to sell your film/passion/video content in a digital way?

Then here’s something you should be aware of.

Pitch Your Story Perfect


First up, the movie has to be in a certain quality where you spend enough on production equipment. Get the entire content edited with best editors and make sure the content is in streamable quality.

Find Your OTT Platform

There is quite a lot of OTT platform in the market, but only a few like GUDSHO offers multiple monetization models to generate profitable revenue with your film. Upload your movie, get noticed among the audience and set geographical factors, time to release your movie online. 

Decide Any Monetization Structure & Set Your Price

Monetize your film/movie based on your own recurring fee. SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD are some of the major monetization options to reap a good amount of profit from the monetization models. 

Start Promoting Your Film On Social 

At last to get the word out about your movie/film, announce the release date of your movie through social media channels, Google ads, and forums. Post a bit of your movie teaser across the social platforms. 

Finally, How Much It Gonna Cost You?

So once your hard-worked money rolling in, GUDSHO is going to sweep half of the ad-based generated revenue, right?  

GUDSHO is 100% free to upload, authentic and commission-free, so which means you get 100% of your generated profits. 

So, all you have to do is, sell your movie/videos online with GUDSHO. Reach the targeted audience you want to reach, send the online tickets and make the money you want to make.


Hi, I’m Vignesh, an entrepreneur and growth hacker, helping online video content creators & businesses to create a powerful online video platforms that propels their growth and increases their revenue online with the advanced video monetization strategies.

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