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How to Market A Web Series Online

If you are a filmmaker or a web series director who just completed producing awesome series and ready to get attention, but don’t know how to market a web series online, then no way your creation is getting the due credits in the right time. Remember, the timely content reaching the right audience at the right time is crucial for any kind of visual/audio media.

“As entertainment meets online, 38% of consumers might prefer the cord-cutting.”

6 Tips for Marketing Your Web Series Online

To ease the marketing efforts, we need to know a few tactics to market a web series online and reach the potential audience.

Find Out Your Targeted Audience

The first and foremost step in promoting your web series online is to find where your intended audience hangs out. In the online world, each social media handle like Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat has a different set of audiences with different age groups. Monitor the trends, kinds of posts and engagement that are most popular in these mediums and accordingly you can promote your web series.

For this, you need to have a clear idea about your project like, which age group are targeted for this web series? Is it compatible with mobile devices as well as web browsers? So that you can skip the other channel which doesn’t meet your criteria.

Leverage Social Media

Social media strategies are the hot cake right now, which tremendously increases the followers and quickly reaches a vast number of audiences globally. To leverage any social media platform, continuous engagement and constant monitoring of the audience behavior pattern is essential.

Creating a content calendar comes in handy and scheduling the posts, engagement factors regularly across the different social media is easy to monitor and track them. The analytics of each social platform helps to show which type of content works best for certain audiences and which doesn’t work! Keep a track which eventually helps to promote & market web series easily.


Just like big-time movies, Trailers and Promos need to be very aggressive which is an important way to tell the world that you have created awesome content. Imagine you build a world-class restaurant with a celebrity chef waiting to serve you exotic dishes but if you don’t promote it to the public, then even your neighborhood will not know it exists!

Similarly, whether its a new YouTube Channel or a new web series waiting in the queue for the global audience, short and crisp trailers is an entry card which lures millions of viewers to your content. These trailers should cover why they need to view your content, what they will take from it, Is it worth their time and is there any curious factor that makes them view right away!

Effectively using IMDB

Internet Movie Database is a centralized hub for all kinds of mass media entertainment videos, with audience ratings, critics reviews, trivia, public opinions, cast and crew interviews, making videos, bloopers and much more. This the exact place where the movie lovers hang out. Hence, creating an exclusive IMDB page for your web series assures you that you walk in the right direction.

Press Release

In addition to these web series marketing plan, Press releases are also one of the best ways to get noticed by a larger set of audience. PR is not limited to the launch of new software products or brand announcements but it is applicable to the entertainment field as well. It opens the gate to new interviews and blog posts from various printed as well as digital mediums where you can provide a formal introduction of what your new channel is about and what’s your roadmap in web series etc.

Choose the Right OTT Platform

Over the top platforms like Netflix, HotStar are also helping to telecast many original series as well as third-party web shows to their audience in a monthly/yearly subscription model. However, getting hyperlocal is the key here. For a country like India, where it has diversified culture and multiple languages, there are many VOD platforms that cater to all sorts of audiences in their local language. One such platform is GudSho, which is an upcoming OTT platform that focuses on the regional audience and helps the filmmakers, distributors and production houses to reach millions of global users.

“In India, 30% of consumers prefer to watch movies on OTT video platforms.”


Hence building your audience and knowing the pulse of them is essential before marketing it to them. Whether it’s a first look trailer or publishing a trailer poster every activity contributes to the growth and reach of the audience significantly. Streamline all your web series marketing plan and in no time you will win big audiences and big money as expected. The Internet world is huge out there and wise use of it with hard research will easily get you there.

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