How to fight aginst online piracy with OTT

How to Fight Online Movie Piracy with OTT

OTT platforms are the hot cake right now among the movie production houses, distributors and content creators. It is money mending business with tons of opportunities for the content creators by helping them with a wonderful platform to host their content and reach out to the large global audience. 

But wait! Before basking into this glorious technology, there are big hurdles too to tackle by the content creators to survive in the long run. The challenge of any content creator lies in the art of converting the pirate downloaders into paying customers!

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Well! How do we do it? Or where do we start to stop these piracy acts?  Read on to know some of the tried and tested quick tactics of how to beat this online piracy with the OTT platform. 

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Impact of Piracy in the Video Streaming Industry

Did you know?

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Bolster your Entry Point 

To produce a piece of content whether it is a short film or full feature film, investors shed tons of money right from producing it, casting crew and much more. But, if the content is not protected then all the time and resources go in vain. To reap its full benefits, securing the platform is the need of the hour. 

  • Secure your content through a robust Content Management System (CMS) with password protection, single sign-on features to protect your login credentials.
  • Geo-blocking helps to restrict the video by region-wise for the benefit of the content creators. Now the content owners can decide which country can view their content. It helps the content owners to strictly follow the copyright regulations and also be in par with the local licensing regulations.
  • You can set up the Domain-level privacy for all your videos. To restrict any illegal download of your copyrighted videos, you can remove the ability to download the video through the privacy settings. You can also restrict the websites if you do not want them to embed your videos.   

Implementing robust technology     

  • Adding dynamic watermarks embedded in all of your video content helps to prevent content piracy to a significant level. By including just a text or logo in the background, it not only helps you to create a brand identity but also keeps the hackers at bay.
  • To protect and monitor the online streaming video content, better encryption standards, and standard security protocols need to be integrated within the platform. Hence, embrace a best-in-class Digital Rights Management feature for a secure video streaming platform.

Hence, these are some of the solutions to movie piracy but it is just the tip of the iceberg. As technology evolves, the newer security threats and breaches are also never going to stop. But, there is a definite way to stop them and safeguard the online content with proactive preventive measures. GudSho, an upcoming OTT platform provides impeccable security features like powerful DRM system, domain-level piracy, secure hosting and various other robust features that help to provide a safe offline download and secure platform.


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