How to sell and monetize music album

How Indie Musicians Can Sell Albums In Monetization Platforms

The hunger of an indie musician is never-ending, but to feed their real hunger monetizing their music content is the only way out. But most musicians aren’t aware of the real-time benefits video monetization platforms offer them and the vast audiences it brings to their alluring music. So dig deeper to know how monetization platforms can help indie musicians sell their music albums.

Understanding Indie Music: 

Understanding Indie Music

Indie music represents do it yourself for musicians brimming with creative ideas flowing out of their system; indie music stands for independent music composed by a musician independently or under a production label.

 Mostly the music is created and sold independently across the globe, but distribution takes place through distribution channels like XL Recordings or music production companies like Sony and T-series.

History of Indie Music

history of indie music

Indie music emerged as a post-punk new wave during the late 70s and 80s as an alternative to mainstream music by musicians across the United states and United Kingdom. Since then, indie music became a sensation and turned the tables. Buzzcocks, an English pop-punk band, released a song called Spiral Scratch, which became the most famous indie song of its time.

The band sold more than 15,000 copies of the record, and as a result, the UK’s many independent record companies emerged; Rough Trade, 4AD, and Mute were some of them.

Types Of Indie Music: 

Types of Indie Music
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Indie music is majorly classified into these three main categories, and are 

  • Indie rock
  • Indie Pop
  • Indie Rap 

Others include the black gaze, folk, post-rock, emo, and electronic dance music.

Indie Rock

In the late ’70s and early ’80s, indie rock stepped foot in the United states and the United kingdom. As a result, rock’ n’ roll music evolved into what we hear today. The most famous indie rock bands are the white stripes, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, and the Pixies.

Indie Pop

Revolutionary indie pop is an alternative to mainstream pop music, and it is a combination of guitar pop with the DIY ethic. Some famous indie pop bands are the Smiths, Belle and Sebastian, and Florence + the Machine.

Indie Rap

Indie rap, also called underground hip-hop, is widely famous in the United states of America. There are around twenty-two genres of rap, and some of them are trap, grime, gangsta rap, rap rock (or nu metal), crunk, chill hop, bounce, mumble rap, Latin hip-hop, and conscious hip-hop. Some notable indie rap artists are Wacko Bill, the atmosphere, ill bill, MF Doom, and Macklemore.

Hope For Indie Music :

With the evolution of indie music, getting your music into the ears of the top distribution and production companies is more challenging than it may sound.

Since indie music is all about doing it yourself, there are a few ways you can sell your albums, and they are:

1) Websites:

Indie musicians can create their websites and furnish the web page how they want to express their music. You can also sell your music albums from your websites by connecting through payment gateways.

2) Soundcloud:

 Soundcloud is a great way to expose your music to the internet music world since most of the music curators, artists, music lovers are present on SoundCloud and a massive set of indie music fans as well. If you are a SoundCloud pro user, you can add a buying link of your music album that directs the buyers to a different gateway to buy your music albums. 

3) Pre-release strategy:

One of the great ways to sell your music is to pre-release your single, which you feel will be a blockbuster on SoundCloud, and connect the links to your website, gain traffic, and create a community by inviting the buyers on social media platforms. Once the community is created, schedule an announcement date and announce your album release and start selling.

4) Social media:

Social media platforms are a great way to communicate with sellers, buyers and a direct space to connect with music lovers. Make a post about your music album with catchy images, hashtags and share it on social media, you can do that by sharing the buying and website links with it.

5) Download sites:

Share your music videos or songs on third-party sites like iTunes and Amazon and sell your music. You can set a price tag on your music album in these places and sell them as a digital copy.

Although social media or SoundCloud or download sites offer a place to sell, it all eats most of your time and earns you peanuts for the hard toil you endured. Then the most crucial question here is how can an independent musician get it out to the real world with real money. The answer is Monetisation platforms.

Monetization Platforms:

 Monetization platforms have taken the internet world by storm, offering musicians an independent space to showcase their skills through live streaming and selling their music albums at their desired prices on their dedicated channels. GUDSHO is one platform where indie musicians can take control over their channel and sell their music how they intend to.

 In GUDSHO, you can sell your music videos to your dedicated fan base on a subscription plan basis.

Not just that, after you start monetizing your music album or video, you can start earning from day one. Apart from these, there is a donate option where your fans can contribute to your channel or page.

A live stream is a high-end option available in GUDSHO where you can earn online while performing actively simultaneously on an offline venue.


With the increase in indie music fan base across the world, there is a high hope for musicians to earn the money they deserve. Unfortunately, most of them make a blunder by investing their music and time in the wrong places. In recent times, monetization and online video platforms are the best place to sell, buy or stream content. Make a wise choice and invest in the right place to become the next big music sensation in the indie music culture.


How do indie music artists make money?
How do indie music artists make money?

Indie artists make money through live shows, selling music albums online, rentals, and distribution to platforms like Spotify and iTunes.

How can we sell music online?
How can we sell music online?

Platforms like GUDSHO offer a space for indie artists to sell and rent their music, click here to know more.

How does music monetization relate to streaming?

Music monetization involves paid subscriptions, whereas streaming platforms let you earn through streaming royalties and advertisements.
Music monetization involves paid subscriptions, whereas streaming platforms let you earn through streaming royalties and advertisements.

What are the benefits of monetizing your music online?

You can reap the following benefits for monetizing your music online.
1. Connecting with your fans
2. High profits and extra source of revenue
3. Exposure to different platforms

How do you market an indie album?

There are plenty of ways you can do it online and offline. You build a website, use social media, and connect with fans to sell your album or create a channel in monetization platforms like GUDSHO. Offline you reach out to a marketing house or distribution company, and they will handle the rest.

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