Highest Rated Web Series

Highest Rated Web Series of 2023: Where To Watch Them?

Binge-watching web series has become a norm in 2023. OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HULU are competing against each other and streaming various genres of web series across the globe to seize the audience’s watch time. But how do you pick the right web series amongst the plethora of series as an audience? So we have handpicked 6 highly rated web series of 2023 for you to binge-watch this weekend, and grab some popcorn.

1. The last of us

The last of us

Rating: 8.9/10 (IMDB)

Number of seasons: 1

Where to watch: Amazon prime video and Disney Hotstar (India)

The Last of Us is a survival drama set in an all-hell-break-lose situation. Due to a fungal outbreak, 20 years after the extinction of modern civilization, survivors Joel and 14-year-old Ellie fight to keep the human race alive. The problems they endure on the journey fall into emotional and threatening space. The last of us has received a raging appreciation from various parts of the world. 


FINALLY!!! A video game adaptation worthy of seeing! It just goes to show what can happen when you follow the source material, bring on the same people responsible for the success of the game, pour your heart into it, and have the original creator take the helm. Halo (Paramount+) could learn some very valuable lessons from The Last of Us (HBO). Do not walk, RUN to see this show! – Google user

2. Shrinking


Rating: 81 % (Rotten tomatoes)

Number of seasons: 1

Where to watch: Apple tv +

Shrinking is about the unorthodox approach of a grieving therapist who counsels his patients on what his heart feels like rather than the clinical advice and brings positive changes in the lives of people. The series plays on apple tv +, and Warner Bros have produced it. Harrison Ford plays an important role alongside Segel. If you want outright dark humor, hook this one up.


An Apple TV+ dramedy from Jason Segel and some “Ted Lasso ” principals is at its best when America’s sexiest uncle is dispensing advice. – New York Times

3. Farzi


Rating: 8.4 (IMDB)

Number of seasons: 1

Where to watch: Amazon Prime video

Farsi falls into the crime thriller web series slot where a highly talented artist duplicates currency notes, the task force police officer who is in the hunt for counterfeit notes, and the existing kingpin of counterfeit notes all clash with each other to fulfill their motives. Who succeeds at the end? Farsi is a seat-edge thriller where you will be tuned in after each and every episode.


Overall, ‘Farzi’ is a refreshing and intensely gripping scamster saga where the pros far outweigh the cons.- India Times.

4. Outlast


Rating: 80 % (Rotten tomatoes)

Number of seasons:1

Where to watch: Netflix

Outlast is a survival of the fittest reality web series, where 16 lone wolves are put to the survival test in the wilderness of Alaska. With their survival skills and one rule to follow, i.e., to survive as a team. Who wins it against all odds of the human mind, body, and the deep forest and gets the cash prize of 1 million dollars.


I love the idea and concept of the show. Javier started off to be someone I rolled my eyes to but quickly became my favorite. I wish his teammates didn’t give up, and he at least got to do the final part. I doubt the old man he was with would’ve made it, but I give credit to both. – Craig (Google user)

5. The Good Lawyer

Rating: 9.4 (IMDB)

Number of seasons: 1

Where to watch: Netflix

The Good Lawyer is a recent addition to the Netflix collection of web series. Good Lawyer sports Joni, the super talented Lawyer with obsessive-compulsive disorder who advocates for Dr. Shaun Murphy with OCD and faces the challenges in the court. The invigorating plot with twisted characters received a 9.4 on the IMDB.


I’m excited. Not only to see Kennedy McMann back on our screens but to see them in this world. I love the good doctor and would love to see more! (Youtube user)

6. Wednesday


Rating: 9.4 (IMDB)

Number of seasons: 1

Where to watch: Netflix

Though it was released in 2022, Wednesday became a massive talk in early 2023. Hailing from the Epic Addams Family, Wednesday enters the Nevermore Academy to master her psychic ability and discovers the causes of the horrific murder mystery in the local town, and handles the irks.


I just finished it, and it is really, really good, undoubtedly the best new Series on Netflix. Lots of expectations when Tim Burton put his Name in this series, but kudos to him and his Creative Team for delivering the Goods big time. 

It is just so good on so many levels, first is that it is not only about the Dark Humor and quick, witty Dialogue. There is a lot of multi-level Storytelling also involved, giving most of the Characters a lot of depth.

Final Episode

It’s high time you grab some popcorn and blankets, binge-watch the above series and vibe with the lead characters. If you are a filmmaker with web series, releasing them in video monetization platforms like GUDSHO is the ideal choice because, in GUDSHO, you can generate a quality audience and 5x revenue for your content, create your channel here and start posting your webisodes now.

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