GUDSHO vs Kajabi

Highest Paying Monetization Platform: GUDSHO or Kajabi?

Content creators are constantly searching for platforms to upload their content seamlessly and monetize their knowledge into profitable income. There are a variety of platforms available to fuel the growth of creators.

Talking about viewership, video content consumption has continued to grow, with an increasing number of people creating content and publishing it on various platforms to woo viewers and increase their following.

Doing so, many creators have found their true calling and started to pursue (or think about) content creation as a full-time profession. So many around the world have been successful in doing so.

Making money isn’t hard in itself. What’s hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting one’s life to” – Carlos Ruiz

But, as creators grew, so did the competition and restrictions. Quality content backed with a strong promotion plan has been a necessity to reach the masses. Many platforms have been launched to help creators and…

…with YouTube algorithms on an ever-changing spree, the search for a robust alternative continues for content creators to capitalize on their following and convert them into supporters who stand by creators’ vision.

In this blog, we’ll compare the two best monetization platforms: GUDSHO and Kajabi, their features, the differences between each platform, and monetization models, and help you decide which platform is the perfect fit to take your creator business to the next level.

An overview of GUDSHO

A premium video monetization platform for creators of all kinds. GUDSHO supports creators in

  • getting their content online,
  • organizing it in a single repository,
  • promoting the videos,
  • and increasing viewership.

Two standout features that GUDSHO offers is the free-to-fix revenue model where creators themselves can choose their pricing setup without any hindrances.

And the advanced analytics dashboard to get in-depth channel insights that creators can use to make informed decisions and plan the future content calendar accordingly.

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An overview of Kajabi

A complete solution for online business owners to create and sell online fitness classes, coaching, and memberships. With the assistance of Kajabi’s marketing suite, creators can generate unique content, create campaigns, and ready funnels.

Many content creators worldwide have utilized Kajabi and built careers around their content. However, the pricing of Kajabi makes it a little bit complicated for content creators at the beginning of their careers.

GUDSHO & Kajabi: A Competitive Study

Now that we’ve given a brief overview of both platforms. Let’s look at the highlighted features a little more in detail below and see how their features will fit into the framework of your existing content creation strategy.

Creating Content

GUDSHO: Creators can upload videos directly to their channel after creation. Formats such as mp4, avi, and mov files are allowed to be implemented inside. With intuitive features like…

  • bulk uploading,
  • drag & drop option

…uploading content has never been this easy.

Kajabi: This platform offers five different courses that creators can use, namely, mini-courses, online courses, evergreen training, communities, and memberships.

With options like readymade templates, easy-to-access blueprints, and design tools, creators can take advantage of these while creating their courses on Kajabi.

Marketing Your Course

GUDSHO: An effective marketing strategy is a must for any course to reach a wider audience. Understanding this, GUDSHO is loaded with in-built tools that propel your growth.

With compelling features like social sharing, all-devices accessibility, a search engine-friendly home page, and many more – Creators can take their content to every part of the globe and win extra customers with GUDSHO.

Kajabi: An email marketing tool, the option to take live webinars, and affiliate marketing are some options included in Kajabi’s marketing efforts to help its creators. As Kajabi does not feature a public API, creators are left behind to integrate only a handful of tools.

Pricing Policy

GUDSHO Pricing: Content creators can create their own channel up and running in minutes if they have all the content stacked up in one place. Cost-wise, you can create the channel for free (for a limited time) with GUDSHO.

All it takes is a few clicks, and your exclusive channel is ready. Monetization models like Subscription, Pay Per View (PPV), and Donations even further assist creators in earning more.

Kajabi Pricing: Unlike GUDSHO, Kajabi does not offer a kickstart to motivate content creators in their journey. The starting fee for paid plans in Kajabi costs around $119 per month, billed annually. And this does not send a good sign to those starting with just a 14-day free trial.

Growing Business

GUDSHO: This platform was created with the sole intention of helping creators of all kinds in securing a future doing what they love and getting paid appropriately for their efforts put in.

Consisting of a transparent pricing structure, an advanced analytics dashboard to assess content performance, and a worldwide reach – GUDSHO supports creators in every touchpoint of their career to start it out and grow successfully without any platform limitations utilizing this features-rich arena.

Kajabi: There are multiple types of digital products that you can create with Kajabi. However, when it comes to growing your business, Kajabi doesn’t differentiate products by various types and instead tallies them as a single product, which can restrict your revenue. Also, Kajabi’s pricing can hinder growth, as creators can sell only 15 products even using their popular plan.

Content Uploading Quantity

GUDSHO: Creators can upload as much video content as they want to and monetize them according to their styles without any silos from the platform side.

Having no restrictions, creators can use GUDSHO to categorize their different kinds of content and create playlists of choice, making it easy to choose for viewers to access their content.

Kajabi: Unfortunately, Kajabi offers no unlimited option, as even the highest tier they claim gets 100 products only. What if the creator wants to create more content and upload accordingly is again a question of concern. We hope Kajabi extends the limits and offers more to its creators.

Pricing Free to start$119/month (paid plans)
Streaming QualitySupports 4kSupports 4k
Private Screening YesNo
ContentCourses, music concerts, films, entertainment videos, online teaching, etc.Courses, primarily for students to pay, access, and study as per their convenience. 

Final Thoughts

With the advent of technology, the growth of content creators embracing video monetization has skyrocketed over the years. It is only expected to soar more in the times to come. The future looks so welcoming for creators.

We understand that creating content is more challenging than turning on a camera and speaking their hearts out. There involves a lot of planning, meticulous detailing, and an efficient marketing strategy – All of which come together to create a successful content campaign for content creators.

“When creating content, be the best answer
on the Internet” – Andy Crestodina

Considering all these factors, it is high time content creators get their due share of their hard work by taking things into their own hands. And the first step is to find the best monetization platform for videos.

Now that we’ve listed out two of the promising platforms – GUDSHO and Kajabi – that creators can utilize to carve their careers. Take time to sit and assess each platform on the features they offer and their scalability stretch.

Here’s another gist of why GUDSHO could be a good choice:

  • Create your own channel in minutes
  • Easy uploading of content inside the channel
  • All videos are secured with AES encryption
  • Choose your own pricing model
  • Wider audience and increased revenue

As the creation and distribution have become more accessible now, GUDSHO offers a convenient way for creators to monetize their content, increase user engagement, and build their brand.

👉 Earn money from your efforts.

👉 Streamline your creative calling.

👉 Create quality content and win over people’s hearts.

👉 And do not let the creator in you fade away.

Start your journey with GUDSHO now: Create a Channel.


1. Can I monetize my video in GUDSHO without 1000 subscribers?

Yes, you can. Creators don’t even need a definitive followers count – although it’d be an advantage – to monetize your content. You can earn from your first video every time a user buys content from your channel.

2. Which platform can I use to set my own pricing for my content?

With GUDSHO, we give control over creativity and capital to the hands of the creators. It is your video, and you have the right to set pricing that suits the content and the target audience.

3. How many videos do I need to monetize?

There is no cap count on the number of videos that can be charged. Therefore, you can monetize as many videos as you want in GUDSHO. If you have second thoughts on monetization, you can use the “Donation” feature so viewers can pay whatever they feel after watching the video.

4. What are the benefits of video monetization?

Video monetization offers content creators increased revenue, a wider audience, more subscribers, recurring revenue, worldwide reach, and reduced workload.

5. Can recurring revenue be generated with video monetization?

Absolutely. With the SVOD revenue model, the customers keep paying annually or monthly based on the terms you set. So, all creators need to do is consistently deliver exclusive, quality content to charm their audience.


Hi, I’m Vignesh, an entrepreneur and growth hacker, helping online video content creators & businesses to create a powerful online video platforms that propels their growth and increases their revenue online with the advanced video monetization strategies.

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