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What Fuels Online Video Creators? Followers or Fans?

Ever since the world opened its business gates to the digital market, digital content is no longer an entertainment or educational content platform. They started holding a higher authority in deciding the brand’s stability, market value, business prospects, and consumption rate. One of the key forms of sellable and entertaining content in the digital world is Video and the powerhouse of every video content is the relationship you build with its viewers.

Fans and followers:

Viewers can be classified into two forms – fans and followers. Followers are people who are interested in the content produced by the content creator whereas a fan is a “devotee” i.e., a follower who turned himself into a devoted content consumer for the particular content. But the bigger question here is what fuels the content creator, a follower, or a fan. dig deeper to know more.

Follower relationship

When a user decides to establish a relationship with a content creator on a digital platform, he simply hits the follow button. Once the following option is enabled, users can possess a limited engagement by commenting or sharing the content publicly and it’s a one-sided relationship between the follower and the content producer.

for instance: 

If a user follows MR. Beast the infamous youtuber who is a sensation with his freebie video content, the user may or may not be accessible to all the content since it’s a follower relationship. There are plenty of downsides to the follower relationship for both user and the content creator.

Premium fan relationship: 

Premium fan relationships are a jackpot for content creators and content consumers. Premium fans are users who appreciate, celebrate, support, and purchase your content. Fan relationships are euphoria for content creators. 

With premium fan relationships, the affection and joy to produce new content to serve your dedicated fans are unexplainable. 

Fans vs followers:

Fans vs Followers

Let’s see what differentiates fans from followers for a content creator

1Premium membersVisitors 
2Supporters and Promoters of your content  in all social media platformsJudge your content
3Helps you earn money via memberships Not a member
4Builds community and stays updated to your content and shares your contentUses your content for own reasons
5Relationship- Private, secure and appreciative Relationship- General, unappreciated and judgemental
6Influential brand marketingUnpropitious marketing
7Acts as your unpaid PRZero promotions for you and your content
8Sell merchandise Fewer chances
9Increases your brand sponsorsMinimal chances to attract brand sponsors
10Dedicated towards your contentLikes, comments and moves on to other content.

How can content creators turn followers into fans?

Understanding your followers and educating them is a key responsibility in converting them into fans. Find some of the promotional factors that you can use as a selling point for turning followers into fans.

Don’t just bait your content for premium membership, make yourself available for Q&A’s, public relations and sometimes give instant replies to build your bond.

Why build premium fans?

Premium Fans

Building premium fans is not just about money, it is more than that, 

How community building can help you to grow your Brand

Community Building

Community building is focused on the audience’s needs, current mindset, brand value, and building a bond between your brand and the audience in the community.

Brand community is a powerful tool to communicate with your audience and increases your chances to understand the needs of your audience.

Things to do in a community 

 The daily newsletter Skimm conducted an ambassador program “Skimm’bassadors” through which you can share the newsletter with friends and receive swag and tote bags as rewards. This contributed to 20% of the overall growth of the company.

How can Creators leverage data to gain control over content?

The entire business market is data-driven and the insights from the data give out deep detailed analysis and understanding of customer engagement. This will help creators to focus on the sellable content.

Creators who conduct data-based surveys are more successful than creators who implement creative ideas without data knowledge.

Data-driven analytics offers more creative control for creators with personalized dashboards, content-based reports, engagement statistics, and viewer metrics. 

-Insights increase your stake from other content creators by understanding fan’s expectations. -The big players in the business use data-driven reports to study their mistakes and to outgrow them. Premium video monetization platforms like GUDSHO provides content creators with a personalized dashboard and insightful metrics to understand their customer base.

Does creating content for premium fans will help your brand grow?

Yes it does with all due respect and responsibility. Creating targeted content toward premium fans increases your brand awareness and you will have a diaspora of loyal customer base.

Premium fans are there for a reason and if you satisfy them with all your might, then the brand videos will take off smoothly. 

Final word

Stating the obvious, good content sells. Content creators are fueled by their passion to produce value-added content, but if you are struggling in the content market with a premium fan hub and high-value content, then it’s time to change the platform and to choose the right platform to market your content.


1. What is Premium Content?

Paid exclusive content which is not accessible in the public domain but only available for premium fans is premium content.

2. What are premium followers?

Dedicated followers who value your content and pay for it to access all of your work are premium followers.

3. How much can I earn through my followers?

You don’t get paid directly by followers, but if your content is exposed by followers to others which bring in potential fans, it can help you generate revenue.

4. How much can I earn through my fans?

It depends on the subscription rates and the monetization platform you opt for. GUDSHO offers 5x revenue to content creators when compared to other video monetization platforms.

5. Why are fans more valuable than thousands of unengaged subscribers?

To a content creator engagement is everything, fans engage, support, and share your work but followers don’t.

6. How to turn a Follower into a premium fan?

? Give them access to premium content
? Conduct interactive sessions 
? Express gratitude
? Promote premium content to followers

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