GUDSHO Is Proud To Sponsor A Masterclass For Aspiring Filmmakers

Aspiring filmmakers who want to learn the nuances of filmmaking from the best minds in the industry, your day has finally come. GUDSHO: The Premium Video Monetization Platform for content creators has joined hands with Producer Bazaar and the eminent Thirukumaran Entertainment for a filmmaking masterclass happening on 4-5 February 2023 at DOT School of Design, Chennai.

This Workshop Is Focused For…

  • Aspiring directors
  • Independent filmmakers
  • Storytellers
  • Cinematographers and Designers
  • Film Students
  • Movie Buffs
  • And everyone who loves cinema

What’s Happening?

Masterclass Edition 2 is a two-day filmmaking workshop for people keen to learn the craft and looking forward to shooting their films. This masterclass covers the basics of independent film direction, cinematography, designing, production, and other aspects of films from the auteurs of Indian Cinema.

Meet The Masters

Isn’t it always a pleasure to learn from the masters themselves? From people who made a mark for themselves and have already made it into the big league. Here are the proficient people who’d be teaching the young minds:

Seenu Ramasamy

This national award-winning director needs no introduction. His authentic and rural-based cinema has attracted awards, accolades, and audiences across the globe. Thenmerku Paruvakaatru, Maamanithan, Dharma Durai, and Neerparavai are some of his acclaimed film works. Some have achieved cult status. Seenu Ramasamy will be guiding students on film direction in the masterclass.

Praveen Venkataraman

The brilliant mind behind the innovative heist film Pothanur Thabal Nilayam. He has directed and also acted in this film. Initially, Praveen worked as a Technical Director with Walt Disney Pictures and as a Pipeline Director on Superstar Rajinikanth’s magnum opus Kochadaiiyaan. Praveen will be nurturing attendees on how to direct an independent film and break the conventional barriers to screen the story filmmakers want to tell.

Vinci Raj

Vinci Raj is the Creative Designer behind all the recent big films of Kollywood. He worked extensively in ad films and designed posters for blockbuster films like Kabali, Soodhu Kavvum, Darbar, and Mundasupatti. Vinci Raj will share his work experiences working on various designs and the thought process behind them.

Velu Prabhakaran

Velu Prabhakaran is a south Indian cinematographer who has helmed more than 10 films in the Tamil film industry. He has vast experience in direction, cinematography, and film writing. He will be sharing his behind-the-lens stories and cinematography aspects of independent filmmaking. There’s a lot that aspirants can learn from this man who’s been here for decades.


Initiatives like these that support future filmmakers always need strong backing from people who believe in the vision and purpose of the workshop. Here are the big names associated with this masterclass.


Proud sponsors of this masterclass that’s aimed at nurturing young filmmakers. GUDSHO is a premium Video Monetization Platform for content creators founded by Sriram Manoharan, CEO. Ours is a gateway for creators of all kinds, in all industries. GUDSHO liberates creators by giving them full creative independence to launch their videos and also 5x their revenue with multiple monetization models.

Thirukumaran Entertainment

This eminent production house of promising C.V. Kumar (Director and Producer) has paved the way for revolutionary filmmakers like Karthick Subburaj, Pa Ranjith, and Nalan Kumarasamy. Their first three films, “Attakathi, Pizza, and Soodhu Kavvum“, were well received by the audience and collected more than 50 crores. Thirukumaran Entertainment earned a name for producing quality content over the years and continues to give value-added entertaining films. The masterclass is one of their innovative ventures to guide talents in the right direction.

Producer Bazaar

Producer Bazaar is an NFT-based digital rights marketplace for movies, music, books, and more. They enable rights to artists to own their content. And fans can own their favorite artist’s content as NFT. A platform that’s bridging the gap between the creator and their audience, bringing them much closer.

The Final Payoff

Initiatives like these won’t happen often. This masterclass will be a dream come true for many aspiring artists to listen and learn from successful people in the Cinema Industry.

These are all the beautiful things that attendees can take away after the workshop:

  1. Real-time filmmaking lessons from the masters
  2. Q & A sessions to quench the film buff’s thirst inside you
  3. Knowledge of all the aspects of independent filmmaking.
  4. Meet and interact with future storytellers
  5. And a take step closer to your filmmaking dream.

Things To Do After Masterclass

Attending this masterclass is not the end. It is the beautiful journey that beholds you as you start to chase your ambitions. Here are some steps that everyone who attends the workshop must do:

  1. Write an original script. Or adapt a novel with permission.
  2. Form a cast and crew. A team that believes in your vision.
  3. Shoot and edit your film with the knowledge gained.
  4. Find potential distributors and screen it in theatres. 
  5. Screen your film online with GUDSHO and 5x the film’s revenue.

Making a film that you love takes a lot of passion, patience, and perseverance. The road won’t be easy. The journey might not always be joyful. But in the end, seeing your name on the big screen, all the efforts and sleepless nights you dreamt of will see the light of day. And that moment is not too far.

As the GOAT said…

“If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed.” Stanley Kubrick

Pick up your pen. Write an original story that you want to say. Form a team that will never let go of you, no matter what. Find people who can fund your dream. Never give up. Happy filmmaking.

Last Edit: Feb 02, 2023 (Registrations closed)

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