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Creator Checklist & Best Practices to Triumph with GUDSHO

The creator’s community is supercharged with content. 

No wonder over 82% of Internet traffic comes from videos. 

With volumes of content floating around, produced by both full-time and part-time creators, GUDSHO is here to back the economy of talented independent creators to monetize their videos at ease. 

Our fully-featured platform is a video hub of great content where fans can find their favorite creators, interact with their content, and support their passion via monetary donations. All this while creators can publish, manage, and run a video business in its entirety and garner great monetary benefits out of it in the most organized manner.

With tools and technologies that come in handy, you can easily convert your followers and supporters into premium audiences. 

While GUDSHO works on a self-serve model where creators can easily sign up and launch their own channel in a matter of minutes, driving traffic, gaining audience, making them engage, and starting to earn from day #1 needs certain basic doings from your end and here we are to explain how. 

To begin with, here’s how the creator journey will look like on GUDSHO.

Creator Pre-Launch Checklist on GUDSHO

It’s a wonderful moment when creators trust and sign up with us. And, it’s even more amazing when they launch their brand new channel with us. Launch day is super special to both you and us and hence, we’ve clubbed some of the best requisites that you can plan well ahead of time so that your launch is a huge success, followed by some impressive fan following and monetary benefits.

1. Have a Brand Voice

We are sure about the fact that you and your brand are unique and there is definitely a message your videos convey to your audience. Now, don’t get all serious when we say message, it is that voice we are talking about here. With a brand voice, you talk to your viewers and means you have an opinion about something you want to tell your audience. Shout out the USP of your brand through your content and let your channel speak for itself – that is all we say! On GUDSHO, with your own channel, get ready to update your 

2. Organize Your Content

On GUDSHO, we provide all the room to organize and manage your content on your own channel. But, well before that, plan what content you want to publish first, the sequence, and how you are going to create hype with your videos before you actually go live. Think about scheduling the timing of your videos to drive the most traction so you don’t have to be overwhelmed with the launch, viewership, and driving engagement all at once. Make use of 

3.  Get Your Promos Ready

In continuation with the point we spoke about above, here’s another trick we want our creators to know. Promos are one of the most interesting and proven ways to create a buzz, kindle curiosity among your audience and make them anticipate your videos. Also, promos are a subtle way of telling people what your content is all about, say in a minute. On GUDSHO, you are free to customize your categories for uploading

4. Images Speak a Lot

Trust us when we say, work on your thumbnails. It is that image that stands forefront in driving users to your channel and it got to be sure catchy. Avoid too much text on your images; keep them as appealing and appropriate as possible; use colors that blend well with the ideology of your brand, story, and channel – everything else will fall in place.

Get prepped up for your GUDSHO channel with 

5. Know Your Target Market

Studying the target market is an important aspect of creating a video channel of your own. Being too broad might scatter the viewership; understand where your content will work the best and where it will not. With a detailed analysis of your intended audience, you can work out multiple attributes of your engagement and revenue generation such as fixing the monetization model for instance. In line with this, GUDSHO lets you narrow down audiences based on geography. In other words, you can precisely target the countries you want to stream to and monetize. 

6. Plan the Monetization Style

By now, you’d be pretty aware of the monetization models GUDSHO supports. Yes, you can earn from your videos via subscriptions (create different recurring plans) or rent it out for a one-time fee (fix your rental window). Now that being said, it is best if you plan your content’s pricing based on your monetary goals to make sure you are on track right from day 1 onwards. Also, chaos in pricing might confuse the audience on how much they will be paying for your channel and content. 

Once you upload your content, there is an option to give away access to your users by

7. Go Social on Your Launch

What better way to tell the world about your launch than on social media? How amazing would it be to have your social followers become your GUDSHO fans? Get people talking about your new launch by posting it on social handles. Post stories, kickstart a Q&A, or make reels – there are multiple ways you can create hype to direct your followers to your GUDSHO channel and make them pay for the content they like on your channel. 

On onboarding, you can also

8. Check Out Fellow Creators

Here’s the best trick you’ll come across. Getting some solid inspo from your fellow creators on GUDSHO is really something. They’d have tried and tested a number of ways to make their channel a success and it is an interesting way to watch and follow some of the innovative ways they have adopted on their journey on the platform and how they made the best use of their launch day to the fullest. 

Step up your journey by

To Conclude,

It is in the little nuances that creators win or lose the video battle. You may hold brilliant premium content that might do very little or perform in a way that doesn’t meet your expectations. It’s all in how you handle things right from the start and that is exactly why we spent time in curating the best of practices and pre-launch checklist you can always rely on for increased performance and revenue generation with consistent efforts. Give your very most every single day and see the results unfold, in fact, multifold.

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