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Creating a Captivating Subscription Video Channel for video creators of all kinds!

The growth of video monetization platforms and video subscription channels has made it accessible for content creators to reach a wide audience and earn revenue by doing what they love.

Any guesses on how many content creators are there in the world today? A whopping 200 million. But why is it taking on average, six and a half months to earn their first dollar? How long can and should creators continue to create quality content, yet get downplayed to their talent?

Something is wrong, somewhere!

It’s high time for creators to think beyond just delivering innovative content, and to build an entrepreneurial mindset for a successful career. There are so many ways to build their brand and monetize their skills.

In this article, we’ll be detailing the ways creators can launch their own video subscription platform and generate recurring revenue from it.

Let’s get started!

What Is A Video Subscription Channel?

Video Subscription Channel is a platform that allows paid subscribers to see your videos that are uploaded to an exclusive channel. This is more like the model that is followed by streaming giants like Netflix, HBO Max, etc. where people pay to access content that’s inside the app.

The content ranges from movies, TV shows, reality shows, stand-up comedies, musicals, cooking shows, and more, depending on the variety of content that is offered by the Video Subscription Site.

More independent content creators and companies are now launching their own Video Subscription Channels to build their community of followers, monetize their content, and establish themselves as a brand.

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10 Tips To Create A Successful Video Subscription Channel

Creators and platforms co-exist. Platforms need creators to showcase content. And every content creator needs a platform to upload videos. However, a while ago, the options were limited and confined to large corporates.

Improved technology made it accessible for everyone with an enormous talent to become a content creator.

Earlier, we needed high-end cameras to take quality pictures. Now, the same can be taken with mobile phones. Earlier, we needed modern recording studios to develop sounds. Now, apps on phones do the needful.

Move behind the mainstream video streaming platforms and create a Video Subscription Channel to turn all your existing skills into success. You can launch a channel, amass a great following, and monetize your videos.

Here are the best ways to create a Video Subscription Channel:

  1. Prepare Your Content
  2. Analyze Your Market
  3. Pick A Platform
  4. Create Your Channel
  5. Get Your Videos Online
  6. Promote Your Content
  7. Monetize Like Never Before
  8. Measure Your Growth
  9. Outgrow Competitors
  10. Become Big

If you are already a content creator or aspiring to be, everything you need to become successful is already out there. All you need is a relentless pursuit and passion to become what you seek.

1. Prepare Your Content

Prepare Your Content

You already know what you are good at. Now, it’s time to finalize your niche and prepare your content for the world to see. Produce videos for your channel. Ensure the videos are of high quality and of high esteem…

…because the audiences are going to pay for watching your videos and anything below par would be a red flag for your content. And your growth. Viewers are always seeking something new to watch. Deliver the best.

2. Analyze Your Market

By understanding your market, you get to be conscious of the people who are more likely to be interested in watching your videos. Knowing who you are catering to is an important step for any video creator wanting to grow big.

Ask yourself these questions: Who will be watching my videos? Which age group and demographics am I targeting? Will audiences of all kinds be engrossed in my content? How frequently should I produce content?

Pro-Tip: Conduct a poll and ask your social media followers about your areas of improvement. Those who genuinely like your work will support you. Take note of their feedback, and create content that surpasses their expectations.

3. Pick A Platform

Pick a Platform

The next step would be to assess and choose a reliable video monetization platform that supports your growth. There are so many platforms that liberated 1000s of content creators across the world to build their own Video Subscription Channels and monetize their videos in no time.

With GUDSHO, you can create your channel in minutes, if you have the content ready. Adding on, you can monetize your premium content based on the pricing model of your choice.

Looking for the best Subscription-based Online Video Platform

4. Create A Channel

Create your Channel

Move beyond popular video channels that take a sizable amount of your profits, and prefer popular YouTube Channel Alternatives that are powered to propel your growth.

Choosing creative independence? Choosing financial stability? Choose GUDSHO – A platform for creators, built by creators.

An exclusive channel for you. That’s what we are talking about. With minimal effort, with no hassles involved… Create your channel up and running in no time. Something that you can proudly proclaim is yours.

5. Get Your Videos Online

Content ready? Check. Platform chosen? Check. Channel created? Check. The next step is to upload your videos into the channel for public viewing. Trust us, a whole new world awaits to welcome your premium content.

With features such as drag & drop, video scheduling, all devices compatibility, bulk upload, and more… Uploading videos has never been easier. Add catchy thumbnails, some little details, and your content is ready to be watched.

Pro-Tip: No one likes to pay and watch videos in low resolution. Ensure high quality. Just saying, GUDSHO Channel supports 4k resolutions and assures interrupted streaming without any lag.

6. Promote Your Content

Promote Your Content

A lot of effort would’ve gone into creating videos. Now, it’s time to use social media and other marketing strategies to promote your content. Reach a wider audience, bring in more traffic, and convert your viewers into paying for your premium content with the right promotion plan.

All your videos in GUDSHO are optimized to be search engine friendly, integrated with social sharing options, and can be embedded anywhere to generate more views. Free promotion, we say!

Besides, the rating feature allows creators to know how the videos are faring. And with the help of our advanced analytics dashboard, get deeper insights into viewer stats and video performance.

All the data you need to amplify your marketing, in one place!

Looking to start your own Subscription Based Video channel?

7. Monetize Like Never Before


A standout benefit of video monetization platforms is you don’t have to wait for your videos to hit a certain amount of views to get paid. Well, how much do popular video platforms pay you? And how much do they earn from your hard work? The disappointment of creators is evident.

A video monetization platform loaded with all the features creators need to earn faster. That’s what GUDSHO is all about. No hidden costs. You can choose your revenue model videos based on flexible plans like SVOD or TVOD.

GUDSHO Advantage: Completely secure transactions. No risks involved. And payments accepted from 140+ international currencies. Time to take your videos beyond the borders and woo audiences worldwide.

8. Measure Your Growth

Self-introspection and analyzing your brand growth allows creators to track progress, identify videos that are performing well, and understand areas that need some improvement.

Here’s how you can measure your growth with GUDSHO:

All these insights when compiled assist creators to make informed decisions, backed by reliable and real-time data rather than guesswork.

9. Outgrow Competitors

Apart from the quality of your content that sets you apart and ahead of competitors, it is also determined by how well you position and promote the videos that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Having your own channel offers you umpteen benefits like increased brand awareness, bigger audience outreach, making more money with monetization, and reaching a global audience. Plus, it is a cost-effective solution for creators of all kinds.

10. Become Big

You are one step away from monetizing your videos, you are one video away from getting viral, and making it into the bigger league. So many video creators have generated millions of dollars in revenue by switching to a Video Subscription Platform that’s truly theirs.


The creator economy has catapulted in recent years, and it’s ever-evolving. There’s said to be a revenue that’s worth billions of dollars. So many video creators chose to set up their own channels and monetize their talent.

And in hindsight, the demand for online content is also on the rise. More people are willing to pay for premium content and watch at their own convenience without having to step out of their comfort. All they seek is engaging content, whatever the niche or genre may be.

With factors like the ease in producing content, development in new technology, and increased monetization opportunities… The future for video creators is positive and promising.

The field is set. The floodlights are on. Enter the arena. There’s a huge market and audience – wanting entertaining and engaging videos – that you can capitalize on and distribute your content.

If you can give what they want, they are ready to give back what you want.
Build your own compelling video subscription channel on a platform that increases your audience, impressions, and revenue.

Are you Ready to Launch your own SVOD (Subscription based Video On-demand) Channel?

Frequently Asked Question

1. Why do audiences choose video subscription channels?

Exclusive content that’s not available elsewhere, convenience that channels offer to view from anywhere, and to support creators like you who they love.

2. Is GUDSHO a better alternative for YouTubers?

If you are a YouTuber, you already know their monetization policies and constantly changing algorithms. But with a GUDSHO Channel, you can grow, market, and monetize from day one. Check out for yourself: Sign Up Now! Create a subscription channel and make it successful.

3. Where can I create my own subscription channel?

On the same website where you are reading this article. See the blue-colored CTA that’s beside? All it takes is minutes for you to create your own channel, and join 100s of worldwide creators who are winning with GUDSHO.

4. How can independent creators benefit from subscription channels?

Here are some benefits: Full control of your content, greater revenue possibilities, increased audience reach, and everything you need to make a career out of a video subscription channel.

5. How much do video subscription channels such as YouTube make?

Millions! Yes, you heard us right. Many video creators are already earning so. Is it easy? No. Is it possible? Yes. Because in the end, it all depends on how passionate you are about delivering quality content backed by solid marketing, and how you want to see yourself in the future.


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