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Content Creator Or Influencer: Which One Is The Right Choice For Your Business?

These days, words like “content creator” and “influencer” seem like two peas in a pod. Everyone is chanting these words, and people are even using them interchangeably. 

But can these terms really be interchanged? Should we use them as they are the same thing?

The brief answer is “not all the time!”

These terms might sound similar because they are both related to content creation, the digital age, and social media; however, they both mean different things.

Below, we will describe content creator vs. influencer, so you will clearly understand what both terms mean. So by the end of this article, you will have an answer to whether you should go for a content maker or an influencer.

Let’s commence-

What Does A Content Creator Do?

As the name implies, content creators or digital creators create content. Their content may be photos, videos, reels, blogs, podcasts, quotes, etc. These creators then share the content on social media platforms like Facebook, Insta, YouTube, and more.

Generally, such people love creating, and they call themselves creators. They can create it for fun, and later monetize their content to earn from it since all the social media platforms provide monetization options.

Content creators pick up their favorite niche or something they have expertise in and create in that particular category. This can be clicking and sharing beautiful pictures, making entertaining or relatable videos, or educational content like tips and tutorials.

Their content quality differs as per their experience, such as if someone is a novice or experienced creator. It also differs according to the tools and equipment they use, such as one creator might just use a smartphone, and another one might use a professional-grade DSLR.

What Does An Influencer Do?

Influencers, as it sounds  – influence people to take a specific action. This can be related to buying the products they talk about or use personally.

Influencer’s content creation is inspired by their lifestyle, where they show how they live their lives and which products and services they use. People who are their fans or get influenced by these creators tend to try their products or services.

One example can be someone on Instagram who shares their fitness journey and might recommend a specific protein shake or gym wear. Someone else might be a makeup artist on YouTube and leave the affiliate links of the products in the description. 

Someone might be a fashionista who likes to show off their outfit and link the brands they wear; all these people are called influencers because, in a way, they influence people by the way they live, the products they use, and the clothes they wear.

Difference Between Content Creator And Influencer

The major difference between both is that creators create the content because they are interested in following their creative pursuits.

Conversely, influencers make content because they want to highlight their lives in front of the world, establish their personal brand, and monetize the same.

Now, there is no hard and fast rule about influencers and creators and who is a creator and who is an influencer. 

Continuing the digital creator vs. video creator discussion, some of their aspects might overlap each other. However, generally, creators are more focused on the creative side of the content, and influencers are more into showing what’s going on in their lives, where they are hanging out, and other such updates to keep their followers engaged.

Content Creators Vs. Influencers: Skills

When it is about skills and tools, they might have overlapping skills and tools because, ultimately, it is all about creating content no matter which aspect of life they cover.

Content creator skills:

  • Communicating
  • Tech knowledge
  • Managing their subscribers and clients
  • Doing tasks like emails, follow-ups, invoicing, etc.

Influencer skills:

Again, there is no specific formula that separates content creators from influencers. It all depends on one’s knowledge and creativity level. Nowadays, some creators create advanced forms of content and handle editing and recording as well. Some creators handle their SEO or advertising part by themselves.

Content Creators Vs. Influencers: Tools

Similar to skills, content creators and influencers use different tools as well. These tools make their work easier and let them produce the final piece more efficiently.

Tools content creators use:

  • WordPress and other blogging platforms to publish blogs.
  • Google keyword research and analytics tool.
  • SEMrush for topic ideas.
  • AnswerthePublic to get title ideas about a specific subject.

Tools influencers use:

  • Social media sites like Insta and YouTube to post videos and reels.
  • Canva to create posters and other visuals.
  • to clean the background of the photos.
  • Intellifluence to create collaboration opportunities with other brands or to get sponsored.
  • Sprout Social to schedule posts and track the reach of the content.
  • to find various influencers and work with sponsors.
  • TweetDeck to make Twitter access and management easy.

For influencers, too, there are many different tools, and it depends on the influencer which specific tools they want to use.

Content Creator Or Influencer: Which One Should You Hire?

Whether you are a business or an individual wanting to promote the brand, you know social media is the greatest way. However, it is natural to feel confused about which one you should choose to outsource the promotion work. 

Let’s discuss whether it should be a content creator or an influencer to hire for your business boost.

Working With Content Creators

Content creators also write about your products other than clicking pictures and videos. They can showcase your product in a storytelling way, and you can also rely on them for digital marketing.

However, again, the skills vary from one content creator to another, and not everything applies to each of them. To know exactly what they can offer and what skills they possess, you have to discuss it with them, tell them your requirements, and decide if a content creator would be suitable.

Businesses should also know that content creators might not have a huge following like influencers. But again, it is subjective and doesn’t apply to every single creator.

So if spreading your content to millions of people is your goal, then content creators might not be the right choice.

Working With Influencers

Working with influencers might be a little expensive due to their wide reach and millions of followers. However, if the reach is what matters to you, working with an influencer will be worth the investment.

Also, while working with influencers, you don’t have to use other means of marketing since they expand the reach of your product to a big audience.

This also promises a business better ROI. Remember that finding an influencer who works in the same niche as yours is also important.

Another thing businesses should take care of is that they should not get fooled by the crazy numbers of followers. They should always check if an influencer has genuine followers or if their followers are just bots.

Final Thoughts

The conclusion is, as a business owner, you can go with either and you will achieve results. Both creators and influencers have something unique to offer; you can also hire both and achieve even better results.

Before hiring, be mindful of the influencer content, their working style, their genre, and your ultimate goal. If your goal is to let more people know about your brand, an influencer will be an ideal choice.

A content creator would be the right choice if you want the audience to stick around and inspire them to be there in the long run.



1) What does a content creator need to do?

They should know their audience and create content that interests them. They should be aware of the industry trends and should implement the same.

2) What should a content creator not do?

They should not overlook creating the content strategy. Plus, they should not upload posts randomly and should have a content calendar.

3) What do most influencers do?

Influencers use their influence over their followers to control their purchasing decisions. Their authority and credibility in the niche make people listen to their say.

4) How successful are influencers?

Influencers get paid from $100 to $10k+ depending on the number of followers and their ability to influence their audience. If an influencer is ready to work hard toward creating and give it enough time, they can be successful influencers.

5) Can you be both: content creator and influencer?

There are many aspects of content creation where the influencers and content creators overlap. So yes, you can be a content creator and influencer simultaneously.


Srinivasan is a Digital Marketer who is passionate about video monetization based solutions and video on demand platform ideas. He believes in spreading the latest tech trends. He is an avid reader and Loves to share views on the latest technologies, tips, and tricks.


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