10 content creators mistakes

10 Mistakes Content Creators Should Never Make

Content creators play an important role in influencing how people consume content of all formats. The increased technology penetration has made it easy and accessible for everyone with decent phone cameras and delightful ideas to generate content.

From YouTube videos and Instagram reels to writing informative blogs and podcasts: Every day of our lives behind whatever we see on our phones or laptops – there are creators burning midnight fuel and producing art for the world to ponder upon 🔥

But with the cloudburst of content creators, the space has become crowded, and the emphasis on creators to produce content of high quality and well-researched has upped the ante.

Gone are the days when people tended to believe whatever that’s online was true. Instead, more viewers are now informed and aware – at least to an extent – of what they see online.

content creators mistakes

Creating error-free and quality content is no more a preference but a priority…

…because one swipe is all it takes to move on to the next creator if your content is not engaging, entertaining, or to the point.

By focusing on creating quality content, creators can establish themselves as a brand and emerge to become creators that the world will look forward to. And the rest shall pursue. Like, increased followers, wider reach, and fame 😍

However, creating quality and exclusive content requires a lot of planning, research, and perfect implementation of the strategy to make your next article or video viral worldwide.

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Content Creators, Avoid These Pitfalls

In this blog, we will explore the ten common mistakes that content creators make. Of course, no one does mistakes on purpose. But a little tweaking here and there will set the bar high in this already competitive space.

  1. Not enough in-depth research 
  2. Ignoring the target audience
  3. Neglecting mobile optimization
  4. Substandard audio and lighting
  5. Not considering SEO and keywords
  6. Too many ads during videos
  7. Not analyzing results
  8. Ineffective promotion strategy
  9. Inconsistent posting schedule
  10. Not monetizing content

By avoiding these mistakes, content creators can produce quality content that provides value to whoever sees it, increase credibility, emerge themselves as thought leaders, build a loyal following, and scale up.

1. Not Enough In-Depth Research 📰

In the urge to create content and catch up with the trends, we feel creators are not spending enough time doing a thorough study on the topic they are creating. One common question: Why would the audience choose you over others when whatever that’s being said is already accessible online?

not enough indepth research

Whatever you are speaking about, spend lots of time researching – reading articles, watching videos, listening to podcasts – and then set out to create content that’s nowhere else and offers high value to the audience. 

2. Ignoring The Target Audience 🎯

Remember the day you decided to be a content creator? Who do you think will see your content and share it with others because it’s either relatable or informative? Those people, those viewers: They are your target audience. Therefore, the content you create should resonate with them. 

For example, if you are creating content around fitness and wellness – people interested in staying fit, getting their body jacked, wanting to practice meditation, and so on – are your TG. 

3. Neglecting Mobile Optimization 📱

neglecting mobile optimization

Take your phone and see your content. Is it readable? Is it user-friendly? This is the easiest way to review your content for mobile optimization. 

Most of the world wakes up and sleeps with a mobile phone. A study says 60% of all web traffic came through mobile as of November 2022. If the content you are creating is not optimized for mobile viewing, you are throwing a free giveaway party for your audience to another creator.

It doesn’t take a lot of time either for mobile optimization if you have a plan in place. Ensure your videos can be viewed from all devices in accessible formats, ensure your articles have decent readability when browsing via mobile devices, and ensure every content of yours is mobile-friendly.

4. Substandard Audio And Lighting 🎶

Sound design is one of the most underrated aspects of creating a quality video. Most creators go easy on this, which in turn, affects the viewing experience. It’s evident no one likes to watch videos with lousy lighting or sound effects. Take time finessing these technical aspects.

No, we are not talking about how your videos are being shot. Everyone has their own ways and style of filming their videos. All we are saying is to place enough emphasis on making sure the videos are well-lit and the sound design is fine-tuned during the post-production. 

5. Not Considering SEO And Keywords 💻

There’s a popular quote that says the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google Search Results. Any guesses on how many people click results on the 2nd page of Google? Not even 10%, sadly.

not considering seo

It is a must for every creator to ensure their content is also SEO optimized and search-friendly to appear on top of the search results. Apart from being a low-cost, effective marketing strategy, you can reach a wider audience and increase content visibility worldwide by defining an SEO strategy.

Everything aside, imagine your content popping up on the first page of Google. A true win for every content creator!

6. Too Many Ads During Videos 😒

Forget that you are a creator, and let’s think from a viewer’s perspective: You get all excited for a video, start playing it, and not even halfway through – the ads start popping up. How would you feel? Would you want to continue the video, despite the ads, despite the disruptions?

Revenue-wise, ads are a must for creators to sustain. But staying moderate and knowing where to draw the line is what we suggest. Place ads strategically and in tune with the video concept so the audience doesn’t feel cluttered while watching. You can even integrate the ads and make them enjoyable.

7. Not Analyzing Results 📈

Let’s agree to the fact that not every piece of content we write or video we create will go viral. But effort-wise, the same goes for strategizing and writing the script that is the soul of every content.

Creators need to revisit their content and check how content is performing based on the parameters of choice. This way, you can understand the audience and know which content is performing better. Then, considering all these factors, you can iterate and create based on the results reviewed.

8. Ineffective Promotion Strategy 🥀

Blessed are those with a huge follower base. But for others without and those who are just starting: How would people know about your content when it’s not backed with a propelling marketing strategy?

promotion strategy

Creating a promotion plan is as important as creating content. Find ways to distribute your content using various platforms and reach out to communities, so the content is spread worldwide. 

The best part is that free marketing tools and promotion frameworks are already available online. You can check and use one that suits customers’ preferences rather than starting from scratch all over.

And creators with followers also must brainstorm ideas to increase their count and reach a wider audience with their content.

9. Not Monetizing Content 💸

Isn’t it a beautiful thing to do what you love and also get paid fairly in the process of doing so? Well, content and video creators looking to churn a career out of content creation should seriously consider monetizing.

From digital downloads and eBooks to videos and podcasts, every “quality” content can be monetized, where audiences pay to access the content.

There are many ways content can be monetized. You can either foster relationships with businesses, do brand collaborations in exchange for promotion of their products, get into affiliate marketing, sell merchandise, become a brand ambassador, and more.

Or go even a step further and create your own channel to upload, organize, and sell your content. Video monetization is what we are talking about!

10. Inconsistent Posting Schedule ⏳
Inconsistent Posting Schedule ⏳9.

Like it or not, content creators have this burden of baggage hanging by their shoulders to create and post consistently, to be relevant, and be remembered in the minds of audiences. In this competitive space, this is essential.

Here’s an idea: In the last week of every month, plan the content going live in the coming month and devise the posting frequency. By doing so, you’ll have an idea of the content count and will this also give ample time for scripting.

Finalizing a month’s plan in advance will be a big relief for creators who are already in 9-5 jobs and also creating content staying true to their spirits. 

What Is Video Monetization?

Suppose you are a creator generating content in a visually appealing format – in that case – Video Monetization is the process of setting a price tag on your videos and earning an income by setting up various revenue models of your choice. Some of the popular subscription models that work well are SVOD, TVOD, and Ad-Based.

Apart from the earning part, here are other benefits associated: 

  • Maximize your audience
  • Generate recurring revenue
  • Own an exclusive channel
  • Convert followers into supporters
  • And many more benefits…

There are plenty of video monetization platforms that empower video creators to build an exclusive channel for them to upload videos and earn. So many creators worldwide have capitalized on their following and built a business model with their content.

The best part of choosing a robust video monetization platform is that you don’t have to wait for 1000s of subscribers or views to get paid. Instead, creators can earn every time the audience subscribes to their videos. 

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Final Thoughts

There are 1000s of content creators worldwide. How many do you remember? Ten or probably twenty, right? And this goes the same with the audience.

It takes a lot of effort, planning, creativity, and consistency for your name or brand to be imprinted in the hearts of millions worldwide. In the journey of creating content, make no compromises on quality, avoid the mistakes we’ve listed, and may every content you create to be of high value.

There are no boundaries for art. So, unleash your creative self and create content that will be celebrated worldwide. Engage, entertain, and educate with your content. Whatever niche you work on, be the best in it. 

Create content that leaves an everlasting impact. The future will be content driven. Never settle. Be the voice that makes a difference ❤️



1. Is it easy to become a content creator?
1. Is it easy to become a content creator?

With the advent of technology and the ease of creating content with mobiles, the launch can be easy. But what it takes to sustain and become successful is quality content, a well-planned marketing strategy, and an urge to win big.

1. Is it easy to become a content creator?

2. What not to do when creating content?

Here are some points: Not doing in-depth research, ignoring SEO optimization, plagiarizing content from other creators, not optimizing content for mobile viewing, being inconsistent in posting, and more.

Here are some points: Not doing in-depth research, ignoring SEO optimization, plagiarizing content from other creators, not optimizing content for mobile viewing, being inconsistent in posting, and more.

3. How do content creators make money?

There are several ways like video monetization, collaborating with businesses, and selling merchandise after gaining followers. The best of all is video monetization as you can start earning every time your content is bought.

4. What should be the ultimate goal for content creators?

The pursuit to create content that is either engaging or educational or entertaining. Stay true to the art and your calling. And the need to offer value to the audience with every content that you produce.

5. What are some common mistakes beginner creators making?

Well, this whole article talks about the same. Scroll up for a detailed view. And in a nutshell, here: Improper research, posting too much content in a short time, content getting repetitive, and not doing SEO and mobile optimization.


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