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OTT Streaming Apps in Indian Market | Features, Revenue Models

OTT, one of the surprise elements in this decade of the entertainment industry has seen a mammoth growth within its short inception.

Well, this newbie has its own impeccable features and benefits that made it stand out from the crowd and won over the traditional cable model.

What are the OTT Apps?

The latest buzz in the entertainment industry is the Over-the-top technology. OTT services deliver the video content directly to your device through the internet without any need for traditional cable. 

OTT apps brings you a series of your favorite shows and watch it anytime and anywhere. Just download the OTT App and you are good to go.

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Types of OTT Services

There are basically four types of OTT services in the Entertainment industry. Among these four types, video OTT tops the list, as audiences prefer more video content format than the other content formats. 

“According to EconomicsTimes, By 2023, Video OTT service to reach at 21.8% CAGR to a whopping $1.7 billion”

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Real-Time Examples of OTT Platforms

Here are some of the top OTT platforms in India which gained tremendous reach and engagement among global audiences in no time.

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Top 7 Compelling Features of OTT Apps

1. Multilingual Content

To get success in the Indian market, OTT platform development companies need to focus on the local language. In a country like India which has diversified culture and numerous languages, several OTT streaming apps give more importance to the regional language. 

For instance, Amazon prime video went one step further in producing Amazon original series in regional languages as well. ‘GangStars’, is the first Telugu originals telecasted on Amazon. Likewise, Hotstar also offers high-quality local content in 9 languages.

2. Search Option

‘Search’ option is one of the vital features for any OTT streaming apps. This is a simple yet powerful component, a kind of deciding factor which makes a customer stay or log out completely if it does not return the desired result. 

It should have good readability and provide many options for the customers to narrow down to the required result. Placing an in-built text message will give the customer a heads-up of what they can expect. 

search option

3. Best-in-class DRM (Digital Rights Management system)

Managing your content securely for all servers through AES 256 encryption feature along with token authentication is essential to stream your video/audio content seamlessly without any unauthorized intruders. 

With DRM support, your content is protected from piracy issues and also your copyrighted content is safe in an end-end secured model. 

4. Adaptive Streaming Technology

OTT platforms that support multiple and adaptive bitrate ranging from 480p, 720p, 1080 HD to 4k that is scalable and reliable to enhance the customers viewing experience. 

Delivering buffer-free, excellent video/audio content is the key for any OTT streaming platform. With adaptive bitrate feature stream all your video content that is adaptable to different networks. 

5. Social Sharing

To expand your user base and get higher user engagement with your content, social media integration is important. These social share features instantly connect your OTT platform with the outside world which is good for your branding and as well as attracts more audiences. 

Many of the OTT platforms come up with new social features where they have exclusive in-app chat features, where they can comment and review a movie or favorite series while streaming.  

6. Personalized User profile 

Creating a personalized user profile is a win-win solution for both the customers and OTT streaming providers. Once the user chooses his/her preferences, they will get personalized content.

Also, the user activity in the OTT platform gives an idea of the customer’s behavior pattern which it will further use it for enhancing the user experience in the future. 

7. Screen Mirroring

Delivering high-quality content across devices enables a wider reach in no time. You can screen your video content to a Apple TV or any devices through various options like Google Cast SDK, AirPlay and so on. 

Many OTT platforms support multiple platforms, smart TV’s, fire TV to name a few.

Strategies of OTT Monetization (adding pay-per-view)

Several top OTT companies rely on multiple monetization models to boost up the revenue and it caters to the individual’s preferences. Here are the basic categories of OTT monetization models.

  • Subscription-based 

Subscription-based revenue models help you save annually by paying a monthly premium amount. It also offers several membership benefits like watching exclusive original content, live sports package and so much more. 

  • Transaction based

It is useful for the GenZ or millennial crowd who are bound to time constraint and always on the run. Unlike monthly subscriptions, these TVOD or Pay Per View models allow the users to pay-per-view or pay on-demand. 

Now if you are a die-hard fan of the IPL cricket tournament or want to watch the Emmy Award-winning series ‘Game of Thrones’, you can pay for that particular show alone. 

  • Ad-based model 

Ads Video On Demand model provide users a free OTT platform where the revenue is generated through these skippable or non-skippable ads. You can position the ad in any part of your content, either in the banner or navigation bars.

How to Create an OTT Video Streaming Channel? 

GudSho, an emerging OTT platform that brings the world cinema right to your living room, provides easy steps to create your own OTT studio quickly and easily.

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How Much Does OTT Video App Costs? 

At absolutely no cost, create a free account & create your own studio in GudSho. Also, start uploading your exclusive high-quality content for free.

Grow your business and get your own personal branding by creating an OTT platform for all your video and audio content. Choose an OTT platform that uses disruptive technologies and has a global reach that helps to distribute your content worldwide.


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