benefits of selling videos online with OTT

How to Sell & Monetize Your Videos without YouTube

So, you’re just here trying to sell your videos whatever – Tutorials, music videos, documentaries or even movies.

Wait, we know you might already sell your videos online on YouTube, sorry uploading it on YouTube and making people watch it for free.

If so, now it’s time to reconsider it.

Note: No one will buy videos if you’re talking to the camera. 

Don’t ever try to sell any Old Rubbish Videos!

Before getting into the actual action of selling your videos on YouTube, Note this,

#YouTube is Not Ideal For All Type of Content!

To all those content creators, distributors, content owners out there, who wish to monetize videos, limiting yourself to YouTube alone is not going to yield revenue unless your videos have a million views (added 1000 crazy subscribers).

There are so many video hosting options you must consider to experience much more benefits than YouTube.

benefits of selling videos other than youtube

Choosing a video hosting platform is absolutely awesome, but picking up the right dish from the table is the prime.

Just Stop Reading This – Go Sell Your Videos Now

With so much video, efforts, the time you spent on YouTube, may not yield you the profit equivalent to your efforts, but partnering with online OTT platform like GudSho, an upcoming OTT platform in India would provide you various ways to promote and sell your videos online.

Have you had success with GudSho? Did YouTube work for you? Perhaps generating money from your videos might have taken your movie making career to next-level.


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