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5 Benefits Of E-Learning: Secrets Revealed For Creators

It was the eon of COVID when the world became dependent on “digital” and realized it for the first time. The whole education system was about to be thrashed. Thanks to the concept of e-learning that came into the picture and saved the industry and the future of billions of students. “Like a Hero!”

Today the classrooms are virtual and students access their sessions through virtual teaching videos. People have become used to the bite-sized information and receiving it online at the time and space of their convenience. 

A revolution that began as a necessity is now a booming thing of the present which will undoubtedly continue to flourish in the future as well.

Now the question is “what does it mean for you as a creator?” “How can you take advantage of this opportunity and build your online presence and audience?”

Let’s discuss the same in this blog post while also uncovering some significant benefits of e-learning.

Let’s hop onto it.

Demystifying E-Learning Benefits – A Heavenly Save For Both Tutors And Learners

There are many reasons that motivate the world to make e-learning a permanent thing. Let’s get to know why e-learning is here to stay.

advantages of elearning

1) Better Returns On Investments

Tutoring via videos does not only save time but it remains much better in terms of return on your investments too. When an institution conducts online classes, they save up on the cost of infrastructure, staff, electricity, and even tools like copiers.

Another example is Yale which used to spend around $680,000 a year on the paper used in copiers and an additional one million on toner.  All these tycoons are already saving big bucks by switching to the virtual aspect of learning.

All these tycoons are already saving big bucks by switching to the virtual aspect of learning.

2) Infinite Usage Of Content

One of the advantages of online classes is that creators can create videos that can be used indefinitely by the learners. With many screen recorders, it is even possible to record live sessions to be watched later.

Course creators can create their courses once and can upload the same to be streamed limitlessly.

3) Pocket-Friendly Prices

Just like e-learning has given wings to creators, it has also liberated students in many ways. Learners stream video for e-learning which saves them significantly on tutor costs and commutes. 

Benefits of online classes also include discounts and offers; e-learning lets students access study materials while being pocket-friendly.

4) Multiple Learning Modes

Streaming platforms and applications enable students to access online video in education via:

  • Streaming the classroom in the presence of their teacher and many other students. 
  • One-to-one session and uploads which they can access regardless of geographical boundaries.

5) Wide Range Of Programs

Some of the prominent e-learning platforms feature the best e-learning videos and courses. From simple subjects to trendy certification courses, these platforms comprise everything.

This enables everyone to experience the bliss of e-learning while opting for any arts or skills they want to learn.
Demystifying E-Learning Benefits – A Heavenly Save For Both Tutors And Learners

Grow And Blossom Your Own E-Learning Channel

As a creator, if you want to establish an online presence, this is your time. Online streaming platforms are so in demand regardless of the niches they serve. Millions of people have headed toward these platforms as a source of entertainment and education

Let’s create your own learning channel by following these steps-

1. Take Your Sweet Time And Picture The Vision

Start by creating a vision for the channel that what you want to achieve with this online presence and how the future looks. 

This will keep you more clear in terms of deciding the right streaming platform with the features and UI as per your preferences.

When you know the vision, you will be able to perform a more thorough market analysis to know your competitors and build your marketing strategy accordingly.

2. Know Who Your Fans Will Be

A creator should first know for whom they are creating. You should know your target audience or the people that you want to watch your videos. These people can be students, working people, housemakers, older people, etc.

Once you know your audience you become able to create according to them in a language that they would understand and appreciate.

For example, in the education niche, you can determine your viewers by having a look at the subject that you teach and who you think will benefit from your tutorials.

3. Recording It This Way Or That Way?

If you have never recorded before, it might take a few turns to decide which style is more suitable. For this, you should record a few videos and have a look at them; also get them reviewed by other people and find their say.

  • You can then implement some constructive opinions into your next videos and see how much your progress. 
  • You can also watch tutorials of other creators for a preference and infuse the techniques into your own videos.

4. Let Them Know You Exist

Make sure that you write titles and descriptions that are relevant to your tutorials. You can also insert some keywords into your content that will help you bring your videos into SERPs.

Following good SEO practices helps search engines lead the right audience to your channel and lets them have perks of online education. 

For starters, you can implement some DIY SEO techniques and once you start to grow or if budget is not a constraint, you can hire a digital marketer as well.

5. Keep Showering Your Love

Once you have started uploading tutorials and implementing SEO, it’s time that you also track your progress. 

Every streaming platform provides analytics to help creators track their audience or traffic. 

You can use these analytics to know the demographics of your viewers such as:

  • The number of views
  • The devices, and browsers they used
  • How much time they spend on one page
  • If they explore other videos or not

This will also let you modify your marketing strategy by implementing new techniques or letting go of the old ones to bring you better results.

Tips To Make Your Channel More Mesmerizing

tips for your channel

Now that you have an idea about creating your own channel, don’t forget to optimize it for the best streaming experience of your viewers. Below are the tips:

  • A Light And Fast Player

The loading time of the player is a big factor that determines if your viewers would stay or leave. As a creator, you should check for the heaviness of the player and if it is able to load quickly the moment it is clicked.

  • Multi-Bitrate Streaming

The next and foremost important streaming factor is bitrate streaming. Opting for multi-bitrate streaming ensures that your viewers can stream an e-learning video content regardless of their internet speed.

Those who have lightning-fast internet will receive high-quality videos and those with a slower internet connection will also be able to stream the content at a low resolution.

  • Powerful CDN For Quality Streaming

CDN or the Content Delivery Network comprises servers that distribute your content when requested. A powerful CDN means having a significant distribution network. The more ideal servers are there, the more high-quality streaming your viewers receive.

Hence while looking for a streaming platform, make sure to choose one with a decent distribution network.

  • DRM To Protect Content

Ensure this one for yourself as well as your viewers. Content is the digital property of the creator that should be kept safe against piracy and unauthorized downloads. Hence an e-learning platform should always provide strong encryption facilities or the Digital Rights Management system.

This way your content gets streamed by only the authorized users that you allow. It also protects your content from downloading via browser add-ons.

Drizzle The Magic Of Engagement To Keep Your Viewers Absorbed

To further make your channel, engaging, motivate your viewers to return, using these strategies:

elearning channel strategy

1. Make Your Sessions More Creative

While your job might seem about passing on the knowledge about particular points or a chapter of a subject, there is more to it. You need to infuse creativity into your sessions if you want to keep viewers engaged and wanting them to return.

For example, you might conduct small competitions every now and then and reward those who show progress. 

  • These rewards can be in the form of goodies or giveaways. 
  • You can also announce the name of the winners out loud; this is also one form of reward that viewers love to receive.

2. Free-Trials And Discounts Are The Charms

Whether you are a new creator or one with a decent fanbase, giving a few discounts or free trials never hurts much. You can announce some limited-time offers to convert potential viewers into subscribers.

Let your learners have some tutorials free of cost and let them experience your channel for some time without paying anything. They will definitely find their way to you if they benefit from your tutorials.

3. Do Have A Question-And-Answer Session

Once in a while, conduct an interactive video e-learning experience where you answer your viewers’ questions. Many people prefer to ask questions in the comments section. As a creator, it is a good practice to focus on some noteworthy questions and prepare their answers.

Later you can conduct a question-and-answer session during which you answer some of the queries asked by your students. 

Notify your viewers about the session beforehand so they can be aware of your next video where they might find answers to their queries.

Meanwhile, keep encouraging your viewers to leave comments as this will naturally invite more engagement.

How to Develop Goals And Objectives For Your E-Learning Course?

So far we have learned the benefits of e-learning, how to create your own channel, how to optimize it better, and the ways to make it more engaging.

Now, let’s talk more about setting the goals and objectives regarding the e-learning course you would develop. The journey of a creator doesn’t stop once they have designed their online course channel, but it starts from there.

To be a course creator, you would need to design a course first and conclude its objectives and ultimate goal. This means that while designing a course you must know what value the viewers would receive from your course. 

goals and objectives for elearning channel

In other words, you should know that by the time a student finishes the course, then with what skills they walk away.

So here we are going to discuss the learning objectives, and goals, and how you can create them to progress your course further.

1) Determining The Objectives

While creating a course, you might have many objectives that you want to cover. Imagine if you were to create a course where you want to teach graphic designing using Photoshop, your objectives might be:

  • Making students familiar with the fundamentals of Photoshop
  • Teaching how to save images in different formats
  • Becoming aware of how layering works and how to rotate, scale, and position layers

It is recommended that while creating the objectives of a course, you take the reference of Bloom’s Taxonomy. This is because it comprises six steps of learning: remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating.

This way you ensure that the student is not only reading the subject, but is also understanding it deeply, implementing the skills, analyzing it, and advancing his overall skillset.

2) Objectives And Goal – Understanding The Terminology

Creating objectives is important as they give the learner an idea of what he or she is going to learn. However, it is easy to become distracted between objectives and goals and many might also use them interchangeably.

To get further clarity on this, you need to know that objectives and goals are different. While a goal can be the ultimate motive or aim of a course, it is called objective when it is broken down into smaller parts.

Creating objectives works because it simplifies the overall process of understanding a course. For example, the above-mentioned bullet points are the objectives of a course while the goal can be learning Photoshop Basics.

This way, a course has to consist of smaller points that together make the goal. It would help learners get to know what they have learned so far which will boost their confidence. It will also help you as a tutor to teach in a much simpler way.

3) Creating The Learning Objectives

While creating the learning objective, it is important to make the communication effective and understandable. To simplify it further, you can use the ABCD formula. Let’s get to know it more:

A (Audience) – Decide for which people you are creating the course, whether they are students or working professionals. This will help you set the tone and language of the overall course.

B (Behavior) – Define the actions that you want the learners to take. For reference, you should use objective verbs which are action verbs such as Select, Explain, Apply, Categorize, Evaluate, Develop, and more.

C (Condition) – Explain if there are any conditions to be met.

D (Degree) – Next you can mention any specific behavior such as the time limit of a specific task.

Remember all these four points while creating the objectives of your course. Such instructions will give the students a clear idea about what they need to perform or what your course includes.
Demystifying E-Learning Benefits – A Heavenly Save For Both Tutors And LearnersDrizzle The Magic Of Engagement To Keep Your Viewers AbsorbedDemystifying E-Learning Benefits – A Heavenly Save For Both Tutors And LearnersHow To Develop Goals And Objectives For Your E-Learning Course?Demystifying E-Learning Benefits – A Heavenly Save For Both Tutors And LearnersDrizzle The Magic Of Engagement To Keep Your Viewers AbsorbedDemystifying E-Learning Benefits – A Heavenly Save For Both Tutors And Learners


E-learning has surely given the world an edge over traditional ways of education. The concept comes with great convenience and unlimited accessibility that removes any geographical obstruction.

Benefits of online study for students comprise being faster, cheaper, and on-demand. From a creator’s perspective, it gives expansion, earning opportunities, and overall wider reach to the right audience.

By adopting e-learning and by creating your own streaming channel, you can unlock many possibilities and potential. As a creator, you should always optimize your e-learning channel and have the essential features included such as DRM, multi-bitrate streaming, right CDN, and more.

With that being said creators, keep your learners engaged by implementing different fun activities and keep uploading new content to stream. We hope you found some valuable information from this write-up.

Freqently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main purpose of eLearning?

What is the main purpose of eLearning?

E-learning is meant to provide greater flexibility in terms of location, cost-effectiveness, and overall accessibility. The main purpose is to let the learners access the content from anywhere and anytime in the world.

What are the benefits of technology in education?

Technology in education helps learners retain the information by giving the ability to stream as many times as they want. It encourages them for more collaboration and choosing among different learning styles.

What is the strength of eLearning?

Courses can be accessed 24/7 and students can educate themselves according to their pace. There is also a level of anonymity and access to resources that come with e-learning.

What are the 3 main advantages of e-Learning?

What are the 3 main advantages of e-Learning?

E-learning enables learners to access the content from anywhere. It is cost-effective over traditional methods of learning. The approach allows creators to reach a global audience.

Are New-Gen e-Learning Trends a Fad or Essential?

New-gen e-learning trends such as AI, AR, and VR are going to advance in the coming year 2023. However, not many organizations may need such advanced concepts for now as they have to advance themselves for implementing such concepts.


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