Best AI Video Generator & Editing Tools

6 Best AI Video Generators and Editing Tools For Productivity

The world is fascinated with the skyrocketing outcomes of AI. Content Creators nowadays are on cloud nine celebrating the fact that they are delivering videos faster, easier, nicer, and better than ever. Experience is no longer a criterion here, even a budding artist can make striking videos in a jiffy with AI video generators and editing tools today.

Why just go through the time-consuming manual process, just download the best AI video generator tool, upload your raw file, and edit it in mins. 

Let’s begin to explore the top AI video generators and editing tools in the market to just go easy with your video editing process. With AI you can boost your productivity 20x like never before. Scroll down to save a hefty amount of your time.

How does an AI video tool work?

To operate an AI video tool you do not need any specific skills, all you need to do is give the right and perfect prompt, rest will be taken care of in seconds.

How does the AI video generator manage to dominate the international headline? The answer is simple, its usage of artificial intelligent algorithms and data structure to automate and fasten the video creation process it is. Moreover, the tools inculcate a large number of data, along with images, texts, and videos, and generate a visually alluring video

In simple words, all you have to do is give it instructions to edit videos or generate videos, and the tools that you use acquire that input and deliver results instantly. Now, what are all the actions an AI video tool can perform? 

  • It can produce brand new videos based on your prompt. 
  • It can give subtitles for your videos. All you need to ask is “generate subtitle to the video
  • You can share the video documentation by asking the AI video to generate based on your preferences. 
  • Why keep long, uncut, and raw videos when you can ask the tool to repurpose them? 
  • What more do you need when you can just transcribe your video? It does it too!
  • Boost your video quality with just a click, and add prompts to make it look refurbished. 

It’s quite fascinating, isn’t it? the way the AI video tool functions! What more do you need to do than just get one for you now? Let’s help you do that too.

Are you looking for the best Video Platform to improve your Video-business

6 Mind-Blowing AI Video Generator & Editing Tools for Creators

There are lots of AI video tools in the market choosing the right one can be confusing. We got you covered! Here are the top AI video tools that offer exclusive features. Simply read through to find the one that best suits your needs and fulfills everything you’ve been hoping for.

1. Fliki

Turn whatever is on your mind into videos with AI voices!


Fliki is an AI-powered video generator that promises video creation in 4 simple steps. It also helps you to convert text format documents into videos with its high-tech video. It stands out from other tools in the market because it combines text-to-video AI and text-to-speech AI. It is also known for its professional-grade voiceovers, exceptional AI Voices, and Voice Clones known for their superior quality.

Best for : 

The Fliki AI video tool is best suitable for novice and seasoned creators. It is also suitable for creators who wish to generate educational videos, explainers, product demos, social media content, YouTube and TikTok reels, and video ads. 

G2 Rating 

As of April 2024, Fliki has earned a stellar rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on G2. It has been widely acclaimed by numerous top clients as the best AI video editing tool, garnering mostly 5-star ratings.


  • Transform your texts into videos like PPT to Video, Tweet to Video, Photo to Video, and also make exclusive Product Videos just by entering the prompt.
  • Convert ideas to videos with prompts for your social media updates. 
  • Transform texts into lifelike speech, with over 2000+ ultra-realistic voices in 75+ different languages instead of looking for a voice makeover assistant. 
  • Use the clone voice feature to create videos using your own voice. Simply record a 2-minute sample of your voice and save time by avoiding manual voice recording for each video.
  • Make brand-new videos with professionally designed templates. Also, you can translate your content into any 75+ languages in a minute.


There are 3 different pricing plans offered by Fiki, starting from the free version to standard and premium. The availability and the freedom to use the features offered differ based on the pricing plan. 

  • The Free plan is for beginners who want to just try out AI video creation
  • The Standard plan is for creators venturing into AI video production and it costs $21/m.
  • The Premium Plan is for emerging and seasoned video creators and it costs $66/m.

2. InVideo AI

Make videos/films with just text prompts effortlessly!

InVideo AI

InvideoAI is a top-notch AI video editing tool that enables you to generate scripts, add voiceovers, create scenes, and customize numerous videos effortlessly, all with your command and prompt.

With its exclusive video editing features, you can enhance and grow your brand through impactful video content. Moreover, this AI video editing tool helps you execute a comprehensive video content strategy by converting your videos into monetizable assets, significantly boosting your brand’s exposure, awareness, and engagement through optimized workflow.

Best for : 

Invideo AI is best suited for creating videos for people who are into social media, marketing, education, and entertainment, without any need for editing skills.

G2 Rating 

Invideo AI has achieved an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2 as of April 2024, with numerous clients awarding it a perfect 5-star rating.


  • Transform text into AI talking avatars and customizable videos using its Invideo Studio feature. 
  • Access attractive video templates tailored for various platforms such as YouTube, business promotions, advertisements, real estate listings, and social media campaigns.
  • Highlight specific segments of your videos using exclusive individual video makers, including Intro Maker, Outro Maker, Video Ad Maker, Birthday Card Maker, and more.
  • Thanks to the faceless video creator feature, create professional-quality videos without needing to appear on camera or invest in expensive equipment.
  • Enhance your YouTube videos and documentaries with an AI voice-over generator, adding a classic touch to your content effortlessly.


There are 3 different types of pricing plans offered by Invideo AI, starting from the free version to plus and max. The availability and the freedom to use the features offered differ based on the pricing plan. 

  • The Free plan is for anyone who wishes to try AI video creation
  • The Plus plan is for creators starting their journey and it costs $20/month
  • The Max Plan is for growing & established creators and it costs $48/month.
Start & Grow your Video Channel with 100+ Premium Features

3. Synthesia

A next-generation AI video-generating platform trusted by 50k+ companies across the world!


Synthesia helps you to create studio-quality videos with innovative AI avatars and realistic voice-overs in various languages. The main idea behind the Synthesia video-generating platform is to create videos professionally without the need for mics, cameras, actors, and studios. If you prioritize safety and security while using AI then don’t have second thoughts just go ahead with it.

Best For

Best for teams who create training videos like sales, IT, and marketing at scale. 

G2 Rating:

Synesthesia is highly acclaimed with 1150+ reviews on G2 and has a rating of 4.7/5 making it the category leader as of April 2024. 


  • 160+ AI avatars to create videos for diverse audiences, also you can create your own AI Avatar your digital twin. 
  • Access voiceovers in 130+ languages, and clone your voice to generate videos.
  • Exclusive video library to store and prototype your training videos to edit and share at any time.
  • Streamline the video creation process by embedding videos into your authoring tool, LMS, LXP, & more!
  • 200+ free video templates to help you get started with video making in a minute. 


There are 3 different types of pricing plans offered by Synthesia, starting from the starter version to creator and enterprise. The availability and the freedom to use the features offered differ based on the pricing plan. There is no free version, you need to pay to start using Synthesia. 

  • The starter plan comes for $22/month and it can be billed yearly. 
  • The curator plan comes for $67/month and it can be billed yearly.
  • The Enterprise plan is a custom pricing plan, where you can discuss and custom build your plan and way for features only you would like to use. 


Keep it shorter and engage longer with video ventures around the world!


With you can get ready with clips, cut and captioned by AI, and save 90% of your time. Why always go for long videos?, make enticing short clips to engage your audience, and make automatic video chapters with the help of Ai. 

Best For 

The Video. Ai app is best suited for podcasters, creators, marketers, and B2B and B2C agencies who do client service. 

G2 Rating has received a 5/5 star rating in G2 as of April 2024. 


  • Create exclusive short video clips with auto-generated AI captions and instant delivery. 
  • Our comprehensive content repurposing solution offers features like video resizing, clipping, auto chapters, AI-powered subtitles, social media templates, and more.
  •  Easily repurpose your Zoom webinars and measure virality scores for your Shorts, Reels, and TikToks
  • Streamline storytelling with our B-Rolls Library, ensuring seamless integration with our AI video editing environment. 
  • Elevate your online presence with intuitive social media templates and create videos instantly.


There are 4 different types of pricing plans offered by, starting from the Free version to the Essential, Growth, and Custom plans. The availability and the freedom to use the features offered differ based on the pricing plan. 

  • The free plan comes for free with limited features. 
  • The Essential plan comes for USD 21/month billed annually at 40% off
  • The Growth plan which they consider the popular plan comes for USD 25/month billed annually at 51% off
  • The custom plan ranges between USD 42-83/ month billed annually at 45% off, by choosing this plan you can pay for features only you want to use.

5. D-ID

Talk to the world with AI digital people and face the future digitally.


D-ID offers a robust range of AI generative tools to produce videos that feature digital people with deep learning face animation technology. It helps users to give unique voices and personalities to the AI animation they create. 

Best For

This platform is best suited for people who want to deliver unique and animated videos to enhance customer experience, sales & marketing, learning, and development-related AI videos.

G2 Rating

The D-ID platform is awarded with 4/5 star ratings by G2 as of April 2024. 


  • The Natural User Interface NUI technology helps you build a realistic avatar and makes viewers feel like just talking to a real friend.
  • You can now seamlessly add streaming videos to your product using Generative AI API
  • Give a face to automated customer service, making interactions more human and natural and making them available 24/7.
  • Build digital presenters for your marketing meetings such as personalized video messages, next-level PowerPoint presentations, and product walkthroughs.
  • Create training videos at scale for onboarding, internal communications, e-learning, and corporate training video production.
  • Hassle-free video production with LLM-based text generation, and text-to-image capabilities.


There are different pricing plans for two different models called API and Studio. 

  • The pricing for the API model ranges from Trail, build, launch, scale, and enterprise plan. The trial plan is free, the Build plan comes for $14.4/month, the launch plan comes for $35/month, the scale plan comes for $138.6/month and the enterprise plan can be customized. 
  • The studio models comprise of plans ranging from Trail, Lite, Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise. The trial plan comes for free, the lite plan comes for $4.7/month, the pro plan comes for $16/month, the advanced plan comes for $108/month and the enterprise plan is customizable, based on the feature that you wish to use. 

6. Guidde

Mastering video documentation creation is 11x faster than ever!


Guidde is a powerful generative AI platform that drives businesses to create SOPS, how-to guides, and training materials swiftly. Just add instructions craft stunning AI video documentation and deliver results on time. It also offers a free Chrome extension using which you can create video documentation for new feature updates and product demos.

Best For

People who need to create videos to share with your prospects or customers.

G2 Rating 

Guidde has received a 5/5 star rating in G2 as of April 2024. 


  • Free Chrome extension for free to help you get started with vidoe making right away.
  • Safe and secure user interface with SSO (Okta, Microsoft, 1Login).
  • Capture video-based guides.
  • Auto subtitles and studio voice-over feature. 
  • Exclusive 50+ brand kits to start capturing right away.


Guidde AI video editing platform offers two types of plans which can billed monthly/ Annually,

  •  The Monthy plan starts from free, pro, business, and enterprise plans. The free plan is for people who are getting started, the pro plan( $20/month) is for individuals and small teams, the business plan ($44/month) is for medium to large teams, enterprise plan is the customizable plan. 
  • The annual plan starts from free, pro, business, and enterprise plans. The free plan is for people who are getting started, the pro plan( $16/month) is for individuals and small teams, the business plan ($35/month) is for medium to large teams, enterprise plan is the customizable plan.


So, how are you going to proceed with your next step? Having read this, are you able to choose the right platform to start editing your videos with a generative video editing tool? By now you must have a clear insight about how things work and the best features to adopt from the market. Trust your conscience and start your video editing journey today. We wish you all the best!.


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