8 benefits in choosing GUDSHO to release your film on OTT

In recent times, the tide has been favouring OTT and other streaming platforms, which provide everyone with content to watch or listen to on the go and on virtually any device. The coronavirus pandemic accelerated the pace with which this field was growing, as more and more people looked out for streaming platforms to release their films or series and gain an additional revenue stream through OTT video monetization.

Today, by 2025, the global OTT market is expected to hit $332.52 billion, rising between the years 2018 to 2025 at a CAGR of 16.7%. There are over 300 streaming platforms to choose from, with people having at least one video streaming platform subscription. For content creators, this opens up new avenues for creating and distributing video content, especially those who would rather not rely on publishing houses or big names to help make the cut. The video monetisation models available allow even rookie creators to get the most value for their creative work, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

In such a competitive environment, it can be challenging to choose the right platform that offers you all the benefits of OTT, is customisable, and highly affordable. That search will probably end here, once you’ve learnt about GUDSHO’s advantages, including OTT monetisation options, over other platforms.

8 benefits in choosing GUDSHO to release your film on OTT

1. Shocial

GUDSHO’s stand-out offering is Shocial, a networking option that takes streaming from just watching to engaging and interacting. It has many sub-features that make users more likely to interact with your platform and content for hours on end. Feelers allow viewers to express their real emotions while watching a video, which in turn doubles up as reviews for said show that they can share with friends. With Group Watch, you’re able to watch your favourite movie with loved ones despite them being miles away. The Chat features sparks conversations between movie-goers and allows them to engage with the content better. Finally, the Gift Ticket lets users send gift cards to friends to watch shows of their choice on GUDSHO.

2. Global distribution and Geo-Fencing

GUDSHO helps you to take your content to the global audience without geographical boundaries acting as barriers. The geo-fencing features allow content creators and distributors to block specific regions from watching your films. This helps to maintain compliance with regulations, and also tightens the net and creates a niche audience if you need it.

3. Safe and Secure

Piracy and illegal downloading still affect the industries and cause losses in the range of millions of dollars. However, GUDSHO delivers a top-notch DRM that makes it almost impossible for hackers and unauthorised third parties to steal GUDSHO content. This prohibits hackers from accessing material and making illegal copies as well, and ensures both you and your viewers have a stellar user experience. The DRM also protects the rights and copyrights of your content, so that all rightful revenue is directed to you and not siphoned off by third parties.

4. Strong SEO

 SEO helps the world discover your movies and OTT platforms through a tool that is used by millions everyday: the search engine. GUDSHO has inbuilt features that help you optimise your content—such as titles, meta tags and descriptions—for search engines to discover and show to users. This helps you share content in the friendliest manner with future viewers, and isn’t intrusive or overwhelming like ads might be.

5. All device friendly

GUDSHO is a handy forum for content developers because it naturally optimises their videos or shows to show on virtually any device without quality compression. This enhances the viewing experience but streaming the show without much buffering or latency. As a result, your content  becomes truly accessible.

6. World-class streaming solutions

GUDSHO establishes superior content quality and brings an enhanced streaming experience to any screens. The top-notch player ensures that your content is visible and playable on all popular browsers, TVs and other smart devices.

7. Easy to use

With GUDSHO, you’ll experience hassle-free content  uploading and categorising, so you can create a virtual catalogue of great videos to watch without having to be tech-savvy. The team behind the platform also offers technical support, which will come in handy if you run into any roadblocks in the process.

8. Unlimited Earning

There’s no cap to the amount of money you can earn through the streaming platform monetisation models on GUDSHO. Before taking the plunge, you can sign up for a demo to experience the platform and get the hang of the exclusive content creator studio. Once you’ve familiarised yourself, you’ll be able to choose from many OTT platform revenue models to find one that suits your business goals. The most popular, if not the best monetisation model for OTT, is SVOD which is subscription-based. However, TVOD and AVOD work just as well for those looking to make access to content affordable on multiple scales and not rely on subscription-based revenue.


It’s a great time to get yourself acquainted with GUDSHO and set yourself up for success and great revenue through multiple streaming platform revenue options. It’s a stellar opportunity for content creators who are looking to make it big, get their feet wet or  add an additional stream of income through monetisation for streaming services. But best of all, GUDSHO levels the playing field and allows creatives of all backgrounds and skills to shine as they’re meant to!
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