The Happionaire Way Level 1 Module 1

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Yogesh ChabriabyYogesh Chabria

  • 43m 37s
  • 2023
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Learn about your DIG, make your HOPE plan and overcome fear ... Read More

About “The Happionaire Way Level 1 Module 1 ”

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In this video, Yogesh explains the importance of goals (Deep inner goals) (D.I.G). At the program's initiation, he stresses visualization of the inner goals deep inside you. Once a plan is prepared, the next step is to execute it. Through the H.O.P.E. Happionarie One-page execution plan, he teaches the audiences how exactly you can benefit from it. In addition, he adds pointers on how to Create impact and access your potential by setting goals for your personal, professional, and spiritual life. As a bonus, he tells us how to eliminate energy vampires and write down black hole statements. The inspirations and examples he drives from Mahabharata to explain the lessons are something you should look forward to in this module.

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