TTV001 | Sabarimala Yatra 2022 | Chennai to Sabarimala | Parameshwara Namboothri | Ramayana Pooja

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#TempleTravelerVlogger - Sabarimala Yatra 2022- Journey wit ... Read More

About “TTV001 | Sabarimala Yatra 2022 | Chennai to Sabarimala | Parameshwara Namboothri | Ramayana Pooja”

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#TempleTravelerVlogger - Sabarimala Yatra 2022- Journey with Dedication One has to take 'Ayyappa Deeksha" by wearing a "Tulasi Mala" for a Mandalam ie 41 days, before proceeding to Sabarimala. On the day you start your journey to Sabari, you take 'GHEE" in a Coconut called the "Mudra Kaya", for the Abhisekham to Lord Ayyappa. The nearest point to Pamba is Chengannur, from where buses are available to go to Pamba. The distance between Chenngannur and Pamba is about 90 km and the journey takes 3 hours because it passes through the ghat Section. After reaching, Pamba, take bath at Pamba river and get refreshed. Then proceed to Sannidhanam on a walk which is around 4 km, and hardly takes 90 to 100 minutes. Proceed to climb the Holy 18 Steps and have the darshan of Lord Ayyappa. Take out the Ghee from Mudra Kaya and give the Ghee for abhisheka to Lord. They will return half of the ghee as Prasadam to be carried back to home. The Deeksha is itself a Meditation, purifies your mind and moulds your body. Two times bath, two times pooja with Saranu Ghosha of Ayyappa, one-time Satvika food, Brahmacharya makes your soul and body fit to undertake the yatra to Sabarimala. If you fulfill all these, the journey is a Divine one and no troubles come your way. Going to Sabarimala for the quantum of happiness and satisfaction, derive cannot be measured. For people who cannot trek from Pamba to Sannidanam, the Doly facility is available. Women between the age of 10 and 55 are not allowed beyond Pamba! Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa Special Thanks: Abhishek (Interaction & content), Shiva, Anil Etta, Unni Etta, Sathy, Venkat, Ranjith & team, Chennai. Music Credits: Ayyappa Mandali Geethangal-Vol 2. Initiative from Shree Ayyappan Bhajana Mandali Trust # 11/2, Ayyappa Nagar, Chennai - 92 e-mail: Mob: 9884433799

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