MirrorFly’s Chat SDK | Group Creation on Android Studio


  • 5m 43s
  • 2022
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Create group channels for your messaging experiences on And ... Read More

About “MirrorFly’s Chat SDK | Group Creation on Android Studio”

Explore this live coding tutorial to create grouping channels on your Android app. Watch this demo to create group on your apps using our chat SDK in minutes.

  • In this video,,
  • 00:02 Create group
  • 00:06 Copy code for Kotlin
  • 02:26 Get profile data
  • 02:37 Add code for Kotlin
  • 04:57 Group registration
  • 05:23 Group creation successful (05:25-06:23 - video to be trimmed)
  • 07:01 Group parameters registered

Need information on getting started with MirrorFly Android group chat integration?, please visit https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/chat/android/group-chat.

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