iOS Chat App Integration using MirrorFly SDK


  • 2m 30s
  • 2022
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About “iOS Chat App Integration using MirrorFly SDK”

Boost in-app engagement with robust SDK integration using our chat SDK sample. Explore this video to effectively integrate chat on iOS apps in minutes.

  • In this video,
  • 00:01 Open MirrorFly Docs
  • 00:05 Download the chat SDK from MirrorFly Docs
  • 00:13 Extract the xcframeworks
  • 00:44 Add the extracted xcframeworks to your project
  • 01:01 Disable bitcodes
  • 01:25 Initiate the pods
  • 01:43 Add required pods for the SDK
  • 01:48 Add the pod hook code
  • 00:02 Configure SDK and server data
  • 02:23 Add capabilities to the project
  • 02:45 Enable the mentioned capabilities

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