Android Chat App | Sandbox User Registration with MirrorFly SDK

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  • 2m 30s
  • 2022
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Explore this short demo for effective sandbox user registra ... Read More

About “Android Chat App | Sandbox User Registration with MirrorFly SDK”

Explore the live demo for registering users on Android apps by using MirrorFly chat SDKs. From sandbox registration to successful launch, learn how your developers and software teams can make the most of this setting for effective chat implementation.

  • In this video:
  • 00:02 - Sandbox user registration
  • 01:38 - Run the user setup
  • 01:45 - Launch successful
  • 02:00 - Sandbox link created
  • 02:11 - User registered in sandbox

#Android #chatapp #SDK #API #ChatAPI #ChatSDK #Realtimechat

For more information on getting started with MirrorFly Android integration, please visit for further assistance.

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