Jingle Vingle The Movie - Official Trailer.mp4

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ThumbbyJingle Vingle

  • 2m 5s
  • 2022
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Presenting India's First Christmas Themed Movie! A fun-fill ... Read More

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When Vicky lands his first job to record interviews that connect Christmas to Cake, he thinks it’s going to be, well, a cake-walk! But as he makes his journey with his pretty colleague Natasha, and his smart-mouthed brother Jay, he has to contend with stories of Love, Faith, Magic, Logic, Jesus, Wine, Music and more. So what do people across India believe about Christmas? What does Vicky himself believe? As the clock ticks away, the tension, laughter and diversity of opinions, sweep us through the rest of the honest, funny, heart-warming story.


  • Ramya Gopinath

    Dec 14, 2022

    Relevant theme for the season! Can't wait to watch the full movie.

  • Alex Sam

    Dec 07, 2022

    An awesome trailer.

  • Giri Murugan

    Dec 07, 2022

    Looks Interesting