Pop Of The Tops - Sir Keir Starmer & 'Woman'

Pop Of The Tops - Sir Keir Starmer & 'Woman'

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  • 3m 45s
  • 2023
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A parody of John Lennon's 'Woman' written in 'tribute' to S ... Read More

About “Pop Of The Tops - Sir Keir Starmer & 'Woman'”

New Lyrics (c) Credible Threat/Gareth Henshaw 2023

For the other half of the sexes...

Woman? I can't comprehend;

Is it a protest group or current trend

and are they an enemy or friend?

A Woman? Can't you tell me quick

Don't want the Media to think that I'm thick

Can one of them really have a d*ck?

Oooh, well, well

Surely a struggle!

Oooh, well, well

I'm in a muddle!

Woman? Is it a place near Bordeaux?

Would I ever see one on a TV show?

If I plant one in the garden will it grow?

A Woman? That's confusing me!

I think I saw one, no, that's just a bee!

It's a tough question, I really do decree!

Oooh, well, well

It's such a puzzle!

Oooh, well, well

They are so subtle!


Woman? No I just can't recall

If they have vagina's or just hairy balls

I think it's fair to say that I'll never know at all!

I can't say for sure

Just what they are!

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